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Dreem Nutrition CBD Review

Dreem Nutrition CBD is focused on empowering human vitality through “the revival of ancient wellness.”

Is that true, or will you end up looking elsewhere to find the CBD you need?

Find out by reading our Dreem Nutrition CBD review!

Who Are Dreem Nutrition CBD?

  • Dreem Nutrition CBD launched in 2015 as a veteran-owned company.
  • They’re based in Indiana and grow their own hemp (they were also the 11th hemp farm to be licensed in the state since WWII).
  • Unfortunately, their extraction methods are currently unknown.
  • However, all products go through independent quality assurance testing by a third party, the lab reports of which are available on the website.
  • Their mission is to convey integrity through quality control, advanced formulations, and a scientific approach administered by “innovative delivery systems.”

The company remains occasionally active on Facebook, though their Instagram profile enjoys regular weekly updates.

You can also connect with them on LinkedIn or get in touch directly via:

  • Email – info@dreemnutrition.com
  • Phone – (+1) 800 915 9958
  • Mailing Address – 310 S Union St. | Russiaville, IN 46979 USA

US customers enjoy free shipping on all orders and can unlock a 20% discount by subscribing to a product for automated monthly renewal.

What Products Does Dreem Nutrition CBD Sell?

With a focus almost exclusively on Full Spectrum CBD products, Dreem Nutrition CBD caters to the following categories:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD for Pets

But before you utilize their Product Quiz, let’s have a closer look!


Dreem Nutrition CBD Oil

The Full Spectrum Dreem CBD Oil is available in 2 potency options (500mg and 1,000mg of total CBD per 30ml bottle), with the natural flavor of hemp extract.

Depending on which dosage strength you prefer, prices are $64.97 and $84.97 respectively.

Kristi says it helps alleviate her restless leg syndrome at night, while Chelsea receives pain relief in her knees. Liam says the oil is “nothing short of amazing,” with a great taste and long-lasting relief.

John heaps praises on the company as well, saying the oil is surprisingly tasty and he always enjoys fast delivery and great service quality. Better yet, it helps him sleep better while also significantly reducing his pain levels – sometimes getting rid of it altogether!

Dreem Nutrition CBD Oil Customer Reviews
Dreem Nutrition CBD Terpene Advantage Oil

As a second option, this time with 0% THC, there’s the Terpene Advantage Oil.

This one comes in Mint Flavor and is available in 3 potency options, from 250mg to 1,000mg of CBD per 30ml bottle. Prices range from $39.97 to $84.97 accordingly.

Amy says the flavor is great and doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste, while Angela considers the brand to be “the most affordable and best quality.”

Kim only left a 1-star review, explaining she doesn’t like the option for a monthly subscription with a 20% discount, as she always buys in bulk whenever there’s a sale.

The rating doesn’t seem to be based on the product’s quality and customers aren’t forced to subscribe, so her review is a little confusing.

Chassidy seems equally disgruntled with the then-new option for discount subscriptions, saying although she finds the oil to be great for pain relief (for herself and her dog), the non-subscription price is too high for her.

She also doesn’t appreciate that the price increase was supposedly made to justify new packaging and including “a rock” with every purchase:

Dreem Nutrition CBD Terpene Advantage Oil Customer Reviews

CBD Capsules

Dreem Nutrition CBD Capsules

For those who prefer the convenience of CBD capsules over fiddling with tincture droppers, you’ll especially appreciate the Full Spectrum Gel Caps.

Sold in bottles of 30 with 25mg of CBD per capsule, these cost $69.97.

Austin says the capsules work great and are easy to use:

Dreem Nutrition CBD Capsules Customer Review
Dreem Nutrition CBD Braingenics Mushroom Complex Nootropic Capsules

As a second capsules option, Dreem Nutrition CBD introduced the Braingenics Mushroom Complex Nootropic Capsules.

It is worth mentioning these don’t appear to contain any CBD and instead focus on using extracts from 10 mushroom species.

A bottle of 60 capsules costs $25.97.

CBD Edibles

Dreem Nutrition CBD Organic Hemp Protein Powder

While most CBD companies focus on gummies (and sometimes expand to include other edibles), Dreem Nutrition CBD skipped straight to offering a Certified Organic Hemp Protein Powder instead.

With a Chocolate Brownie flavor, a 1lb pack contains 0% THC and 17g of protein for $32.97. Unfortunately, the CBD potency is unspecified.

Leann says it keeps her full all morning as a smoothie/protein shake breakfast alternative and tastes great:

Dreem Nutrition CBD Organic Hemp Protein Powder Customer Review

CBD Topicals

Dreem Nutrition CBD Topicals

There are 2 CBD topical products available here: the Relief & Recovery Gel and Transdermal Patches. The patches are available in Regular and Vitamin B12 options, which you can toggle between on the same product page.

Both patches offer 15mg of CBD and are waterproof, latex-free, and last up to 24 hours, selling at $11.97 per patch.

The Gel, on the other hand, is THC free and offers a total of 500mg of CBD per 50ml container at $37.97.

Mary says the Relief & Recovery Gel lives up to its name, offering relief like nothing else after her knee replacement surgery.

Jeff, meanwhile, says he’s full of aches and pains thanks to his time as a Marine. He keeps a container of the gel in his gym bag and another in his bedroom, as he finds it works best for his knees, elbows, and back. The patches also form part of his self-care routine, as they help relieve pain in his neck and lower back.

He also defends the subscription option with auto-delivery, saying it helps make sure he never runs out due to forgetting to place a new order:

Dreem Nutrition CBD Topicals Customer Reviews

CBD for Pets

Dreem Nutrition CBD For Pets

Last but not least is the Dreem CBD All-Natural Supplement for Pets.

The company made sure the oil is suitable for cats and dogs alike, and as a Full Spectrum tincture it can be used to alleviate arthritis, loss of energy, pain, and anxiety (general and situational).

A 30ml dropper bottle sells for $64.97.

Chelsea says the oil is simply amazing, allowing her 8 year old lab (who recently had a change of diet to help with weight loss) regain full mobility and energy. She was so happy with the results she decided to get some oil for herself as well!

Kristi adds that her Labrador Retriever is displaying real results after they started using the oil to alleviate general anxiety:

Dreem Nutrition CBD For Pets Customer Reviews

Dreem Nutrition CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

Surprisingly, we struggled to find user reviews for Dreem Nutrition CBD – other than those left on their product pages.

This is one of the many reasons we always appreciate CBD companies giving customers that option. It also helps new and interested customers get a better idea of what to expect.

Luckily, we were still able to find some user feedback in the form of Facebook reviews. There were only 17 comments, but all of them gave the company 5/5 stars.

Angela’s tried many different brands and finds this one to be the most effective – and with the best pricing! On top of that, she appreciates the hardworking, dedicated employees who always provide excellent customer service:

Dreem Nutrition CBD Customer Review

Jennifer says her doctor was impressed to find, after 17 years of abnormal kidney function tests, her most recent 6-month checkup showed significant improvement.

When asked, she at first couldn’t think of anything she was doing differently… until she got home and remembered she started using CBD for a totally different reason!

Dreem Nutrition CBD Customer Review 2

Sarah says she’s happy with all of the products she’s bought from Dreem Nutrition CBD, especially the gel (as the whole family is very active) and Full Spectrum Oil (which her teen uses for anxiety relief):

Dreem Nutrition CBD Customer Review 3

Meanwhile, Sylvia is super grateful to have found a veteran-owned company based in her own state. Even better, she finds the products to be of top quality and appreciates the level of transparency that goes into each product’s ingredient list:

Dreem Nutrition CBD Customer Review 4

Melissa started using the oil to help manage her epilepsy, which often caused seizures – with at least one of them landing her in the hospital.

Now, any time a seizure strikes, her daughters know to grab the bottle of CBD Oil, as it helps pull her out very quickly and get rid of most seizure after effects as well:

Dreem Nutrition CBD Customer Review 5

Mercedes also loves these products, saying she found the transdermal patch helped heal a burn wound in record time:

Dreem Nutrition CBD Customer Review 6

Overall, we think that Dreem Nutrition offer a nice selection of 3rd party tested CBD products and they have some good reviews so they are definitely worth a try.

Don’t forget to also take a look at our list of the best CBD products here.

And if you have tried any of the Dreem Nutrition CBD products then please leave a review below!

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