Empe USA CBD Review (2024) Here’s What We Discovered..

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Empe USA CBD Review

Empe USA CBD rewards all of their customers, new and old, with regular seasonal specials.

But are regular discounts enough to make them worth supporting?

Find out in our review!

Who Are Empe USA CBD?

  • It isn’t clear when Empe USA CBD was launched.
  • The company is based in Florida and proudly uses only hemp grown in the US, though they don’t specify where.
  • Likewise, their extraction methods are unknown.
  • However, all products are third party tested, with the quality assurance lab reports available on their website.
  • Their goal as a company is to be the online retail store of choice by offering hemp and CBD compounds in the purest of forms while also promising trust and quality to their customers.

Although the website continues to display their social media widgets, this is a company that’s clearly given up on both Facebook (account appears to be deleted) and Instagram (profile inactive since August 2019).

Instead, you can try getting ahold of them via:

  • Email – hello@empe-usa.com
  • Phone – (+1) 305 638 0795
  • Mailing Address – 2035 NW 23rd avenue | Miami 33142, Florida, USA

US customers receive free shipping on orders over $90.00.

What Products Does Empe USA CBD Sell?

The Empe USA CBD website might be short on details, but they offer a fair number of products:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Vape
  • CBD for Pets

Let’s take a quick look at what’s available in each category!


Empe USA CBD Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Starting with the Full Spectrum CBD Oil, you’ll have the option of Unflavored, Peppermint, or Orange Blossom flavors.

The Orange Blossom is only available in 3 potency options (500mg to 1,500mg of CBD per bottle), while Unflavored and Peppermint add a fourth option (2,000mg of CBD).

Depending on the potency you choose, prices range from $79.99 to $189.99 per 30ml bottle.

Collins says 2 drops of the oil gives him instant relief from his anxiety, while Reyes adds the fact it also has Vitamin C means the tincture “is like killing two birds with one stone.”

Stewart likes that it works and he’s able to carry it with him for easy access any time he needs relief:

Empe USA CBD Full Spectrum CBD Oil Customer Reviews
Empe USA CBD Hemp Seed Oil Formula

As another option, you can also get the Hemp Seed Oil Formula, available in 4 potency options (150mg to 1,000mg total CBD) at $39.99 to $99.99 per 30ml bottle.

Morales says it helped eliminate their migraine bouts, while Murphy says he uses it as a dietary supplement thanks to its essential fatty acids.

Stewart adds it’s easy to use and fast acting:

Empe USA CBD Hemp Seed Oil Formula Customer Reviews
Empe USA CBD MTC Oil Formula

As a third (and final) option, there’s also the MCT Oil Formula.

This one is only available in 3 strengths (350mg to 1,000mg total CBD), with prices ranging from $59.99 to $119.99 accordingly.

Gutierrez says he was initially reluctant to use this product, but changed his mind after he eventually gave it a go. Ortiz adds it gets him immediately feeling energized, while Morgan considers it a decent product:

Empe USA CBD MTC Oil Formula Customer Reviews

CBD Capsules

Empe USA CBD Liquid CBD Capsules

Empe USA CBD previously included a product listing for their Liquid CBD Capsules, with 15mg of Full Spectrum CBD per capsule.

At the time, they were available at $119.99 for a bottle of 60 capsules, but have since disappeared from the site.

It’s uncertain whether the product was discontinued or is simply out of stock at present. We included it in this review in case it returns.

Jalen says they’ve referred “a lot of friends” to these capsules, as he considers them a fantastic product. Malachi finds they’re all he needs to stay energized and healthy, while Hector says to try them out to see how effective they are:

Empe USA CBD Liquid CBD Capsules Customer Reviews

CBD Edibles

Empe USA CBD Edibles

One thing Empe USA CBD knows how to do is produce CBD Gummies.

They have a fairly wide range of options available: Apple Rings, Bears, Fruit Slices, Peach Rings, Penguins, Sour Packs, Sour Strips, Strawberry Rings, Worms, and Vegan Gummies.

Their Mixed Rings option was recently removed from the site.

Some of the products are available in 2 potency options (most of them 750mg and 1,500mg of CBD per container, though the Gummy Worms offer 500mg and 1,150mg of CBD instead).

Others are only available in packets with 100mg total CBD.

Prices range from $39.99 to $139.99 depending on the gummy type and potency option (where applicable).

David simply says he bought the Fruit Slices because they’re advertised as organic, while Rodriquez enjoys the 5 flavors included.

Hernandez says they’re “chewy, tasty, and refreshing” and all he needs to start his day:

Empe USA CBD Edibles Customer Reviews
Empe USA CBD Honey Sticks

Although these CBD Honey Sticks were also recently removed from the website, they were previously sold in a pack of 25 sachets with 10mg of CBD each.

It’s unknown whether the company plans to continue with this product in the future, but if so their price might once again be $69.99.

Thomas says he found them to be a good alternative to CBD oils, while Charles says he switches it up between these and the gummies. Kenneth agrees with Thomas, saying he thinks honey is the best way to administer CBD oil:

Empe USA CBD Honey Sticks Customer Reviews

CBD Topicals

Empe USA CBD Topicals

There’s only one CBD topical available, which is strange for this industry.

The CBD Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Lotion is sold in a 3.3oz tub with 250mg of CBD for $39.99.

Sergio says it gives him instant relief in his knees, where he experiences arthritis pain, while Leonardo adds it helps his grandmother with back pain. Elias says it works perfectly for cramps and muscle spasms:

Empe USA CBD Topicals Customer Reviews

CBD Vape

Empe USA CBD Vape

Empe USA CBD appears to focus mostly on CBD Shisha (for smoking with a hookah) in this category.

Their full range of shisha – Mighty Mint, Pink Lemonade, Mega Mango, Apple, and Going Grape – is still available, with 200mg of CBD per 5oz bag.

Each bag costs $49.99.

Previously, they also offered CBD Vape Cartridges in 5 flavors (Tropical Blend, Watermelon Taffy, Gorilla OG, Blue Dream, and Wild Cherry) at $29.99 each, but these were removed from the website.

Likewise, of their original range of CBD Vape Juice (Gorilla OG, Tropical, Wild Cherry, Watermelon Taffy, and Blue Dream), only the Watermelon Taffy is still available at $44.99 per bottle (350mg total CBD; quantity not specified).

As with all other products recently removed from their website, it isn’t clear whether the company plans on reintroducing the Cartridges and 4 missing Vape Juice flavors or if these products were permanently discontinued.

Before the Cartridges listing was removed, we managed to save some customer reviews for them.

Andrew says it “simply deserves” a 5 star rating, while Clarence gave the cartridge 4 stars for being easy to use. Benjamin adds back in 2018, he had to buy a second one to stop his partner from using his:

Empe USA CBD Vape Customer Reviews

CBD for Pets

Empe USA CBD For Pets

There are a few different CBD Treats for Dogs (Steak, Jerky, Pigs in a Blanket, Bones, and Meatballs) still available on the website, at $39.99 per container with 100mg of CBD.

Cats only get a Seafood Mix option, with the same potency and price tag.

Additionally, there’s a Salmon flavored CBD Tincture for Cats and a Bacon flavored one for dogs, with 150mg total CBD per bottle at $39.99.

Previously, there was also a CBD Spray for Pets (100mg of CBD per spray), but this was (once again) removed from the site.

Some confused dog owners’ left positive reviews for the CBD Tincture for Cats.

Jonah says it helped his elderly dog with her hind leg, while Emmanuel’s dog “appears calm all through the day.” Manuel says he strongly recommends the tincture to all dog lovers looking to keep their pet from being too anxious or excitable:

Empe USA CBD For Pets Customer Reviews

Empe USA CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

Empe USA CBD leaves a lot to be desired.

In addition to their website being very stingy on details, a number of their products recently disappeared without a word.

It’s worth mentioning in addition to the Buy Two Get One Free Valentine’s Day promotion, many of their remaining products are heavily discounted at the time of writing.

Is it possible the company is in the process of folding and is simply looking to sell their remaining stock first?

Your guess is as good as ours.

But considering all of the customer feedback left on their website dates back to 2018, it does seem likely.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any other user reviews elsewhere online.

It’s possible they once had some on their Facebook page, but as that seems to have been deleted, there’s no way to know what to expect from the company’s products… other than taking a risk and purchasing them.

We’d recommend checking out our list of the best CBD products here first.

And if you’ve tried any of the Empe USA CBD products then leave a review below!

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