Delta Botanicals CBD Review (2024) Here’s What We Found Out..

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Delta Botanicals CBD Review

Delta Botanicals CBD says the relief you’re looking for is here.

But is it really?

Find out the easy way by reading our complete Delta Botanicals CBD review!

Who Are Delta Botanicals CBD?

  • Delta Botanicals CBD launched in 2012, putting truth to their claim of being a pioneer in “manufacturing and distributing high-quality CBD-infused products.”
  • The company is based in the UK, but supplies more than 450 stores – from California to Switzerland – giving them an international customer base.
  • However, their manufacturing plant is actually based in Baltimore, allowing them to source their USDA-Certified Organic hemp from Colorado farms.
  • Their extraction methods are unknown, but they claim to use advanced patented techniques via utilizing technologies found in leading pharmaceutical labs.
  • The company only appears to offer Certificates of Internal Analysis (available on their product pages). They don’t appear to use independent labs for third party testing to supplement their internal tests.
  • That said, they promise their proprietary manufacturing equipment enables them to accurately check every batch for consistency and quality during the manufacturing process.
  • Their “guiding principles” involve sourcing ingredients through the finishing product line, along with quality and customer satisfaction.

Delta Botanicals CBD has been around long enough to understand the importance of social media, but seems to have given up on maintaining a presence on such platforms.

Their Twitter and Instagram have been inactive for over a year now, as has their YouTube channel and CBD blog.

You’ll have a better chance getting ahold of them by reaching out via:

  • Email –
  • Phone – (+44) 20 8077 5923
  • Mailing Address – 7 Wilson Business Park, Monsall Road | Manchester, England, M40 8WN

Customers enjoy free Standard Shipping on all orders, regardless of total amount spent. If your order total is $100.00 or more, you’ll be upgraded to free Priority Shipping.

What Products Does Delta Botanicals CBD Sell?

So what CBD products does Delta Botanicals CBD sell? Here’s a quick look at the product categories:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Vape
  • CBD for Pets

Let’s take a deep-dive into the specifics of each one!


Delta Botanicals CBD Oil

Starting off the CBD Oral Tinctures, you’ll find 3 potency options available – from 300mg to 1,000mg total Full Spectrum CBD per 30ml dropper bottle.

While these are unflavored, the MCT coconut oil base helps take the edge off the earthy taste of raw hemp oil!

Depending on the potency option you prefer, prices range from $39.99 to $84.99.

Santha says while the oil might seem expensive at first glance, the quality is great – and subscribing to the company’s newsletter ensures you never miss out on a discount deal.

Simon adds as a first-time CBD user, he was impressed by the quality as well as the speedy delivery:

Delta Botanicals CBD Oil Customer Reviews
Delta Botanicals CBD Platinum CBD Oral Tincture

Delta Botanicals CBD also offers a range of Full Spectrum CBD Oral Tinctures in stronger potency options. The first of these is the Platinum formula, with 3,000mg total CBD per 30ml dropper bottle.

This one sells at $225.00.

Delta Botanicals CBD Black Label CBD Oral Tincture

Black Label CBD Oral Tincture is the next premium potency option, with 6,000mg total Full Spectrum CBD per 30ml bottle at $350.00 each.

Delta Botanicals CBD White Label CBD Oral Tincture

And last but not least, the White Label CBD Oral Tincture formula offers a high potency of 11,700mg total CBD per 30ml bottle.

For this amount of CBD, which is one of the world’s “strongest medicinal alternatives to medical marijuana,” you’ll pay $450.00.

CBD Edibles

Delta Botanicals CBD Gummies

The Delta Botanicals CBD edibles range is, not surprisingly, where you’ll find their CBD Gummies.

With assorted flavors (Watermelon, Pear, Plum, and Guava) and 10mg of Full Spectrum CBD per gummy, you can opt for a bottle of 15 or 30 gummies at $19.99 and $29.99 respectively.

A customer with the username “Shy” says it’s an excellent product that tastes great and is highly effective.

CCJ adds they’re super convenient to use, as they quickly dissolve on the tongue after you’ve chewed the gummies.

Santha makes another appearance, this time revealing they use CBD to relieve their migraines. Deciding to give the gummies a go, they found the pain almost instantly dropped from a level 5 intensity to a 2 – much better (and faster) than their usual medication!

Delta Botanicals CBD Gummies Customer Reviews
Delta Botanicals CBD Hemp Oil Honey

CBD Hemp Oil Honey is, as the company says, “an easy and nutritious way to take your CBD,” combining the natural healing properties of hemp with those of organic honey.

A 1oz bottle boasts 180mg of Full Spectrum CBD (about 30mg per tablespoon serving) for $12.99.

Delta Botanicals CBD Cooking and Baking Oil

To wrap up the edibles category, we have the CBD Cooking and Baking Oil.

As a blend of 100% Organic Coconut Oil and Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, it’s available in 4 different potency options.

These range from 400mg to 2,750mg total CBD, with a 6.8floz (200ml) bottle costing between $57.99 and $297.99 accordingly.

CBD Topicals

Delta Botanicals CBD Topicals

Usually, the topicals section is where CBD companies go all out by offering a wide range of products.

This is not the case for Delta Botanicals CBD – they prefer quality over quantity and only offer their Topical Hemp Oil Relief Serum at present.

The serum is sold in 10ml bottles with 381mg total CBD for $24.99.

CBD Vape

Delta Botanicals CBD Vape

The CBD Vape E-Liquid range, on the other hand, takes the gloves off by offering plenty of variety!

For starters, the e-liquid is available in 5 potency options, ranging from 300mg to 1,250mg of total Broad Spectrum CBD per 30ml dropper bottle.

You can also choose between Additive (Flavorless), Citrus Fruits, Mango, Peppermint, Pineapple, and Vanilla Cream flavors.

And if you aren’t a fan of the earthy flavor of the regular CBD Oral Tinctures, Delta Botanicals CBD recommends using the Peppermint e-liquid orally – all of the vape juice formulas are safe to use sublingually (under the tongue)!

As for price range, expect to pay from $29.99 to $122.99 per bottle, depending on the potency option you choose.

Angie says she wakes up in the morning without feeling groggy, so long as she takes some of the oil the night before. She follows it up with a morning dose as well, especially if she has a busy day ahead of her, to better keep her stress levels and anxiety in check.

Brittney says the pharmaceutical medications she’s prescribed for anxiety and depression only make things worse, which is why she decided to look for a natural alternative.

After discovering these CBD vape oils, she experimented with vaping them before realizing she gets the best results from using them orally. And those results are great!

Alexa adds she found the lowest potency to be an “easy going entry level CBD,” especially when mixed into her morning tea:

Delta Botanicals CBD Vape Customer Reviews

CBD for Pets

Delta Botanicals CBD Oil For Dogs

Last but not least is the Toby’s Formula Canine CBD Oil for Pets.

As the name reveals, it’s specially formulated for dogs and the label specifies it’s not suitable for human consumption.

However, if you use the weight-dependent dosage suggestions included with the oil, it might be suitable for cats as well.

While the product label and description suggests the oil is made with Full Spectrum CBD, all THC has been removed, making it more accurately a Zero THC Broad Spectrum product.

Each 30ml dropper bottle offers 1,000mg of CBD for $89.99.

Celeste says Meggie, her Jack Russel/Chihuahua mix, has the chronic anxiety fairly common to Chihuahuas, which combines with the typical Jack Russel energy levels and causes her to constantly chase her tail.

Not wanting to completely sedate Meggie with the “Xanax for dogs” her vet prescribed, Celeste turned to this product instead.

After spending time talking with the company’s support (adding that she feels the dosage recommendation guide included ought to be much clearer), Celeste settled on a 1/4 dropper dosage twice a day.

Meggie started showing a positive change by day 2 and is now much calmer without losing all of her normal playfulness!

Delta Botanicals CBD Oil For Dogs Customer Reviews

Delta Botanicals CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

We especially love when CBD companies allow customers to leave feedback right on their product pages.

This is especially good for Delta Botanicals CBD, as otherwise we wouldn’t be able to share any user reviews with you!

This is because, surprisingly, and especially considering the company has been in business since 2012, we weren’t able to find any other customer feedback (whether a designated review or even just a comment online).

Whatever the reasons for this might be, we’ll just need to rely on the reviews found on the company’s website for now.

Apart from the lack of reviews we thing that they offer a nice selection of CBD products so don’t write them off just yet.

In the meantime, why not checkout our list of the best CBD products here.

And if you’ve tried any of their products then please leave a review below!

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