Brown’s Botanicals CBD Review (2024) Here’s What We Found Out..

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Browns Botanicals CBD Review

Brown’s Botanicals CBD promises transparency, affordable prices, and customer care.

Do their practices live up to that promise?

This is what we set out to discover – and you can get the answers too, right here in our Brown’s Botanicals CBD review!

Who Are Brown’s Botanicals CBD?

Browns Botanicals CBD Website
  • Brown’s Botanicals CBD launched in 2019.
  • Based in Sheffield, UK, the company only uses EU-approved hemp, though it’s never specified where the hemp is grown.
  • While they do promise all product batches go through independent testing, results are only available in the form of an image on the product pages.
  • Moreover, their extraction methods are entirely unknown.
  • Customers who create an account on their website are automatically enrolled in their Loyalty program, earning 5p worth of loyalty points for every £1 spent.
  • Their mission is to only offer the most effective products that are 100% natural, legal, and safe.

The company remains active on social media, reminding customers to follow their accounts for regular discount codes.

Their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all receive daily updates, and you can occasionally find new videos on their YouTube channel.

You can also connect with them on LinkedIn, check out their regularly updated blog, or get in contact via:

  • Live Chat
  • Email –
  • Phone – (+44) 333 050 9142
  • Mailing Address – Brown’s Botanicals CBD, PO Box 5989 | Sheffield, S2 9GP, United Kingdom
  • Contact Form

While free shipping isn’t an option, the company regularly offers discounts.

What Products Does Brown’s Botanicals CBD Sell?

Brown’s Botanicals CBD only sells a few select products: CBD oils, a CBG oil, and a CBD patch.

Before we take a closer look at these, it’s also worth mentioning they have a CBD capsule expected to launch in 2021!


Browns Botanicals CBD Oil

Their first product is the Full Spectrum range of CBD Hemp Oils.

These can be found in two “shop” sections on the Brown’s Botanicals CBD website, listed under Full Spectrum CBD Oil and again under Raw CBD Oil.

Regardless of which drop-down option you select, you’ll find the same product in 4 strengths, ranging from 500mg to 2,500mg of total CBD per 10ml bottle.

Prices range from £24.99 to £84.99 accordingly.

Allan, a medical student, highly recommends the oil for those looking to relieve “pain, anxiety, and a lot of other problems.”

He uses it himself to deal with occasional anxiety, as well as pain caused by 4 disc herniation.

Carla also finds it works wonders at relieving her anxiety, while Mark says it does as good a job (if not better) as smoking hemp flower does – especially when combined with their CBG oil:

Browns Botanicals CBD Oil Customer Reviews
Browns Botanicals CBD Water Soluble Full Spectrum Bio Max Formula

The second CBD oil you’ll find is the Water-Soluble Full Spectrum Bio-Max formula.

This one is only available in a single potency (400mg of total CBD per 10ml bottle) at £34.99.

Mark doesn’t merely use the regular Full Spectrum Oil – he also uses this one during the day, saying it has a more pleasant taste and the additional benefit of adding it to other drinks.

Likewise, Rosie adds a few drops to a 2L water bottle so she can enjoy an even dose throughout the day.

She says it’s the only thing that keeps her anxiety levels manageable – sometimes even reducing them completely.

And Gavin says it’s the most effective CBD product he’s ever used to help him “keep a level head through the day”:

Browns Botanicals CBD Water Soluble Full Spectrum Bio Max Formula Customer Reviews
Browns Botanicals CBD CBG Hemp Oil

Finally, you can also opt for the CBD Hemp Oil, which Mark mentioned in his review of the Full Spectrum/Raw formula.

More truthfully, it’s a CBG/CBD oil, with a 1:1 ratio. This means there’s 150mg of CBG plus 150mg of CBD per 10ml bottle, which sell at £24.99 each.

Gavin says, considering the success he’s had with the Water Soluble, he was curious to try the CBG Oil as well, and finds it to be another great product.

Lewis adds he decided to try it on the recommendation of a friend.

He finds, even though it’s a lower potency, the fact it contains both compounds means he gets more noticeable effects than from the CBD oil alone – primarily an extra 2 hours of unbroken sleep every night!

Lee also gets much-appreciated help sleeping from the oil, which he says is “the best quality at the best price” he’s been able to find thus far:

Browns Botanicals CBD CBG Hemp Oil Customer Reviews

CBD Topicals

Browns Botanicals CBD Topicals

Brown’s Botanicals CBD only has the one topical product at present: their Slow-Release CBD Patches.

Each patch contains 15mg of CBD, designed to be slowly and evenly absorbed over a 24-hour period.

A pack of 30 patches costs £24.99.

Gavin once again makes an appearance in the product page reviews, saying he was surprised at how effective and long-lasting they are considering the low dose.

While the patches are designed for 24-hour use, he says he receives benefits for up to 3, sometimes 4 days, aided by the waterproof adhesive that allows him to keep it on during showers.

Emma says she finds them brilliant, especially as they’re easy to use and allow her to target areas of the body holding the most tension:

Browns Botanicals CBD Topicals Customer Reviews

Brown’s Botanicals CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

Although they have a limited product range, Brown’s Botanicals CBD enjoys 5/5 stars on all of their product pages – based on the user reviews there, of course!

While we always appreciate companies giving customers the chance to leave feedback on their website, we’d be remiss in not also searching elsewhere.

After all, there’s always the possibility negative reviews are quietly removed to maintain a high user-rating.

However, that isn’t the case here.

We found 42 customer reviews on an independent site – and none of them are negative!

The user-rating only drops very slightly, to 4.8/5 stars.

Mike says he’s been using their oil to help dampen the sickly side-effects of chemotherapy and finds it’s making his life a little easier:

Browns Botanicals CBD Customer Review

Sabine is relieved to find just 3 drops of the Water Soluble oil in her morning coffee helps her deal with joint pain:

Browns Botanicals CBD Customer Review 2

Luke’s mom has arthritis in her hands, which often keeps her from sleeping. The oil massively reduced the swelling in her hands – and also helps her sleep better than ever before!

Browns Botanicals CBD Customer Review 3

Meanwhile, Amber considers Brown’s Botanicals CBD to be the best CBD online shop for oils.

While she still loves some of the competitors she’s used in the past, it’s the more affordable prices that sway her.

Despite being cheaper, she still gets much-appreciated stress relief, in part through relieving her IBS.

She also enjoys the high customer service quality, regular discounts shared on social media, and the loyalty rewards program:

Browns Botanicals CBD Customer Review 4

Finally, Cal says he’s tried other CBD products but keeps coming back to these oils. Not only does he enjoy benefits that include “recovery, sleep, and [stopping] the constant brain chatter,” he also loves the taste:

Browns Botanicals CBD Customer Review 5

Overall, we think that Brown’s Botanicals offer a nice but small selection of CBD products and the reviews seem to be pretty good so if you’re from the UK then you might want to give them a try.

Don’t forget to checkout our list of the best CBD products here first.

And if you’ve tried any of Brown’s Botanicals CBD products then please leave a review below!

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