Endourage CBD Review (2024) Here’s What We Discovered..

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Endourage CBD Review

Endourage CBD claims to be “reinventing wellness” – but is there really anything innovative about their approach to CBD?

Read our Endourage CBD review to find out!

Who Are Endourage CBD?

  • It isn’t clear when Endourage CBD launched, but the company was founded by doctors and scientists who “understand the healing properties of CBD” with more than two decades of experience under their belts.
  • Based in Colorado, it’s implied their organically cultivated, high-quality mature virgin hemp flowers are grown locally.
  • However, their extraction methods are unknown, though all product batches go through independent quality assurance testing by a third party.
  • The lab reports are only available through scanning the QR code included on the product packaging, however.
  • Their mission is to guide anyone in need with a clear and effective path to improving their quality of life via their CBD products.

While the company’s alleged innovation hasn’t made itself clear just yet, one thing certainly is clear: they don’t waste much time on social media. Although they have Facebook and Instagram accounts, both are only occasionally updated.

You can still connect with them on LinkedIn or get ahold of the company’s customer support via:

What Products Does Endourage CBD Sell?

Endourage CBD is cleverly named as a play on the Entourage Effect, which they claim to achieve with all of their products.

These are limited to CBD oils and topicals.

While far from the widest selection available, is that narrower focus a sign of higher, better dedicated quality?

Let’s take a closer look and find out!


Endourage CBD Oil

The first Endourage CBD Oil formula is the General Wellness Complete Spectrum™ Oral Mucosal Drops™.

Sold in 30ml dropper bottles with 3 potency options (300mg to 1,200mg of total CBD), the prices range from $39.95 to $129.95.

Endourage CBD Formula C Sublingual Drops

Targeted Wellness Formula C™ Sublingual Drops, on the other hand, are only sold in 1,200mg total CBD strength at $149.99 per 30ml bottle.

Endourage CBD Targeted Wellness Formula ZZZ

And finally, the third formula, Targeted Wellness Formula ZZZ™ Sublingual Drops, is designed to act as a sleep aid for those who struggle to settle down at night.

With a 1:1 ratio of CBD and CBN (300mg total of each), a 30ml bottle costs $119.99.

CBD Topicals

Endourage CBD Topicals

The CBD topicals category is slightly sparser, in that there are only 2 products available (with no potency or container size ranges).

These are the Endourage Endo Soak™ Complete Spectrum™ Bath (oil) and Endourage Deep Relief Musculoskeletal Cream™.

Each box of the Soak contains 6x 3ml vials (single use), with 50mg of CBD per vial, and costs $49.95. The Cream is sold in a 30ml tub for $99.95 and has a total potency of 600mg.

Endourage CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

Although Endourage CBD claims to be “reinventing wellness,” there doesn’t appear to be anything on offer we haven’t already seen a dozen times over.

But of course, that doesn’t mean they aren’t doing it better than others!

To find out, we search the web for user reviews – especially as the company doesn’t give customers the opportunity to leave feedback on the product pages.

We struggled more than usual. After having no luck anywhere else online, we turned to their Facebook page – and were relieved to find a handful of comments.

While none of them were negative, only two offer any useful commentary on the company’s products.

Sylvia says she’s finding her anxiety greatly reduced, allowing her to feel more comfortable in her own skin again:

Endourage CBD Customer Review

And Lauri says “it works” and is “not just another CBD product,” mentioning the third party tests (each batch reportedly has to pass 6 tests):

Endourage CBD Customer Review 2

We think that Endourage offer some nice products but we can’t find evidence they are 3rd party tested and they don’t have many reviews so for now we would recommend checking out our list of the best CBD products here first.

And if you’ve tried any of the Endourage CBD products please leave your own review below!

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