Botanika Life CBD Review (2024) Should You Buy? Here’s What We Think..

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Botanika Life CBD Review

Botanika Life CBD’s products are inspired by nature and created for you.

But are their cosmetics (featured very prominently in their marketing) the only products they have to offer?

Read our Botanika Life CBD review to find out!

Who Are Botanika Life CBD?

Botanika Life CBD Website
  • Botanika Life CBD launched in 2017.
  • It’s unclear where exactly their hemp is grown, but the company promises it’s all sourced from organic farms in the US.
  • There’s very little other information available on the website, so things like extraction methods are unknown. However, there is a dedicated section for accessing lab reports from third-party Quality Assurance testing.
  • While the About Us page lacks a clear mission statement, part of the website footer declares a dedication to “redefining the Beauty and Wellness industries.”

Although the company is very active on social media with daily posts on Facebook and Instagram alike, you’d be equally hard-pressed to find clarification for most of the questions their website leaves unanswered.

However, you can contact the company directly via:

US customers also enjoy “complimentary” shipping on all orders.

What Products Does Botanika Life CBD Sell?

Though Botanika Life CBD places heavier emphasis on their topical/cosmetic range, they also have a CBD Oil and a limited selection of CBD Oral Sprays available.

Let’s take a closer look!

CBD Oil and Oral Sprays

Botanika Life CBD Oil

The company kicks us off with their Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil Tincture, a Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

Advertised as supporting overall health and wellness, it’s suitable for use as a tincture, topical, or “beverage booster.”

There are 2 potency options to choose from (750mg and 1,500mg total CBD), both of which come in 30ml dropper bottles.

Prices are $79.50 and $129.00 accordingly.

Botanika Life CBD Oral Spray

The first of the 2 oral sprays is simply named “CBD Oral Spray.”

Marketed as a discrete, easily transportable option, each 13.5ml spray bottle contains a total of 300mg CBD. This means each individual spray “contains a micro-dose of 1.25mg phytocannabinoid.”

A single bottle costs $45.95.

Botanika Life CBD Sleep Spray

For the second option, you have the CBD Sleep Spray with Melatonin.

Sold in the same volume (13.5ml) as the regular CBD Spray, this one comes with a total of 100mg CBD. The melatonin potency (which is the active ingredient making it a sleeping aid) is significantly lower – you’ll need 8 sprays to get a total of 1ml.

As a bonus, however, this product is THC free. Each bottle costs $49.50.

CBD Topicals

Botanika Life CBD Topicals

As is generally the case, and certainly to be expected with Botanika Life CBD especially, the CBD Topicals category offers the widest range of products.

Here you’ll find: Anti-Aging Face Cream, Anti-Aging Under Eye Repair, Hair Leave-In Solution, Hair Shampoo, Intensive Relief Rub, Massage & Body Oil, Moisturizing Body Butter, Natural Lash Growth Serum, Relief Roll-On, and Bath Bombs.

Most of the products don’t mention scent, though the bath bombs (or “Stress Ball Bath Soaks” as they’re called) are available in Coconut Lime, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Sandalwood.

Naturally, container quantity and CBD potency differs from one product to the next, typically ranging from 100mg to 500mg of total CBD.

Prices range from $18.00 to $89.50, also depending on the product.

Botanika Life CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

It’s a major disappointment to find there aren’t any confirmed customer reviews for Botanika Life CBD anywhere online.

This includes on their product pages, though we did note the company at least gives customers the option of leaving feedback there.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t paint a good picture. Without customer feedback, it takes a huge leap of faith to trust the CBD brand.

It’s especially surprising considering they’ve been around since 2017 – many younger competitors have scores of user reviews available on their sites, Facebook pages, and elsewhere.

Hopefully we’ll see some verified user reviews cropping up in the future.

If you’ve tried any of the Botanika Life CBD products then please leave a review below!

And don’t forget to checkout our list of the best CBD products here as well.

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