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CBD GoldLine Review

CBD GoldLine invites you to try “the gold standard” of CBD via their products.

But is that an accurate description of their product quality?

Read our CBD GoldLine review to find out!

Who Are CBD GoldLine?

  • It isn’t clear when CBD GoldLine launched.
  • Although they call themselves “a trusted and reliable source for CBD products, knowledge and information,” their website is surprisingly sparse on details.
  • For example, while the company seems to be located in Florida (with another branch in London), the only information about their source of hemp is that it’s grown in the US.
  • Similarly, their extraction methods are unknown, though all product batches go through independent quality assurance testing by a third party. The lab reports are available on the website.
  • Their mission is to provide customers with CBD they can trust to be safe and effective.

This is not a company that seems to understand the importance of having an online presence through social media. The only account they did create, on Instagram, has been inactive since mid-2020. Likewise, their blog hit a pause in November 2020.

Thankfully, there are still plenty of ways to get ahold of the company’s customer support:

  • Email – Info@cbdgoldline.com
  • US Phone – (+1) 800 974 2950
  • UK Phone – (+44) 203 746 2701
  • US Mailing Address – 3001 Griffin Road | Fort Lauderdale Florida 33312
  • UK Mailing Address – Kemp House 152 – 160, City Road | London EC1V 2NX
  • Contact Form

The website also displays a third number, 888 420 8858, but it’s unclear if it’s still in use as a toll free alternative for customers in the US and Canada.

What Products Does CBD GoldLine Sell?

CBD GoldLine claims to offer the widest range of CBD products, which fall under the following categories:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Vape
  • CBD for Pets

Is it the widest range of products in the industry?

Let’s take a closer look and find out!


CBD GoldLine Full Spectrum Reserve CBD Oil

First up is the Full Spectrum Reserve CBD, available in 600mg and 1,200mg total CBD potency options.

Both come in 30ml bottles at $75.00 and $130.00 respectively.

Karl says the quality and fast shipping ensures his repeat custom, while Falema says it’s one of the best CBD oils she’s tried, though you need to experiment a little to get the dosage right.

Jennifer finds it helps with her anxiety and inflammation, and Adrienne adds it works for helping her sleep as well:

CBD GoldLine Full Spectrum Reserve CBD Oil Customer Reviews
CBD GoldLine Regular CBD Oil

The Regular GoldLine CBD Oil can be used as an oral tincture or a vaping e-liquid.

This one apparently comes in 3 potency options (100mg to 500mg of total CBD per 30ml dropper bottle). However, only the 100mg version is listed on the website at $24.00.

The 300mg and 500mg strengths are listed separately, with completely different packaging, at $43.00 and $69.00 respectively.

You can still choose between 4 flavors: Natural, Mango, Tropic-cool, and Strawberry.

Trent merely says it’s “very good CBD,” while Steven says it’s by far his favorite CBD tincture (though he wishes there were more flavors available).

A different Trent says he buys them for his mom, who gets pain relief while using it:

CBD GoldLine Regular CBD Oil Customer Reviews
CBD GoldLine Sleep CBD Oil

As a third option, GoldLine CBD also offers their Sleep Formula tincture, available in 600mg and 900mg total CBD potency options.

Both strengths enigmatically cost the same: $69.00.

CBD Capsules

CBD GoldLine CBD Powder

Made with Full Spectrum CBD, the GoldLine CBD Powder Capsules offer 25mg of CBD each and are sold in containers of 5 for $20.00 and 20 for $46.00.

Falema says the capsules are “way easier than the oil” for her mom to use, while John and Brian merely say they’re satisfied with the quality and service.

Travis says they helped significantly ease his pain after a shoulder surgery and post-op narcotic pain medication:

CBD GoldLine CBD Powder Customer Reviews

CBD Edibles

CBD GoldLine CBD Gummies

There are 7 CBD Gummy variations available: Gummy Bears, Fruit Chewables, Sour Gummies, Sour Gummy Bears, Melon Gummy Rings, Peach Gummy Rings, and Strawberry Gummy Rings.

These are sold in different container sizes, ranging from packs of 2 to 32oz jars, with prices ranging from $3.99 to $139.00.

Dwight says they work well for – surprisingly – his dog, who is also using other CBD products recommended by the vet to keep her calm. Martin simply says “They work!” while Consuelo says “Thank you.”

Linda, meanwhile, has been using these gummies for several months and finds they help with her lower back pain on a daily basis:

CBD GoldLine CBD Gummies Customer Reviews
CBD GoldLine CBD Honey

Tired of CBD Gummies?

CBD GoldLine also offers a Liquid Honey Tincture and CBD Honey Stix.

The former is available in 2 potency options (500mg and 1,000mg of total CBD per 30ml bottle), while the latter comes in packs of 5 and packs of 100 (100mg of CBD per stick).

Prices for the tincture are $69.00 and $89.00 depending on potency, while the pack size dictates whether you pay $18.00 or $300.00 for the Honey Stix.

Linda says the Stix are delicious and might be helping her sleep better.

Veronica uses them as a “pick me up” during the day, while Brigette was disappointed they went on sale immediately after she made her purchase, with no offer from the company to adjust her invoice:

CBD GoldLine CBD Honey Customer Reviews

CBD Topicals

CBD GoldLine CBD Topicals

There are 4 CBD topicals available from CBD GoldLine: Pain Cream, Pain Relief Rub, Bath Bombs, and Hand & Body Coconut Lotion.

These vary in container size, potency, and price, with the latter ranging from $18.00 to $50.00.

The Pain Cream seems to be the most popular option. Jayesh says based on feedback from his own customers as a reseller, it seems to work well.

Dan adds it offers pain relief for his Diabetic Neuropathy within 5 to 10 minutes of application, with results lasting up to 1, sometimes 2 hours:

CBD GoldLine CBD Topicals Customer Reviews

CBD Vape

CBD GoldLine CBD Vape

Perhaps the CBD GoldLine claim to offering the most products in the CBD industry is based purely on their vape range?

This includes Crumble Wax Pens, Vape Oil Prefilled Cartridges, Disposable Prefilled Vape Pens, Prefilled Cartridges, and various others, with prices ranging from $9.95 to $69.00

The Prefilled Cartridges seem to be selling better than the others. Zen puts it down to the packaging, ease of use, and great taste, while Treston merely calls them “awesome.”

Of all the flavors, Raymond and Angie seem to enjoy the Mango option best, as there’s “no harsh chemical taste or burn”:

CBD GoldLine CBD Vape Customer Reviews
CBD GoldLine CBD Crumble and Wax

You can also opt for the 250mg CBD Crumble or 1g CBD Dab Wax (870mg potency), at $35.00 and $24.99 respectively.

Only the Crumble has any reviews as of yet, with Austin saying it’s one of the better waxes he’s tried. Angel’s first order wasn’t evaporating properly, but he found customer service happy to help and supply him with a replacement:

CBD GoldLine CBD Crumble and Wax Customer Reviews

CBD for Pets

CBD GoldLine CBD For Pets

Last but not least, CBD GoldLine looks after canines with their CBD Dog Treats (Beef Jerky, Steak Bites, and Beef & Cheese Wraps) and Dog Biscuits.

While the potency seems to differ from one to the other, they all cost $35.00 for a jar.

Francesca’s overweight and rather senior Chihuahua has been suffering increasingly frequent seizures – though he’s back to his old, energetic self and seizure-free thanks to the CBD treats!

Another user, identified only as “Fur Father,” says his dog is getting anxiety and pain relief from the Beef Jerky treats. This, in turn, is making the “furboy” more sociable and affectionate, much to Fur Father’s relief:

CBD GoldLine CBD For Pets Customer Reviews

CBD GoldLine Reviews – What Are People Saying?

It’s always great to see CBD companies allowing customers to leave product reviews on the product pages!

But of course, we don’t rest there.

We continue to look elsewhere for user feedback. And for CBD GoldLine, we found another 67 reviews, with a total user-rating of 4.4/5 stars.

It isn’t all good, though.

A user with the pseudonym “rbusiness dbusiness” decided to read the fine print on the product labeling. To their shock, the advertised potency was more than double what the fine print revealed!

Unfortunately, the company’s changed their packaging since, making it impossible to check ourselves without risking a purchase.

CBD GoldLine Customer Review

C Triggs had an even worse experience, considering his order never arrived!

Despite having his Groupon account set up to automatically complete the delivery address field with his correct address, CBD GoldLine still managed to send it to the wrong address and refused to offer a replacement or refund:

CBD GoldLine Customer Review 2

Not everyone had a terrible experience, though.

Lisa found the gummies and cream to be reasonably priced, arrive quickly, and offer pain relief while helping her sleep:

CBD GoldLine Customer Review 3

Mr C makes sure to dismiss complaints as coming from people who are used to CBD isolates rather than the Full Spectrum CBD.

He does, however, add a complaint of his own – that the price is quite high, forcing him to ration his gummies out. However, considering it’s the only CBD product that doesn’t make him nauseous, he’s willing to grin and bear it:

CBD GoldLine Customer Review 4

Susan agrees the gummies are the best she’s found for alleviating her anxiety, while Albert says the same for relieving his lower back and knee pain:

CBD GoldLine Customer Review 5
CBD GoldLine Customer Review 6

We think that CBD Goldline offer a nice line of 3rd party tested products and they have plenty of positive reviews to back them up so they could be worth a try.

Don’t forget to also take a look at our list of the best CBD products here.

And if you’ve tried any of the CBD Goldline products then please leave your review below!

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