Bhang CBD Review (2024) Here’s What We Found Out..

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Bhang CBD Review

Bhang CBD promises their product selection consists of only the good stuff.

But is that a matter of opinion? Or are they talking cold, hard facts?

Join us for the investigation in our Bhang CBD review!

Who Are Bhang CBD?

  • Bhang CBD started offering their award-winning products in 2010. They make it a point to only provide products regulated with reliable strengths and consistencies.
  • Their hemp is grown on licensed farms in Colorado and Kentucky. They use sustainable farming practices, meaning their products are free from additives, preservatives, and other harmful components.
  • All of their products are fast-acting via immediate natural absorption and contain 0-0.3% THC, making them legal in all US states.
  • All of their products are 3rd party tested.

Bhang CBD puts their focus on Twitter where they tweet a couple times per week. Although it’s not as active, they also have a Facebook where they post every so often.

You can contact them through:

What Products Does Bhang CBD Sell?

Bhang CBD sells products in the following categories:

  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Smoke and Vape
  • CBD Isolate

There are quite a few categories to sort through – and a couple feature unique products – so let’s jump straight in!

CBD Capsules

Bhang CBD Capsules

The CBD Capsules category features 1 product with 2 potency options of 25mg and 50mg of CBD per capsule.

If you opt for the higher potency, you can choose between 7 and 30 count sizes. For 30 count bottles, you’ll pay $31.49 for the lower dosage and $50.39 for the higher.

Maureen uses the capsules to help with her MS. She’s able to enjoy no puking, no crying, no gagging, and no gas burping for 4 hours at a time!

Ron also enjoys the capsules and uses them to help manage his pain:

Bhang CBD Capsules Customer Reviews

CBD Edibles

Bhang CBD Gummies

First up in Bhang CBD’s Edibles category is Watermelon and/or Cherry CBD Gummies!

The Watermelon flavored gummies contain 15mg of CBD per gummy, while the Cherry gummies feature 10mg.

You can pick up a container of 30 Watermelon gummies for $35.99 and a container of 50 Cherry gummies for $40.49.

Steven and Maureen both enjoy the gummies – in fact, Maureen won’t go without a stockpile of them! And Steven says they’re excellent all around:

Bhang CBD Gummies Customer Reviews
Bhang CBD Chocolate

Perhaps you prefer a chocolate-y treat for your daily dose of CBD instead of the gummies – in which case, this is the perfect product for you!

You can choose between Milk chocolate and Dark chocolate, both of which feature 2 potency options of 125mg and 250mg of CBD per 42.5g bar.

You’ll pay $16.19 for the 125mg option and the 250mg option sits at $17.99.

Pauline has been using Bhang Bars for several years and says they’re perfect for managing her Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Kahshanna also loves them and says they’re made of magic! And Sean thoroughly enjoys their flavor:

Bhang CBD Chocolate Customer Reviews
Bhang CBD Beet Shots

A bit of a unique addition, Bhang CBD’s Beet Shots are designed to offer natural energy boosts along with all the benefits of beet juice.

You’ll get 25mg of CBD per shot, with a 60ml bottle costing $7.19.

Melissa leaves two reviews – one 4/5 and one 5/5 – but says overall the product is effective despite also making her sleepy.

Meanwhile, Daniel added the Beet Shots to his morning ritual and definitely notices a difference:

Bhang CBD Beet Shots Customer Reviews

CBD Topicals

Bhang CBD Lip Balm

In the CBD Topicals category, customers can try out the CBD Hempstick Lip Balm!

Not only does the lip balm promote healthy lips, but it tastes great! You can choose between Cherry Cream, Peppermint Cream, and Lemon Ice flavors.

Each lip balm features 50mg of CBD and costs $4.50 per stick.

Rod says the Hempstick Lip Balm is a great value for the price despite leaving a 4/5 review. Sara says she buys all 3 flavors and grows sad when she runs out:

Bhang CBD Lip Balm Customer Reviews

CBD Smoke and Vape

Bhang CBD Smoke and Vape

Bhang CBD hasn’t forgotten all the smoke and vape lovers out there! So if you prefer your daily intake of CBD in smokeable or vapeable form, this is the category for you. 

You can choose between 2 different types of products: Pre-Rolls and Vape Oils.

For the Pre-Rolls, you can opt for a 10-pack or a single stick pack. The Terpzilla CBD Vape Oil, on the other hand, comes in 4 flavors of Orange Dream, Granddaddy Grape, Pineapple Haze, and Jacks Pink Lemonade.

Prices range from $3 to $179.99 depending on which product you purchase.

Customer “TR” loves the flavor of the vape oil and especially loves how it puts him in a chill, relaxed mood. Nick also enjoys the vape oil, though he wishes there were stronger potencies available.

And Kari was pleasantly surprised at the quality and effectiveness:

Bhang CBD Smoke and Vape Customer Reviews

CBD Isolate

Bhang CBD Isolate

The final category – CBD Isolate – features a 500mg package of CBD Isolate for $18.

The isolate comes in crystalline form and can be orally consumed or added to your favorite dab. This product was also the winner of multiple Best CBD Product awards.

Bhang CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

Unfortunately, the only reviews we were able to find for Bhang CBD were the ones on their website – some of which we shared above so please leave your own if you’ve tried any of the Bhang CBD products.

And don’t forget to checkout our list of the best CBD products here as well!

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