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CBDMedic Review

CBDMedic wants to be there when you’re in need of care.

Using the natural healing properties of CBD, this company focuses entirely on topical products to bring you relief.

But does CBDMedic get the job done? Read our review to find out.

Who is CBDMedic?

  • CBDMedic launched in 2017 with a background of 15 years in research and development of pharmaceuticals. They came up with their unique formula for targeted relief by combining “rigorous scientific research and an extensive understanding of natural oils, analgesic ingredients, and how our bodies react to these combinations.”
  • CBDMedic is based in Rhode Island and though they don’t specify where their hemp is grown, it’s implied that it comes from US farms.
  • They focus on using natural ingredients, even when choosing their pharmaceutical ingredients. These include menthol, colloidal oatmeal, and camphor, which are combined with essential oils and hemp-extracts.
  • They pride themselves on this natural approach, specifying all products are “free of artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, steroids, parabens, petrolatum, and phthalates.”
  • All products use broad spectrum hemp extracts from the Sativa strain, but are THC-free.
  • They have third-party testing, including dermatological testing, done on all of their products.
  • Their slogan could be, “Revolutionary. SAFE.”, reflecting the fact that their combination of pharmaceuticals and natural ingredients are said to be a world-first.
  • Their mission statement is to “blend natural emollients and essential oils to create unique formulations for safe, powerful, and effective relief.”

The company is fairly active on Facebook and Twitter, with multiple posts every week. They’re only slightly less active on Instagram, though their YouTube channel hasn’t been updated since early 2020. They also have a blog and an accessibility widget.

You can contact them by:

CBDMedic offers free shipping on all orders. A little about their rewards program:

CBDMedic Rewards Program

With CBDMedic’s Reward Program, you can earn loyalty points as you shop—plus 25 points just for signing up—and redeem these points for discounts.

What Products Does CBDMedic Sell?

They only sell topical products, but have different product lines:

  • CBD Arthritis-Related Products
  • CBD Sports Injuries Products
  • CBD Back and Neck Pain Products
  • CBD Foot-Related Products
  • CBD Muscle- and Joint-Pain-Related Products
  • CBD Massage Therapy Pain Relief Oil
  • CBD Skincare Line

Let’s take a quick look at each product line in more detail!

CBD Arthritis Related Products

CBDMedic CBD Arthritis Related Products

The Arthritis Aches & Pain Relief is available in 2 versions: an ointment and a cream. Both contain 200 mg of CBD Hemp Extract per container and cost $39 each.

Customers say the products live up to their name far better than anything else on the market. For example, MJ uses it for arthritis pain in their knees:

CBDMedic CBD Arthritis Related Products Customer Reviews

CBD Sports Injuries Products

CBDMedic CBD Sports Injuries Products

Active Sport Pain Relief is also available in 2 options: an ointment and a roll-on stick. Both contain 200 mg CBD Hemp Extract per container and cost $39.

Customers like Janell, Donald, and Cynthia say it works great and has a pleasant scent:

CBDMedic CBD Sports Injuries Products Customer Reviews

CBD Back and Neck Pain Products

CBDMedic CBD Back and Neck Pain Products

There are 2 products in this category: Back & Neck Pain Relief Ointment and Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Spray. Like products in the previous categories, both contain 200 mg CBD Hemp Extract per container and cost $39.

Debbie says she get hours of pain relief from the Back & Neck Pain Relief Ointment, which seems to be the more popular of these two products. Bernard and Susan agree:

CBDMedic CBD Back and Neck Pain Products Customer Reviews

CBD Foot Related Products

CBDMedic CBD Foot Related Products

Foot & Ankle Pain Relief is available as an ointment and as a roll-on stick. Both come with 200 mg CBD Hemp Extract per container and cost $39 each.

While the products have equal numbers of customer reviews, many say the stick is easier to apply, doesn’t leave their skin feeling sticky, and works better than the ointment:

CBDMedic CBD Foot Related Products Customer Reviews

CBD Muscle and Joint Pain Related Products

CBDMedic CBD Muscle and Joint Pain Related Products

The Muscle & Join Pain Relief formula is available as a spray (also found in the Back & Neck Pain Relief category) and an ointment.

As mentioned earlier, the spray has 200 mg of CBD per 50 ml bottle. The ointment comes in a pack of 10 ready-to-go, separately sealed sachets with 15 mg of CBD each.

Both products cost $39.

Customers seem to favor the ointment. Joseph says it provides immediate relief and works well with the prescription he received for his RLS. Melody and Julie use it similarly as a way to relieve pain:

CBDMedic CBD Muscle and Joint Pain Related Products Customer Reviews

CBD Massage Therapy Pain Relief Oil

CBD Medic CBD Massage Therapy Pain Relief Oil

The Massage Therapy Pain Relief Oil contains 200 mg CBD hemp extract per 103 ml bottle and is specially formulated for deep absorption.

CBDMedic says it’s designed to provide targeted relief for minor aches and pains. Customers consider each container $39 well-spent since the product offers immediate relief:

CBD Medic CBD Massage Therapy Pain Relief Oil Customer Service

CBD Skincare Line

CBDMedic CBD Skincare Line

The CBD Skincare line offers 5 products: Eczema Therapy Medicated Ointment, Acne Treatment Medicated Cream, Natural Foaming Facial Cleanser, Itch & Rash Medicated Ointment, and a CBD-free Hand Sanitizer Spray that complies with CDC and FDA guidelines.

As with all products, the first 4 products in this line have 200 mg CBD hemp extract per container. Prices range from $14 for the hand sanitizer to $39.

The Eczema Therapy ointment is the most popular CBD product in this category. Customers like Steven and Jennifer say their eczema is noticeably reduced within days and it keeps their skin moisturized as well:

CBDMedic CBD Skincare Line Customer Reviews

CBDMedic Reviews — What Are People Saying?

Most of the user reviews for CBDMedic are found on their website, some of which we’ve already shared above.

The only other place we could find reviews for the company was on their Facebook page, where they earned a 5/5-star rating based on 5 reviews.

You won’t find any negative comments, with all the reviews praising the company for quality products that really work:

CBDMedic Customer Review
CBDMedic Customer Review 2
CBDMedic Customer Review 3
CBDMedic Customer Review 4
CBDMedic Customer Review 5

Perhaps the most eye-catching review comes from professional baseball player Tyler Badamo, who says the Active Sport Pain Relief has been doing wonders helping him recover from an elbow injury:

CBDMedic Customer Review 6

With a nice selection of CBD products designed especially for athletes and an array of positive reviews we really like CBDMedic.

But some of their products are often out of stock and they don’t have the widest selection of products so you might want to checkout our list of the best CBD products here first.

And if you’ve tried any of the CBDMedic products then don’t forget to leave your review below!

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