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Dragonfly CBD Review

Dragonfly CBD promises to empower you every day with their high-quality CBD products.

Find out if they live up to that promise by reading our Dragonfly CBD review!

Who Are Dragonfly CBD?

  • Dragonfly CBD was launched in 2017.
  • The company is based in the UK and serves customers throughout the country.
  • For the Boots 2020 Wellness Awards, they were voted Best CBD Oil.
  • They only use organic hemp and control every step of the process, from seed to shelf, with batch specific third-party test results available for every product.
  • All products are THC-Free.

Dragonfly CBD is fairly active on all their social media platforms. They post weekly on both Facebook and Instagram, and up to 4 times a week on Twitter.

You can also check out their blog for CBD and other related content.

You can contact them via:

  • Email – info@dragonflycbd.com
  • Phone – (+44) 20 7111 0807
  • Mailing Address – The Harley Building, 77-79 New Cavendish Street | London W1W 6XB, United Kingdom

UK customers receive free shipping on all orders over £30.

What Products Does Dragonfly CBD Sell?

Dragonfly CBD focuses primarily on their award-winning CBD oil range, though they also have a few other products worth exploring. Let’s take a quick look at them all!


Dragonfly CBD Oil

The Narrow Spectrum CBD Oil is Dragonfly CBD’s bestselling product and is available in 10ml and 30ml bottles.

For the smaller option, you have the choice of 3 dosage strengths, ranging from 300mg to 1,000mg total CBD. With the 30ml bottles there are 4 potency options, from 1,000mg up to 3,000mg total CBD.

Prices range from £19.50 to £134.50 depending on the potency and bottle size.

Valerie says the Narrow Spectrum CBD Oil helped her walk a bit more after suffering from spinal problems for 3 years.

Elizabeth also says after using it every night, she’s noticing a difference in her joint pain and overall stiffness. She also says even though it can get expensive, it isn’t over-priced compared to similar products.

Stuart agrees, saying it’s worth every penny as the only product that helps with his arthritis without any side effects:

Dragonfly CBD Oil Customer Reviews
Dragonfly CBD Vitamin D CBD Oil

Vitamin D CBD Oil is a medium-strength product, with 500mg total CBD per 10ml bottle. As the name implies, it also has added Vitamin D – a total of 500 micrograms.

A bottle costs £29.50.

Dragonfly CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

The Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is also marked as “medium strength,” with potencies ranging from 270mg to 900mg total CBD per 10ml bottle. Depending on the dosage you prefer, prices range from £19.50 to £49.50.

Shadi unfortunately hasn’t received their package in the mail, while Squirsha simply says they’re a “massive fan.”

Paul offers a little more insight as a customer, saying the oil helps him get a good night’s sleep thanks to the meaningful levels of CBD:

Dragonfly CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Customer Reviews
Dragonfly CBD Essential Oil CBD Oral Drops

With a subtle coconut flavor to help ease newer CBD users into the product range, the Essential Oil CBD Oral Drops are made from Dragonfly CBD isolate.

While it’s only available in 10ml dropper bottles, you can choose between 3 strengths ranging from 300mg to 1,000mg total CBD.

Prices differ accordingly, from £14.50 to £29.50.

Dragonfly CBD Flavored CBD Oil

Last but not least is the Flavored CBD Oil range.

There are 4 flavors to choose from: Anise, Cinnamon, Orange, and Peppermint. All flavors come in a 10ml dropper bottle with 500mg total CBD at  £29.50 each.

Chrissy says it’s the best CBD oil she’s ever used, which Nicola agrees with, adding that the flavors make it another great option for anyone new to CBD.

Pally says it doesn’t just taste great, it actually works, especially for reducing her stress and anxiety levels and improving her focus and comfort:

Dragonfly CBD Flavored CBD Oil Customer Reviews

CBD Topicals

Dragonfly CBD Topicals

Dragonfly CBD offers 3 products in this category: CBD Lip Care Balm, CBD Body Moisturizer, and CBD Face Cream.

They’re all designed for everyday use, with easy application and a pleasant fragrance.

Prices range from £4.95 for the Lip Balm and £25.00 to £50.00 for the Body Moisturizer and Face Cream (each), depending on the product size.

Dragonfly CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

We always appreciate CBD companies displaying product reviews on their website, as it can help customers make informed buying decisions.

But of course, we also look elsewhere online – just in case a company is rigging the system on their product pages! This doesn’t seem to be the case with Dragonfly CBD, as we did see Shadi’s 1-star review earlier.

We managed to find the same review elsewhere, where the company also left a detailed response confirming that although the product was delivered and signed for, Shadi didn’t recognize the signature.

Dragonfly CBD was a good sport though, sending them another bottle to replace the stolen one:

Dragonfly CBD Customer Review

Mary, on the other hand, says she took a 5-drop dose of one of the oils and started feeling ill after the second time doing so.

As a pensioner, she’s feeling the hurt of having spent £40 and was wondering whether she would be able to get a refund if she sent the product back, though the company didn’t respond (publicly at least):

Dragonfly CBD Customer Review 2

However, those are the only recent complaints we were able to find.

Based on a total of 200 verified customer reviews, Dragonfly CBD walks away with a 4.6/5 star user-rating!

Connor says their products helped him cut back drastically on the pharmaceuticals he was using to help manage his severe asthma, as the CBD oil reduces inflammation and helps minimize the occurrence and severity of his asthma attacks:

Dragonfly CBD Customer Review 3

Similarly, Jon says he found the CBD oil very good for reducing aches and pains caused by arthritis, adding that some of them even disappeared completely:

Dragonfly CBD Customer Review 4

Meanwhile, Gabrielle was suffering from anxiety and says using the Vitamin D CBD Oil helped her massively:

Dragonfly CBD Customer Review 5

Rachel goes into a lot more detail explaining just how much the CBD oil helps reduce her anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

She specifies, even with the stronger potency options, you shouldn’t expect immediate results. Instead, be consistent and allow the CBD time to work its gentle magic – by the third day, she was definitely noticing the very positive difference!

Dragonfly CBD Customer Review 6

Overall, we think that Dragonfly offer a nice selection of 3rd party tested products to choose from and the reviews are mostly good so they might be worth checking out.

Don’t forget to take a look at our list of the best CBD products here first though.

And if you have tried any of the Dragonfly CBD products then please leave your review below!

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