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Apexxx CBD Review

Apexxx CBD promises their customers a natural response to health complaints.

Is this what they’re selling, or are their products little better than snake oil?

Read our full review to find out if this CBD company is worth an order!

Who Are Apexxx CBD?

Unfortunately, there’s very little known about Apexxx CBD.

Here’s the information we were able to uncover:

  • The company’s offices are based in London.
  • Their products do not seem to be third-party tested for quality assurance, as we couldn’t find any mention of such (or lab results) on their website.

Adding somewhat to the mystery, the company appears inconsistent in their naming.

While the website URL (and graphics) use “Apexxx CBD,” their product labeling uses “Apexx Nutrition.”

Their Facebook page (inactive since mid-2020) uses another slight variation, “ApexXx Nutrition,” but their Instagram account (inactive since mid-2019) is listed simply as “Apex_xx.”

There’s just as little information about the company available on either social media account. You can still contact them via:

  • Email – info@apexxxuk.com
  • Phone – (+44) 01604 946 222
  • Mailing Address – Kemp house, 152-160 City Road | London, EC1V2NX, U.K.

Customers in the UK receive free shipping on all orders according to the homepage. However, it’s worth noting every product page includes a “Shipping calculated at checkout” disclaimer.

What Products Does Apexxx CBD Sell?

Not surprisingly, Apexxx CBD’s product selection is as sparse as the rest of their website.

The company sells a few select items in the following categories:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Cosmetics
  • CBD Vape

Let’s take a closer look at the narrow selection!


Apexxx CBD Oil

The Full Spectrum CBD Oil is available in 2 potency options: 500mg and 1,000mg total CBD per 30ml dropper bottle. Both dosages are available in Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry flavors.

Prices are £29.99 and £64.99 depending on which strength you choose.

Apexxx CBD Full Spectrum CBD Plus CBG Oil

You can also opt for the Full Spectrum CBD Plus CBG Oil.

This product offers 500mg of CBD and 500mg of CBG per 30ml dropper bottle for £49.99, and is also available in the Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry flavors.

CBD Edibles

Apexxx CBD Gummies

Apexxx CBD only has the one edible available and elected to upload the packaging design rather than a product image.

Regardless, the CBD Gummies are available in 2 shapes (gummy bears and jelly rings). You can also choose between 2 potency options: 10mg and 25mg of CBD per gummy.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t confirm any prices, as both shapes and strengths are currently sold out.

CBD Topicals

Apexxx CBD Topicals

This is the most expansive product category with 3 CBD topicals available: Freeze Pain Relief Roll On, Heat Pain Relief Roll On, and Cool Roll Pain Relief On.

All 3 products use Broad Spectrum CBD with nanotechnology for faster absorption. At the time of writing, only the Freeze Pain Relief Roll On (with 300mg total CBD) is available, with a price tag of £44.99.

Both the Cool Pain Relief and Heat Pain Relief Roll Ons are currently sold out, so we were unable to confirm price or potency for either product.

CBD Cosmetic

Apexxx CBD Cosmetic

Although listed as a cosmetic on the Apexxx CBD website, the CBD Balm’s product page suggests its intended use is as a topical to assist with skin issues.

As with many other products, the balm is currently sold out, so we were unable to confirm pricing. However, we did note a 50ml tub holds a total of 500mg CBD.

CBD Vape

Apexxx CBD Vape

The final Apexxx CBD product listed on their website is the CBD Vape e-liquid, available in 2 flavors: Strawberry Slush and Fruit Pastel. Each bottle has a total of 1,000mg Full Spectrum CBD.

Once again, we were unable to view pricing as both flavor options are currently sold out.

Apexxx CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

With so little information about Apexxx CBD available on their website and abandoned social media, we were hoping to find some insightful user reviews at the very least.

Unfortunately, we were only able to rely on review comments via their Facebook page!

This means we aren’t certain the reviews are from verified buyers. There’s also no star-rating available… though there’s plenty of negative and positive feedback alike.

The majority of the most recent comments appear to be negative.

For example, James says after 3 weeks of waiting, he gave up on ever receiving his order – especially as the “customer service is useless.” He’s turned to a different CBD company as a result:

Apexxx CBD Customer Review

Warren had a very similar experience.

After a whole month of waiting, he still hadn’t received his order. Even worse, he says after contacting the company, they were “not interested to hear what I had to say” and had very poor response times to boot:

Apexxx CBD Customer Review 2

David was one of the luckier ones – he did receive his order!

However, that’s where the good news ends. He bought one of the CBD topical bundles based off positive reviews, but found it failed to deliver any of the promised pain relief:

Apexxx CBD Customer Review 3

Not long before Apexxx CBD abandoned their Facebook page, Chris left a rather damning review.

Chris says he spent a substantial amount of money on an order in late March, but a whole 2 months later he still hadn’t received anything. The Royal Mail tracking number he was given by the company didn’t work either and he was told only the Sender can follow up with the postal service.

Unfortunately, he says all his attempts to contact Apexxx CBD have been ignored. This seems to include the Facebook review itself, which Chris openly called his last resort:

Apexxx CBD Customer Review 4

There are at least smidgens of customers who had something positive to say. Janine, for example, describes the service and products alike as “quality”:

Apexxx CBD Customer Review 5

And Jason claims the CBD oil totally cured his panic and anxiety attacks:

Apexxx CBD Customer Review 6

Kieran also says he was suffering from knee pain (which an operation failed to rectify) and the products he used sorted it all out:

Apexxx CBD Customer Review 7

Overall, we think there are better options out there if you’re looking to buy some CBD so we would recommend checking out our list of the best CBD products here.

And if you’ve tried any of the Apexxx CBD products then please leave your review below!

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