Could We Have a CBD Chocolate Advent Calender This Christmas? Maybe!

James Ware is launching a crowdfunding campaign on October 15 in a bid to help us have a very mellow Christmas this year.

If successful, Ware will be releasing a CBD chocolate advent calender, which would be sent out by December 1.

According to Ware, this would be the first of its kind.

“CBD [Cannabidoil] is the product of the moment,” he said. “I was driven to create the calendar by the craziness of the Christmas countdown and wanting to help people solve for some of the winter wellness.”

In the UK, in order for a product to be labeled CBD, it must have a THC content level of less than 0.2%. This is because THC is the cannabis compound that causes the psychological “high” in users.

With CBD products, which are almost always made from hemp (a cannabis plant with a naturally low TCH content level), that “high” isn’t possible.

But Ware cannot promise his CBS chocolate advent calender will be sent out – he needs £11,000 to make it happen, hence the crowdfunding campaign.

Everyone (over the age of 18) who donates £25+ will receive one of the calenders in time for the advent, so long as that total is reached. If not, then Ware will be issuing a full refund to all donors.

As an added incentive to contribute, a £202 donation will get you 10 CBD advent calenders, a discount of $4.80 per calender.

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