CBD For Seizures & Epilepsy? Does It Work? Here’s What We Know..

CBD For Seizures

There once was a girl name Charlotte who had Epilepsy and suffered over 300 seizures per month. Some lasting up to 4 hours at a time.

At the age of 3 she was wheelchair bound and barely spoke.

Then along came some medical marijana growers from Colorado called the Stanley brothers.

They set out to create a high CBD, low THC strain of marijuana and created one with a 30:1 ratio of CBD to THC.

They nicknamed it “The Hippies Disappointment” because of it’s low THC content it wouldn’t get your high.

Not long after it was created “The Hippies Disappointment” was given to Charlotte to see if it could help.

And help it did because this little girl went from having hundreds of seizures per month to almost none and transformed her life.

“The Hippies Disappointment” was then renamed to “Charlottes Web” in honour of her.

This is Charlotte aged 7. You can read more about her story on the CNN website here.

With anti-seizure medications causing so many side effects it’s no wonder people are turning to alternatives like CBD for relief.

Thankfully, research into CBD has been growing and gaining recognition for how it can help those suffering from seizures, with no harsh side-effects.

How Can CBD Can Help Prevent Seizures?

If you haven’t already heard, CBD has been making quite a splash for the variety of health benefits people have been experiencing with it.

One of the most remarkable applications of CBD recently is its use as an FDA approved anti-seizure medication, called Epidiolex.

You heard me right – CBD (Cannabidiol) derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, is being used to legally treat Epilepsy, and here’s why.

But that doesn’t mean you need a prescription to buy CBD as there are many good quality CBD products for sale online including Charlotte’s Web the same product that helped little Charlotte.

But how does CBD work?

You have what’s called an Endocannabinoid system all around your body and in your brain.

In this system are the Cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2.

One study conducted by the Department of Neurology found that:

“CBD works at controlling seizures by activating a protein known as the CB1 receptor that is found in the memory-related area of the brain”

Also, CBD has no psychoactive properties meaning it will not get you high like THC, while harnessing all the anticonvulsant properties that Cannabis has to offer.

This means CBD can be used to prevent seizures from occurring and stop an episode that is in progress.

And it’s really working for people:

CBD was the only thing that helped this guy with his seizures:

How To Use CBD For Seizures & Epilepsy

There are many different ways to consume CBD:

  • Tinctures and oils.
  • Vaping
  • Gummies
  • Pills
  • Creams

For epilepsy I’d recommend getting a good quality CBD oil as they are the most reliable to use.

  • Start off at 20mg of CBD per day for a week.
  • Keep a diary of how it’s effecting your seizures. How many are you having per day? How are you feeling that day?
  • After a week increase you dose by 5mg every 3-4 days until you find the CBD is having a good impact on your epilepsy.

You can learn more about how to find the right CBD dose here.

Will CBD Help With My Dogs Seizures?

Seeing your dog have a seizure and being helpless to help them can be a horrible experience.

Thankfully CBD works much the same way in dogs as it does in humans and there’s a growing amount of glowing testimonials being posting online from people giving their dogs CBD!

Here’s just a few:

If you, a loved one or even your dog are suffering from seizures then CBD could definitely be worth a try.

It’s safe, natural and could just change your life. You can learn more about CBD here.

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