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Enecta CBD Review

Enecta assures customers “quality is not just an empty word” to them and nothing is left to chance.

To prove it, they test every extraction thoroughly — both internally and externally from certified analytical labs — to ensure the highest quality CBD.

But do they make good on their word or are they just empty promises in an overly-saturated CBD market?

Find out in our Enecta review!

Who Are Enecta?

  • Enecta was founded in 2012 by a group of Italian hemp growers, scientists, botanists, and educators striving for the same goal, to “give back to Cannabis the respect of being cultivated and sold in a fair way.”  
  • The company only uses hemp grown in Italy by farmers specifically using the strain of Cannabis Sativa L, which produces the highest concentration of CBD in a completely natural way.
  • Their hemp is grown in certified fields, without the use of pesticides or heavy metals, and is extracted in accordance with pharmaceutical standards. The company’s products are also 100% organic and OGM (GMO) free.
  • The company partners with “clinical trials, university researchers, and projects to learn more from Cannabis and undiscovered use of cannabis extracts.”
  • All their products are 3rd party tested by certified analytical labs.  

Enecta is active on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, with 1 post per day on the former and 2-4 posts per week on the latter.

They also have a LinkedIn and regularly update their blog with CBD-related content and more.

If you have questions, you can contact them by emailing wecare@enecta.com. They also offer “fast & free shipping starting from 20 euros.”

What Products Does Enecta Sell?

Enecta offers several products in the following 5 categories:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Crystals
  • CBD Cosmetic Line
  • CBD eLiquids

But don’t fill up your cart quite yet! Stick with us a bit longer while we discuss each category in more detail.


Enecta CBD Oil

The first product in this category is Enecta’s “C” Line; a line of CBD oils rich in Cannabidiol.

You can choose from 4 different concentrations — 300 mg, 1000 mg, 2400 mg (10 ml), and 2000 mg (30 ml) — with prices ranging from €21.95 to €139.95 depending on bottle size.

Customers are very happy with the “C” Line CBD Oil, saying it helps reduce anxiety, improves sleep, and offers muscle pain relief.

Customer “Fer” even uses it for their epilepsy:

Enecta CBD Oil Customer Reviews
Enecta Premium Hemp Extract

The second product in this category is the company’s Premium Hemp Extract (or just your regular CBD oil).

You can choose from 3%, 10%, and 24% potency options, with all 3 offered in 10-ml bottles and the 10% potency offered in an additional 30-ml bottle.

Prices range from €19.95 to €119.00 depending on potency.

Both Hannes and Peter were very satisfied with the Premium Hemp Extract:

Enecta Premium Hemp Extract Customer Reviews

CBD Capsules

Enecta CBD Capsules

Enecta only offers one product under their CBD Capsules category, but it’s an easy-to-use gel capsule with maximum bioavailability and Full Spectrum whole plant extract.

You can pick up a 30-count bottle featuring 33.6mg of CBD per capsule for €59.95.

Customers are equally as satisfied with this product. Barbara even uses them for her arthritic hands:

Enecta CBD Capsules Customer Reviews

CBD Crystals

Enecta CBD Crystals

The company’s CBD Crystals are an excellent way to get your daily CBD dose if the capsules and/or oil don’t do it for you.

You can simply take them orally by placing them under your tongue, add them to your favorite dish, or even use a vaporizer!

You can choose between a 0.5-g and 1-g container costing €32.95 or €59.95 respectively.

Although they don’t say much, customer “mon” does say the CBD Crystals are “best in class”:

Enecta CBD Crystals Customer Reviews

CBD Cosmetic Line

Enecta CBD Cosmetic Line

There are a variety of CBD Cosmetic products available: Anti-Aging Cream, Body Lotion, Moisturizing Cream, Face and Neck Cleanser, and Lip Balm.

Prices range from €7.95 to €54.95 depending on the product.

Eva says she can feel and see her skin getting better after using the CBD Cosmetic products:

Enecta CBD Cosmetic Line Customer Reviews

CBD eLiquids

Enecta CBD eLiquids

In our final category, Enecta offers 3 different CBD eLiquid formulas in peach, cannabis, and tobacco flavors — keep in mind these contain no nicotine despite the tobacco flavor option!

Peach and tobacco are available in 200-mg bottles priced at €19.95 each, while cannabis offers 50-mg, 200-mg, and 400-mg bottle options.

Customer “Joachim” says:

Enecta CBD eLiquids Customer Reviews

Enecta Reviews — What Are People Saying?

We were pleasantly surprised to find 1,062 reviews for Enecta on Trustpilot, some of which we shared above.

Overall, the company scores 4.7/5 stars.

One of the negative reviews says they “sell water in a small bottle”, implying the CBD Oil doesn’t work for them:

Enecta Customer Review

Another user, “Alessla”, gives the company 3/5 stars, saying the 24% Hemp is overpriced and doesn’t work:

Enecta Customer Review 2

Overall, however, customers are quick to praise them.

Gluseppe says their friend recommended the oil for stress and anxiety — and they’re feeling better every day!

Enecta Customer Review 3

Other customers praise Enecta for their great customer service, effective products, and fast shipping:

Enecta Customer Review 4
Enecta Customer Review 5
Enecta Customer Review 6

With a great selection of 3rd party tested products and over a thousand reviews we would recommend checking out Enecta for your next batch of CBD.

Or you can checkout our list of the best CBD products here first to make an informed buying decision.

And if you’ve tried any of the Enecta CBD products then don’t forget to leave your review below!

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