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Ananda Hemp CBD Review

Ananda Hemp puts extra care in helping you find the right CBD products to answer your needs but before you jump into their Product Quiz to find the perfect product, take a moment to read the basics in our Ananda Hemp review!

Who Are Ananda Hemp?

  • Ananda Hemp were founded in 2009 by parent company Ecofibre Ltd, who owns the largest private cannabis seed bank in the world.
  • While they use cultivars from all around the globe, Ananda Hemp contracted their hemp farming with generational farmers (as of 2014) who use organic growing methods and Kentucky’s nutrient-rich soils.
  • They aren’t 100% clear on their manufacturing conditions other than using cold-pressed extraction methods, but have all their products independently tested by ISO-certified third-parties. The test results are available through their COA Lookup Tool.
  • All products contain 0.3% THC or less, with many THC-free options, making them legal in all 50 US states and territories.
  • The company doesn’t appear to have a publicly published mission statement, but does say “Ananda Hemp is proud to be 100% Non-GMO and gluten-free” and they’re committed to using sustainably-sourced vegan gelatin in their softgel formulations.

Ananda Hemp is fairly active on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, but their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts have taken a backseat since February 2020. However, the blog is full of high-quality, in-depth articles.

You can contact Ananda Hemp through:

Free shipping is available for all orders of $50 or more.

What Products Does Ananda Hemp Sell?

Ananda Hemp offers several products available in the following categories:

  • Oils
  • Softgels
  • Topicals
  • For Pets
  • Hemp Supplements
  • Intimate Bliss Oil

Each category includes a variety of strengths to help customers with diverse needs find the perfect dose. Let’s take a quick look at what each has to offer!

CBD Oils

Ananda Hemp CBD Oil

There are essentially 2 CBD products available in this category: a Full Spectrum CBD Oil and a Broad Spectrum THC-Free CBD Oil.

Ananda Hemp CBD Oil 3

The Full Spectrum CBD-Rich Oil comes in 3 different strength options: 300mg, 600mg, and 2,000mg. These range in price from $49.95 to $190.00 per dropper bottle.

Customers seem very satisfied, giving overwhelmingly positive reviews:

Ananda Hemp CBD Oil Customer Reviews
Ananda Hemp CBD Oil 2

Ananda Hemp only offers their Broad Spectrum THC-Free CBD-Rich Oil in the 600mg strength at present. Each 30ml dropper bottle costs $89.95 and is specially marketed to those with THC sensitivities or who simply prefer THC-free products.

Customers are equally happy with the Broad Spectrum CBD Oil as they are with the Full Spectrum range:

Ananda Hemp CBD Oil 2 Customer Reviews

CBD Softgels

Ananda Hemp CBD Softgels

There are 3 CBD softgels available from Ananda Hemp, once again split between Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum THC-Free.

Ananda Hemp CBD Softgels 2

For those wanting a Full Spectrum product, you have the option of a bottle with 30 softgel capsules or one with 60, both with 15mg CBD per capsule. The smaller bottle costs $64.95, while the larger one offers a slight discount at $119.95.

Customers have described the exact-dose capsules as nothing short of amazing, giving them a 5-star review:

Ananda Hemp CBD Softgels Customer Reviews
Ananda Hemp CBD THC Free Softgels

The Broad Spectrum softgels only come in 30-count bottles for $64.95. But once again, they offer the perfect solution for anyone wanting or needing a THC-free option without compromising on dosage.

One customer says the Broad Spectrum softgels help her sleep better, while another says they’re her husband’s favorite product:

Ananda Hemp CBD THC Free Softgels Customer Reviews

CBD Topicals

Ananda Hemp CBD Topicals

Ananda Hemp doesn’t have a very wide range of topical products – just a 125mg CBC-Rich Body Salve and a 150mg Body Roll-On. Both products are Full Sprectrum and designed for targeted relief.

For the Body Roll-On, they add the disclaimer the alpha hydroxy acid might increase your skin’s sensitivity to UV rays from the sun, and that this product should not be used on your face.

The Body Salve and Body Roll-On cost $23.95 and $24.95 each, respectively.

CBD for Pets

Ananda Hemp CBD For Pets

Most CBD products marketed toward pets focus heavily on dogs. So even though there’s only one Ananda Pets Full Spectrum Pet Supplement available, it’s great to see it’s suitable for feline companions as well.

At 300mg strength, you can help your pet’s hip and joint mobility, cognitive function, immunity, and so much more for $59.95 per dropper bottle.

Happy customers shared stories of just how well this pet supplement works:

Ananda Hemp CBD For Pets Customer Reviews

Hemp Supplements

Ananda Hemp Hemp Supplements

If you’ve been looking for vegan-friendly CBD health supplements, Ananda Hemp may have the answer right here.

The Vegan Omega + comes in a bottle with 60 softgel capsules for $30. Unfortunately, the whey-free Complete Plant Protein is currently sold out. However, you can “pre-order” by requesting Ananda Hemp notify you when the 600g (15 servings) product is available again.

Bliss Intimate Oil

Ananda Hemp Bliss Intimate Oil

Their Bliss Intimate Oil is technically in a category of its own, and the packaging displays the name “Ananda Touch.” This Full Spectrum oil, infused with synergistic terpenes, is specially formulated “to enhance and equalize the sexual experience for everyone.”

A 60ml bottle costs $46.00 each. Customers are very happy with it, giving glowing reviews:

Ananda Hemp Bliss Intimate Oil Customer Reviews

Ananda Hemp Reviews – What Are People Saying?

Other than those on their website, the only verified user reviews we could find for Ananda Hemp are on their Facebook page.

As with the ones shared above, these user reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Based on 42 Facebook reviews, the brand boasts a 4.9/5 stars rating!

Feedback follows a similar trend to that given on the website. Tina praises them for being more effective and less damaging than the heavy painkillers she was taking for her fibromyalgia:

Ananda Hemp Customer Review

Stuart also gives credit to the brand’s products for relieving his wife’s multiple sclerosis pain and says they’ve always received excellent customer service:

Ananda Hemp Customer Review 2

Dawn says not only has it helped to practically eliminate her anxiety and joint pain, her 11-year-old French Bulldog is as energetic and healthy as a puppy again too!

Ananda Hemp Customer Review 3

Finally, NotRex Mercer says as someone who sells Ananda Hemp at the retail store where they work, he always feels confident recommending their products.

The company’s consistency and quality transformed his life and allowed him to reliably help customers as well:

Ananda Hemp Customer Review 4

Overall, Ananda Hemp have good reviews and a nice selection of CBD products for sale.

If you’ve tried any of the products then don’t forget to leave your Ananda Hemp CBD review below!

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