Canvas 1839 CBD Review (2024) Should You Buy?

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Canvas 1839 CBD Review

Canvas 1839 CBD encourages you to “be well and do good” with their CBD product line!

Are their products up to the task, though?

Read our full Canvas 1839 CBD review to find out!

Who Are Canvas 1839 CBD?

Canvas 1839 CBD Website

  • Canvas 1839 CBD was launched in 2018.
  • While the company is based in Austin, Texas, they source their hemp from Colorado.
  • It isn’t certain what extraction method they use, though their products are third party tested.
  • Their mission is to make CBD products with the highest efficacy using proprietary science.

The company used to be active on a range of social media, but this is no longer the case. Their Twitter account has been inactive since early-2019, with their Instagram and Facebook following suit in September 2020.

While you can still connect with them on LinkedIn, they don’t seem to be active on the platform anymore either.

Your best options for getting in touch are:

  • Email –
  • Phone – (+1) 971 404 7822
  • Mailing Address – 1023 Springdale Rd., Building 5 | Austin, TX 78721 US

Also worth noting US customers get free Standard Shipping on all orders, regardless of size.

What Products Does Canvas 1839 CBD Sell?

Canvas 1839 CBD recently put up a “Coming Back Soon” page on their website, saying they’re working on new developments for the new year.

Before that went up, however, we were able to get a look at what products they (were) selling:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Topicals

While it isn’t much, it’s still worth taking a look in more detail!


Canvas 1839 CBD Oil

The first of Canvas 1839 CBD’s tinctures is the CBD Relief Oil. With 10mg of Full Spectrum CBD per dropper-full, a 30ml bottle costs $50.00.

Kate says she loves everything about the oil, while Patrick adds he’s also happy with the quick delivery. Kathy describes significant improvements in her anxiety levels and digestive issues, as well as her husband’s carpal tunnel syndrome:

Canvas 1839 CBD Oil Customer Reviews

Canvas 1839 CBD Ubuntu Life CBD Oil

Canvas x Ubuntu Life CBD Grapefruit Oil is also sold in 30ml bottles, but has a slightly higher potency at 400mg total Broad Spectrum CBD.

The price tag is also a little higher at $60.00, but it seems a portion of sales goes to the Ubuntu Life nonprofit.

CBD Topicals

Canvas 1839 CBD Topicals

The only other products Canvas 1839 CBD produced are the CBD Relief Cream and Canvas x Ubuntu Life CBD Rose Cream.

CBD Relief Cream is the exact topical counterpart of the CBD oil by the same name. The main difference is the potency (500mg of total Full Spectrum CBD).

A 2oz jar costs $65.00.

For the Canvas x Ubuntu Life CBD Rose Cream, the obvious difference is in switching out the oil’s grapefruit extracts with rose. Like the Relief cream, it has 500mg of CBD in total – though this time using Broad Spectrum again.

A tub costs $70.00.

The CBD Relief Cream seems to be the more popular of the two. Michele says it’s given her husband the first relief from his arthritis that he’s had in years, while Jeremy also says it works for him “when needed.”

Rosemary’s doctor recommended it for her chronic arm pain, and she’s so happy with the results she considers it “a miracle in a jar”:

Canvas 1839 CBD Topicals Customer Reviews

Canvas 1839 CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

It’s a real pity Canvas 1839 CBD gave up on their Facebook page.

This is because it’s the only place we found reviews for the company – and, no doubt at least partially thanks to the page having being abandoned, there’s very few of them, all dating back to 2019.

Thankfully, there are a few customer reviews being left on the website itself.

However, it’s much easier for a company to remove negative reviews from their own website than anywhere else, including Facebook (where it’s also possible to delete reviews).

The couple of Facebook reviews we did find were all positive at least, though their being so outdated is unfortunate.

Ebere says she started with a free sample, as she was skeptical about the unregulated nature of CBD products (topicals in particular).

At the time (December 2019), she was struggling with back pain from poor posture at her desk and was surprised to find the CBD Relief Cream started working “almost immediately”:

Canvas 1939 CBD Customer Review

A few months before Ebere, in August 2019, Alice left a review for the same cream.

She called it “amazing,” as it was able to numb the fibromyalgia and arthritis pain in her back. Alice added she would be continuing to order, as well as getting extra for her mother:

Canvas 1939 CBD Customer Review 2

Canvas 1839 Seem to offer a nice selection of products but the lack of reviews mean we should proceed with caution.

Instead, we’d recommend checking out our list of the best CBD products here first.

And if you’ve tried any of the Canvas 1839 CBD products then don’t forget to leave a review below!

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