Cannuka CBD Review (2024) Here’s What We Found Out..

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Cannuka CBD Review

Cannuka might focus entirely on beauty and skincare products – but they’re doing so with their first-of-a-kind combination of CBD and Manuka honey!

But just how great is that combination?

And is it as effective at providing calming relief as it claims to be as a CBD skincare brand?

Read our Cannuka review to find out!

Who Are Cannuka?

  • Cannuka was launched by Michael Bumgarner in 2017. Michael’s interest in skincare comes from his wife Kelly, a dermatology PA-C. Their research and development team did countless tests before settling on the winning formula that’s been Cannuka’s foundation from day one.
  • Michael grew up farming in Ohio and shifted to industrial hemp in 2014. The Manuka honey that serves as the second key ingredient for Cannuka products is harvested directly from one of the oldest farms in New Zealand.
  • Cannuka is very clear on their natural ingredients being “sustainably sourced and thoughtfully harvested” and “believe the best products are simple, natural, and only include essential beneficial ingredients.”
  • One of their slogans is “Real Science. Real Results.” However, the company isn’t clear on their extraction methods and production standards, nor is there any mention of third-party quality assurance testing.
  • All Cannuka products are made with a 99.7% pure crystallized CBD isolate, which has a Certificate of Analysis. One of the other ingredients used is hemp seed oil, which may contain up to 0.3% THC, so it isn’t clear whether Cannuka products are 100% THC-free.
  • Their mission statement is “to legitimize the cannabis industry, which will inevitably create a more healthy populous, a cleaner environment, and create new opportunities starting with the family farmer and then throughout this new vertical.”

Cannuka is quite active on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, with multiple posts on both platforms every week. Unfortunately, their Twitter account hasn’t been updated in several months.

You can contact Cannuka through:

Free shipping is available for all customers in the US.

What Products Does Cannuka Sell?

Cannuka Products

Cannuka markets itself as “a skincare solution, first and foremost, designed to calm, moisturize, and nourish.”

The brand has several different products answering this promise, with more planned for the future.

Let’s take a quick look at all the topical skincare and beauty products on offer.

Cannuka Purifying Gel Balm Cleanser

The Cannuka Purifying Gel Balm Cleanser is a moisturizing cleaner that helps remove all impurities and even makeup from your face. You can get a 0.34 OZ “sample size” squeeze tube for $5 or a 4 OZ tube for $34.

Customers say the product helps relieve skin irritation and inflammation from wearing a mask all day, and that it works perfectly on sensitive skin:

Cannuka Purifying Gel Balm Cleanser Customer Reviews
Cannuka Harmonizing Face Cream

The Cannuka Harmonizing Face Cream is specially formulated to help customers moisturize and soothe dry, irritable skin.

A 32 OZ tube costs $58.

Ashley says it’s one of the products she’s recently bought again and plans on continuing to use.

Other customers like Rebecca say after being introduced to Cannuka’s face cream, they’re never using anything else ever again:

Cannuka Harmonizing Face Cream Customer Reviews
Cannuka Moisturizing Skin Balm

If you’re looking for a more concentrated product suitable for the whole body, the Cannuka Moisturizing Skin Balm might be the solution.

At $58 for a 1.6 OZ tub, it’s a little pricier than the first two products. But customers like Candy say it’s more than worth the price, as it helps her with sore muscles and even headaches as well:

Cannuka Moisturizing Skin Balm Customer Reviews
Cannuka Calming Eye Balm

The Cannuka Calming Eye Balm is the brand’s solution for getting rid of dark circles and protecting the sensitive skin beneath your eyes.

A 0.44 OZ tub costs $38.

Customers like Rose are very happy with the results, while Abby adds it’s well-worth the cost considering the value, effectiveness, and generous size:

Cannuka Calming Eye Balm Customer Reviews
Cannuka Nourishing Budy Cream

Cannuka Nourishing Body Cream is a product you can use every day for healthy skin all year round. The cream absorbs very quickly and contains aloe vera, with a subtle citrus scent.

At $28 for 3.2 OZ, customers are more than happy with it.

Catalina says it’s helped her sleep better, while Kristen adds that it’s worked wonders on her hands, which go through a lot of stress as a healthcare worker:

Cannuka Nourishing Budy Cream Customer Reviews
Cannuka Products 2

A few other products worth mentioning include the Cannuka Cleansing Body Bar ($18), Cannucka Hydrating Lip Balm ($9), and Cannuka After Sun Care ($58 for 1 OZ).

You can also get various product bundles, including a Travel Kit, Mini Classic Kit, 3-Piece Hydrating Face Kit, and 2-Piece “Love Your Skin” Duo Kit, ranging in price from $45 to $75 each.

Cannuka Deluxe Classic Kit

Alternatively, get the Cannuka Deluxe Classics Kit. This limited edition box set includes 5 full-sized products: the Healing Skin Balm, Nourishing Body Cream, Calming Eye Balm, Cleansing Body Bar, and Hydrating Lip Balm.

Bought separately, this would otherwise cost $151, but you can get the Deluxe Classics Kit for just $138.

Cannuka Reviews – What Are People Saying?

Cannuka seems to be faring rather well with customer feedback – not only on their website, but elsewhere online!

Based on 77 verified user reviews, the brand enjoys a 4.6/5-star user rating.

There are some unsatisfied users, who complained products like the Cannucka Hydrating Lip Balm are too expensive and don’t deliver on the company’s promises:

Cannuka Customer Review

Rudolph also complains he never heard back from Cannuka after reaching out about a pump can that wasn’t working properly… and that he received one of the sets as a gift, but without any information as to who the gift was from and with the price included:

Cannuka Customer Review 2

However, reviews are overwhelmingly positive in general, with multiple customers happily enthusing about the great results they’ve seen since using Cannuka products. These range from relieving skin irritation and getting rid of breakouts, to helping fix feet issues:

Cannuka Customer Review 3
Cannuka Customer Review 4
Cannuka Customer Review 5
Cannuka Customer Review 6

With mostly positive reviews we think that Cannuka Hemp CBD skin care products are worth a try!

And if you’ve tried any of their products then don’t forget to leave your review below!

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