Elevate CBD Review (2024) Here’s What We Discovered..

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Elevate CBD Review

Will Elevate CBD help to lift up your health?

Join us in our Elevate CBD review as we uncover the facts!

Who Are Elevate CBD?

  • Elevate CBD was launched in 2015 with the mission of helping anyone and everyone relish the freedom of living full, happy, and active lives.
  • They grow their hemp in US farms “just a short drive” from their manufacturing facility. All of their partnered farmers are compliant with all federal and state standards.
  • Their medical and pet expert advisory board consists of an Endocannabinoid Specialist and Nutrition Specialist, both of whom are published authors on the topic of Cannabidiol. They also have a “leading and published” Pet Trainer.
  • All of their products are 3rd party tested.

Elevate CBD posts every once in a while to Facebook and Instagram, though their Twitter hasn’t been active since April 2020.

If you enjoy reading CBD-related content, you can also check out their blog which features a variety of articles on or related to CBD.

You can contact them through:

The company also offers product subscription discounts of 10% when subscribing to a product monthly, along with a rewards program:

Elevate CBD Rewards Program

With Elevate Rewards, customers earn 1 point for every $1 spent. They can also earn an additional 50 points when leaving reviews on purchased products.

100 points will get you a $10-off coupon.

What Products Does Elevate CBD Sell?

They sell products in the following categories:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Edibles and Drinks
  • CBD Oral Sprays
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD for Pets

There’s also a Product Finder Quiz you can utilize – but don’t jump in quite yet! Join us as we discuss each category in more detail.


Elevate CBD Oil

Elevate CBD’s first product, your standard CBD Oil, comes in 4 potencies ranging from 150mg to 4800mg per 30ml bottle.

You can also choose between the flavors of Cinnamon, Wild Berry, Lemon, and Fresh Mint, all of which contain full spectrum hemp extract!

Prices start at $17.49 and reach up to $229 – and customers are definitely pleased!

Dee uses the CBD Oil to battle migraines and recover from workouts, while Thelma praises the product but asks the company about potential heartburn as a side effect.

Meanwhile, Carol thanks the company for helping her relax and sleep:

Elevate CBD Oil Customer Reviews

CBD Capsules

Elevate CBD Capsules

First up in the CBD Capsules category is CBD Gelcaps, which contain 25mg of CBD per gelcap.

You can choose between a 2 count pouch and a 30 count bottle with prices falling at $3.99 and $49.99 respectively.

Matt is very fond of the gelcaps, saying they’re great for sleeping through the night with no after-effects in the morning.

Although skeptical at first, Michael ended up being of a similar mind, as did Dani:

Elevate CBD Capsules Customer Reviews
Elevate CBD Capsules Formulas

Next up, we have 3 different capsule formulas: Focus, Recover, and Sleep.

The Focus CBD Capsules contain 25mg of CBD per capsule and are meant to promote overall wellness.

Both the Recover and Sleep CBD Capsules feature 15mg of CBD per capsule, though the latter has an additional 3mg of Melatonin for improved sleep.

All 3 formulas can be purchased in a 30 count bottle or a 2 count pouch, with prices falling at $49.99 and $3.99 respectively.

CBD Edibles and Drinks

Elevate CBD Gummies

If you’re looking for a convenient and tasty way to get your daily dose of CBD, then these CBD Gummies are the way to go!

You’ll get 25mg of CBD per gummy along with an assortment of flavors: Sour Apple, Blue Raspberry, and Fruit Punch.

A 12 count bottle will set you back $14.99.

Elevate CBD Edibles

The CBD Edibles and Drinks category features 4 more products – Drink Mixers, Gum, Mints, and Dissolvable Strips – priced between $9.99 and $24.99.

CBD Drink Mixers are a great way to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine, as it’s an unflavored liquid! You can add it to any beverage, whether cold or hot.

The Chewing Gum, on the other hand, features 5mg of CBD per strip and is a great way to relieve anxiety. You’ll also get a Fresh Mint flavor!

The CBD Mints also offer that Fresh Mint flavor, though only with 3mg of CBD per mint.

Finally, the Dissolvable Strips are perfect for a quick and easy fix of CBD – simply put one under your tongue and let it dissolve! You’ll get 10 strips in a pack, with each strip offering 5mg of CBD.

Amanda says the CBD Gum is the best tasting mint gum she’s ever tried, while Paul agrees and points out the benefit of its discreetness and portability.

Shawna also enjoys the CBD Gum, saying it’s specifically excellent for plane travel:

Elevate CBD Edibles Customer Reviews

CBD Oral Sprays

Elevate CBD Oral Sprays

Elevate CBD offers their CBD Oral Sprays in 2 sizes of 7.5ml and 30ml.

The 7.5ml comes in 3 potency options ranging from 75mg to 300mg, while the 30ml comes in 2 potency options of 600mg and 1200mg.

Flavors include Fresh Mint, Cinnamon, Wild Berry, and Lemon, while prices range from $9.99 to $119.99 depending on size and potency.

Sarah likes the Oral Sprays so much she switched over from another CBD brand!

Charles is of a similar mind, going as far as to say the Cinnamon Oral Spray changed his life. Call(?) also approves of the Cinnamon Spray and especially appreciates its convenience:

Elevate CBD Oral Sprays Customer Reviews

CBD Topicals

Elevate CBD Topicals

In the CBD Topicals category, we have 2 products – Healing Therapy Topical Cream and Cooling Therapy Topical Cream – with 3 container options to choose from: tube, twist up, and tub.

Prices range from $18.49 to $29.99.

Melissa says after injuring herself after a fall, the Healing Therapy Topical Cream took the edge off the “non-stop throbbing” while she healed.

Jeff shares a similar praise, saying the cream helps his aches and pains go away. Meanwhile, Cynthia uses it on her stiff and tight back with great results:

Elevate CBD Topicals Customer Reviews

CBD for Pets

Elevate CBD For Pets

The final category caters to our beloved fur babies, starting with CBD Oil for Pets.

Both cats and dogs will benefit from Wellness and Calming formulas, though dogs also have the added formula of Mobility.

You’ll pay $24.99 per 30ml bottle, with 5mg of CBD per ml.

Elevate CBD Dog Treats

This category also features CBD Dog Treats, which come in the same formula options of Wellness, Mobility, and Calming.

Each soft chew features 5mg of CBD and a container of 60 chews will set you back $39.99.

Elevate CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

Although the company doesn’t exist on Trustpilot, we were able to find 9 reviews for them on their Facebook page – all of which give Elevate CBD 5/5 stars!

Stephanie tried samples of their products and now relies on them to get her through the day:

Elevate CBD Customer Review

Vanessa uses Elevate CBD’s products to help with pain due to a variety of ailments, including neuropathy and fibromyalgia:

Elevate CBD Customer Review 2

Ryan also uses their products for pain, namely shoulder and back pain. He even says it might be helping with his PTSD:

Elevate CBD Customer Review 3

Tony and Robbie also praise the company, citing effective products and a worthwhile CBD company in general:

Elevate CBD Customer Review 4
Elevate CBD Customer Review 5

It looks like Elevate CBD has a nice selection of 3rd party tested CBD products and some good reviews to go with them so they may be well worth checking out.

But don’t forget to take a look at our list of the best CBD products here first and leave a review below if you’ve tried any of the Elevate CBD products!

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