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Alpha CBD Review

Alpha CBD considers their oil to be “the beginning and end” of premium CBD products.

Just how well does that slogan hold up under the microscope, though?

Find out with our Alpha CBD review!

Who Are Alpha CBD?

  • It isn’t specified when Alpha CBD was launched, though they appear to be a new CBD company.
  • While it’s not clear where in Europe the company is based, they source their hemp from farms in Spain and some of their product pages specify a UK manufacturing facility.
  • Unfortunately, there isn’t any information about their extraction methods, nor is there third party testing available on their website.
  • However, they do promise all products contain 0.2% or less THC content and are 100% legal in Europe and the UK.
  • Their mission is providing the UK and European market with the best quality CBD products at affordable prices – without compromising on quality.

The company appears to have given up on Instagram as of mid-2020, but they continue to post weekly updates on Facebook.

Alternatively, get in touch with them via:

What Products Does Alpha CBD Sell?

As a relatively new CBD company, Alpha CBD has a fairly small product range.

However, you’ll still find:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Vape
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD for Pets

Let’s take a quick look at everything!


Alpha CBD Oil

The Alpha CBD Oil is only sold in 10ml dropper bottles, but you can choose between 3 potency options (500mg to 2,000mg of total CBD).

Depending on the strength, prices range from €35.00 to €65.00.

CBD Edibles

Alpha CBD Gummies

Similar to the oil, there’s only one product up for grabs here – the Alpha CBD Gummies.

Sold in a jar of 60 for €40.00, the gummies feature a mixed fruit flavor and 10mg of CBD each.

CBD Vape

Alpha CBD Vape ELiquid

The Alpha 500mg CBD Vape E-Liquid is sold in 10ml vials for €30.00.

As the name implies, there’s a total of 500mg CBD per bottle.

You can choose between 3 flavors: Banana Kush, Gorilla Glue, and Gelato.

CBD Topicals

Alpha CBD Topicals

Usually, the topicals category is where most CBD companies offer the widest variety of products.

As a newcomer to the industry (relatively speaking), it’s not too surprising Alpha CBD only offers 1 product: a Freeze Roll-On Pain Relief.

The 50ml roll-on has a total of 1,000mg Full Spectrum CBD and sells for €34.00.

CBD for Pets

Alpha CBD For Pets

Last but not least, the CBD Oil for Pets is sold in 10ml dropper bottles at €35.00 each.

With a total potency of 500mg CBD, this product is suitable for cats and dogs alike.

For working out how much oil to give your pet, bear in mind larger breeds require higher dosages. Each drop reportedly contains 2.5mg of CBD.

Alpha CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

While there isn’t much information on the website (and the lack of third-party quality assurance testing is worrisome), users appear rather happy with Alpha CBD.

We would, of course, still like to see independent tests and their lab reports.

And we’re a big fan of CBD companies allowing customers to leave feedback on their product pages.

Both practices give a boost of transparency and reliability that is currently lacking here!

That said, we were still able to find 8 customer reviews elsewhere online, giving the company an overall user-rating of 4.2/5 stars.

Dom says he received his order very quickly, despite lockdown measures, and found the products to be of high quality. He also adds his experience with the company’s customer service was of the highest degree:

Alpha CBD Customer Review

David says he found the quality, strength, and taste to be superior to any of the other oils he’s tried before. He also praises them for the speedy delivery:

Alpha CBD Customer Review 2

Meanwhile, John’s 14-year-old son was struggling with terrible knee pain, implied to be caused by a sports injury. Since he bought some of the oil, his son’s “back playing sport, back at school, and enjoying his life again.”

Alpha CBD Customer Review 3

And Amrit heaps praises, saying the oil is “brilliant and affordable” and his order always arrives within 1 to 2 days. He even started distributing to his friends and family, adding that it works well for all of them as well:

Alpha CBD Customer Review 4

Overall, it looks like Alpha CBD sell a small selection of CBD products and they have some positive reviews to back them up.

But the selection is small and we can’t see if they are 3rd party tested or not.

For now, we’d recommend checking out our list of the best CBD products here first.

And if you’ve tried any of the Alpha CBD products then please leave your review below!

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