Does CBD Get You High? The Answer Is..

Does CBD Get You High

Will I get high from CBD oil?

The short answer is no.

CBD has been found to have wonderful benefits in treating a number of ailments, without causing any brain fog or short-term memory lapse.

But as with anything you are going to put in your body, it is best to read up on it first to help you make an informed decision about what’s right for you.

CBD oil can be extracted from a variety of strains of marijuana, meaning although there may be no active THC, there may be traces. I’ll come back to this.

Does CBD Get You High? Yes or No?

Allow me to clarify…

Marijuana has long since been stigmatized as a mind-altering drug that causes people to do crazy things.

The truth is, marijuana is a plant that has been used by cultures all over the world for ceremonial and medicinal practices- for centuries!

There are over 120 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, the two most talked about are THC and CBD.

THC is what causes the intoxicating effects or high associated with smoking weed.

CBD, on the other hand, has none of the psychoactive properties that THC does, meaning it has no effect on the way you think.

Now here comes the tricky part…

‘No High’ doesn’t mean no THC

Remember when I mentioned that there may be traces of THC in your CBD oil?

The reason the debate of “high or no high” continues to rage, is the legal limit for the amount of THC allowed to be in a CBD oil extraction.

Both THC and CBD organically exist within the marijuana plant, so when it is pressed to get the CBD oils – up to <0.3% THC can enter the mix legally…

which is a negligible amount as far as it having any effect on your body..

but is plenty to show up on your pre-employment drug screening.

So contrary to popular belief, if you do use CBD before or while at work, it will not impair your ability to do your job at all!

Final Answer

The jury of public opinion may still be out, but you can’t argue with the science.

CBD does not get you high, but it does offer a wealth of other benefits.

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