Evo Hemp CBD Review (2024) Welcome To The Future?

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Evo Hemp Review

Evo Hemp says Welcome to the future of wellness. We invite you to join us in the uprising.

But are their CBD plant-based supplements and superfoods really the evolution they promise to be?

Find out all about it in our Evo Hemp review!

About Evo Hemp

  • Evo Hemp was launched by Ari Sherman and Jourdan Samel in 2011, making them one of the very first hemp-based companies. This means Evo Hemp truly has been one of the pioneers in the industry.
  • Both founders were recognized as members of the Forbes “30 Under 30” alumni in 2017 and are considered “uniquely positioned to elevate the CBD industry.”
  • All of their hemp is sourced from single-origin family farms in Colorado, using clean and sustainable growing and harvesting methods.
  • Their products are sent for independent, third-party Quality Assurance tests.
  • Evo Hemp uses Full Spectrum CBD extract, but they make sure the THC levels are always at 0.03% or lower.
  • While based in Colorado, Evo Hemp ships to all 50 US states as well as Puerto Rico. They’re also working on introducing international shipping.
  • Evo Hemp describes their core values as “the driving force behind the culture change we’re committed to making – personally, socially, and environmentally.”

Evo Hemp is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You can contact Evo Hemp or find out more information via their:

  • Live Chat
  • Email: customerservice@evohemp.com
  • Phone: 800 764 0523

What Products Do Evo Hemp Sell?

Evo Hemp offers a massive shop section, but their products can easily be separated into a few manageable categories:

  • CBD and Hemp Edibles
  • Softgel Capsules
  • CBD Tincture
  • CBD Body Care

Let’s take a quick look at each category!

CBD and Hemp Edibles

There are 6 products in this category, though some offer a few different options.

Evo Hemp CBD and Hemp Edibles

The Hemp Gummies are a delicious Raspberry Lemonade flavor and have 10mg Full Spectrum CBD per gummy.

There are 30 gummies in each container, which costs $39.99.

Evo Hemp Protein Bars

These Hemp Protein Bars with CBD are made with hemp seeds, cashew butter, and Full Spectrum hemp extracts (15mg per bar).

You can grab them in one of three flavors: Mocha Chip, Brownie Chip, or Cookie Dough.

Each box has 12 individually wrapped bars and costs $48.99.

Mohini says the CBD cookie dough bar is the best protein bar he’s ever had, meanwhile Kristen loves the bars and says they’re a delicious snack!

Evo Hemp Protein Bars reviews
Evo Hemp Hearts+

Hemp Hearts+ CBD is a small bag of shelled hemp seeds for an energy boost. They also help your body naturally fight against inflammation.

Evo Hemp points out they’re a great alternative for pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, or flax seeds and can be used in the same way.

A serving costs $17.99 and is nutrient-rich with protein and Omegas 3 & 6.

Customers are very enthusiastic about the Hemp Hearts+ CBD, saying the versatility and high-quality makes it a great product.

Evo Hemp Hearts+ Reviews
Evo Hemp Other Food Products

Last up, we have 3 “other” hemp food products.

The Protein Plus Standard and Hemp90 Hemp Protein powders give you 15g to 27g of hemp-based proteins per serving and cost $29.99 to $39.99.

Meanwhile, Hempseed Oil Plus CBD is perfect as a salad dressing when combined with olive oil or it can be added to smoothies.

Each bottle costs $24.99.

Softgel Capsules

Evo Hemp Softgel Capsules

Evo Hemp’s CBD Softgels come in two potency variations:

  • 15mg Full Strength Capsules for $45.99
  • 25mg Extra Strength Capsules for $59.99

You can also buy them in 4 packs for bulk discounts!

Customers, like Anita, Erin, and Megan, say these products helped with muscle stiffness, sleeping, and intestinal inflammation!

Evo Hemp Softgel Capsules Reviews

CBD Tincture

Evo Hemp CBD Tincture

The CBD Tincture is available in 3 potency variations:

  • 250mg CBD Daily Strength for $24.99
  • 500mg CBD Full Strength for $39.99
  • 1,500mg CBD Extra Strength for $89.99

David says he used the tinctures to relieve inflammation and joint pain after a car accident and again after a severe sports injury.

Katie also finds they helps her sleep better, while Laura says they do everything from relieving pain and anxiety to also helping her sleep better!

Evo Hemp CBD Tincture Reviews

CBD Body Care

Evo Hemp CBD Body Care

Last but not least, Evo Hemp offers 4 topical products in their body care range.

The CBD Cream, Salve, Lip Balm, and Roll On all have lavender, sage, and menthol, as well as Full Spectrum Hemp extract.

Prices range from $9.99 to $49.99.

Evo Hemp Reviews – What Are People Saying?

The user reviews on Evo Hemp’s site are almost all positive. However, when we look at their Facebook reviews, we find a few complaints.

Both Jody and Barbara complained about their customer service experiences. They also complained about the waiting times for receiving orders, with Barbara claiming hers were being sent to the wrong address:

Evo Hemp User Review 1
Evo Hemp User Review 2

But Shami points out that while she was having experiences similar to Barbara’s, Evo Hemp was able to quickly resolve the issue:

Evo Hemp User Review 3

Meanwhile, Laura says her order arrived a day earlier than expected:

Evo Hemp User Review 4

And Samantha, Blair, and Danene all agree Evo Hemp offers products they absolutely love and recommend for their taste and effectiveness:

Evo Hemp User Review 5
Evo Hemp User Review 6
Evo Hemp User Review 7

Overall, we’re impressed by Evo Hemps line of CBD products and although there’s a few unhappy customers the majority are overwhelmingly positive.

If you’ve purchased from Evo Hemp then don’t forget to leave your review below!

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