Will CBD Show Up On A Drug Test? The Answer Is..

Does CBD Show Up On A Drug Test

If you’re using CBD and you need to take a drug test then you may be wondering if it will show up on the results.

First of all, CBD does not get you high.

Although CBD comes from the same marijuana plant as THC, is does not have any of the intoxicating effects associated with ‘getting stoned’.

Unfortunately, in many places CBD is still not technically seen as legal, because of marijuana laws that are already in place.

I bet this will sound familiar..

You crushed that job interview, but now you’re scared you won’t pass the pre-employment drug screening because you use CBD oil?

Well, I will try to clear this up for you.

Okay, first thing’s first: your employer is not testing for CBD.

When your boss-to-be hands you a cup to pee in, they are either using an instant test or sending it back to a lab – either way they are testing for a set standard of chemicals, of which CBD is not one.

CBD is actually not on the list of “controlled substances” that employers are required to test for, but again, it is guilty by association for being found in the same plant as THC.

According to the National Institutes of Health, CBD actually has a ‘half-life’ of 1-2 days once it enters your body!

A half-life means you split the time CBD is in your body in half:

The first half, the CBD is at full force, giving you the most benefit. On the second half, the CBD is already being broken down and cycled out of the body.

That being said, there is a tiny amount of THC that is allowed to remain in CBD products, legally.

Take a look at the package for your CBD oil and see if there is any THC in it.

<0.3% is the legal trace limit, but that amount can still potentially show up on a drug test.

There are plenty of CBD oils available that have no THC at all so shop around to find a product that will keep you in compliance with your job’s drug policies.

Whether you are waiting for your test results to come back negative, or for your new CBD to replace your old medications – the key is to wait.

As much as CBD oil may seem like a cure-all, remember it is still just medicine, not magic.

The good news is the NIH study concludes that CBD stays in your system for no more than a couple of days.

So even if you want to err on the side of caution before your next big interview, just stop using CBD oil for a few days prior and you should be golden!

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