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Ambary Gardens Review

Ambary Gardens promises “quality alternative remedies.”

While the company grew fast and established a strong presence, there isn’t much talk about them online.

If you’ve been wondering whether this site is simply a well-kept secret or a CBD company to avoid, this Ambary Gardens review will help you get the right answer!

Who Are Ambary Gardens?

ambary gardens cbd specialists
  • Ambary Gardens was founded in 2014. They pride themselves on providing the best customer experience thanks to their friendly, dedicated staff.
  • Their mission statement is “to provide next-generation, hemp-derived CBD products that will demonstrate rapid delivery and greater efficacy for more comfortable living and well-being to all that we serve.
  • They have their own greenhouse in Colorado for growing high-quality hemp using technology and sustainable, organic growing techniques with absolutely no pesticides or nutrient blends.
  • All Ambary Gardens products are processed in their state-of-the-art laboratory for maximum quality control and they use high-quality MCT coconut oil to prevent their products from separating in storage, extending the shelf-life in a health-conscious manner.
  • Each product is carefully designed to meet the needs of the customer. After processing, each product is given a unique designation and certificate of authentication before being independently tested by Botanacor Labs.
  • All Ambary Gardens products contain less than 0.3% THC, meaning they comply with the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bill Regulations and will not have any psychotropic effects. You can safely use Ambary Gardens’ CBD products with only the smallest possibility of failing any drug tests.
  • Ambary Gardens has 2 brick-and-mortar stores in Colorado, though their website and hot-desk (including online support) is based in the UK.
  • While Ambary Gardens ships to many parts of the world, they do not guarantee shipment for all locations. Free shipping is available for orders of $40 or more.

Ambary Gardens is very active on both Facebook and Instagram.

You can contact them via:

  • Live chat (chatbot)
  • Local phone number: 720-328-1514
  • Toll-free US number: 855-426-2279
  • UK/EU number: +442037462774
  • Email:
  • They also have a contact form on their site.

Do They Have a Rewards Program?

Ambary Gardens doesn’t offer a rewards program but you can get 10% off your first order when you sign-up for their email newsletter.

They also have a “try it before you buy it” philosophy, so you can get free samples with certain orders:

  • $85 purchase – deep rub and soothing soak sample
  • $125 purchase – 6 pack water-soluble, deep-rub, and soothing soak samples
  • $175 purchase – water-soluble pack and complete salves and soaks pack samples

There’s also a Helping Hand Program offering discounts on full-priced retail orders for all US military veterans, those with long-term disabilities, and anyone at or under the federal poverty line.

Ambery Gardens Helping Hand Program

If you meet these criteria, you can apply to join the Helping Hand Program.

What Products Does Ambary Gardens Sell?

Ambary Gardens offers a wide range of CBD products catering to almost every need imaginable:

  • Hemp Extracts
  • Therapeutic Hemp Topicals
  • Hemp Seed Oil Softgels
  • CBD Packs
  • Pet Remedies
  • Water

Hemp Extracts

Ambery Gardens hemp extracts

Ambary Gardens sells a wide range of hemp extracts and hemp seed oil softgels.

To start with, there’s a nice selection of CBD oils with 250mg to 5,000mg CBD per bottle.

This includes peppermint-flavor 500mg oil for daily use and a range of rapid delivery options.

Prices range from $40 to $280.

Ambary Gardens also offers 9 CBD and Hemp Seed Oil softgels with 15mg to 50mg CBD per capsule in 30- or 60-capsule bottles.

Depending on the strength and amount of capsules, prices range from $50 to $280 per bottle.

The other products you’ll find in these categories are:

CBD Caramels!

Ambery Gardens CBD Caramels

CBD Isolate Extract 500mg ($55, net weight 1 fl. oz/30 ml):

Ambery Gardens CBD Isolate Extract 500mg

99% Isolate CBD ($60 for 1 gram):

Ambery Gardens 99% Isolate CBD

Therapeutic Hemp Topicals

Ambery Gardens Therapeutic Hemp Topicals

Ambary Gardens offers 18 therapeutic hemp topical products, including hand sanitizer, therapeutic CBD sprays, a therapeutic roll-on, and a range of salves and deep rubs.

Most of the products in this category have a CBD strength of 100mg to 250mg and cost between $4.95 and $90.

A few items worth highlighting include:

Full Spectrum Soothing Soak™ bath salts ($40, net weight 4 oz):

Ambery Gardens Full Spectrum Soothing Soak

Bath Bombs (Clarity, Free Spirit, Nirvana, Refresh) – 15mg CBD, $10 each:

Ambery Gardens Bath Bombs
Ambery Gardens Bath Bombs 2

Lip Repair – 4 flavors (Lemon Ginger, Pina Colada, Rosemary Mint, Unflavored) $8 each:

Ambery Gardens Lip Repair

But the most exciting CBD topical product is the CBD Infused Tattoo Healing Aftercare Kit for $145. Each item in the kit is also available separately:

Ambery Gardens CBD Infused Tattoo Healing Aftercare Kit

CBD Packs

Ambery Gardens CBD Packs

Ambary Gardens offers 3 CBD packs:

  • Arthritis CBD Pack: (1 fl. oz Full Spectrum Daily 500 CBD Extract and 1 oz Full Spectrum Deep Rub) – $123.75
  • New to CBD Pack: (1 fl. oz Full Spectrum Daily 500 CBD Extract and sample sizes of the Full Spectrum Deep Rub, Full Spectrum Muscle Recovery, Full Spectrum CBD Skin Repair Topical Salve, and Full Spectrum Soothing Soak™ bath salts) – $87.75
  • Relax CBD Pack: (2 fl. oz. Full Spectrum Water Soluble Rapid Delivery 150mg and 4 oz Full Spectrum Soothing Soak™ bath salts) – $81

Pet Remedies

Ambery Gardens CBD Pet Remedies

Ambary Gardens offers 2 CBD products for pets:

  • Pet Formulated Full Spectrum CBD Extract ($40 to $280 depending on strength)
  • Pet Formulated Full Spectrum CBD Softgels ($50 to $150 depending on strength)


Ambery Gardens CBD water

Ambary Gardens offers a 5mg Micronized CBD Water product in two flavors: Hibiscus Cucumber and Orange Mango.

You can choose to order the 16.9 fl. oz (500ml) bottles in 3 ways:

  • Single bottle – $4.50
  • 12 Pack – $51
  • 24 Pack – $96

Ambary Gardens Reviews — What Are People Saying?

There seems to be a lack of user reviews for Ambary Gardens online but there are some customer reviews under the product they’ve bought on their site.

All 3 pet remedy reviews have 5-star ratings:

Ambery Gardens reviews

Similarly, the only review for the Skin Repair topical salve gives Ambary Gardens 5 stars:

Ambery Gardens reviews 2

And the same again for the bath bombs:

On their Facebook page, the reviews left are equally positive, with no complaints to be found and they received 4.5 stars total based on the 48 reviews on Facebook.

Ambery Gardens Ambery Gardens Facebook reviews

In 2017 Debbie said the pet remedies didn’t have any effect on her dog and she had to switch back to a different company’s CBD products they’d been using originally.

Ambary Gardens invited her to visit the store to discuss ways they might improve their product, but Debbie didn’t leave a response:

Ambery Gardens Facebook reviews 2

Mike was similarly unimpressed by some of the Ambary Gardens representatives he met in 2015.

Ambary Gardens responded 5 months later to reassure him the individuals were no longer affiliated with the company and he’s become a happy customer since:

Ambery Gardens Facebook reviews 3

A few others also left 1-star reviews but didn’t elaborate. Recently, Ambary Gardens has only received 5-star reviews so they are definitely worth checking out if any of the products take your fancy.

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