Frogsong Farm CBD Review (2024) Here’s What We Discovered..

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Frogsong Farm CBD Review

Frogsong Farm CBD says, “It’s time you got the relief you deserve!”

But are they able to provide that relief?

Find out in our Frogsong Farm CBD review!

Who Are Frogsong Farm CBD?

  • Frogsong Farm CBD was launched in 2016.
  • The company is named after the Organic certified hemp farm near Woodburn, Oregon, run by the founding members, Chuck Adams and Connie Coston.
  • They claim to be the first vertically integrated CBD company to receive B Corporation Certification.
  • All CBD is extracted at the farm itself, though the extraction methods aren’t specified.
  • Their mission statement promises handcrafted hemp products made from the finest all-natural ingredients.

The family-run company dedicates time to engaging with their audience through daily Facebook and Instagram posts.

You can contact them via:

They also offer free shipping on all orders over $50.

What Products Does Frogsong Farm CBD Sell?

Frogsong Farm CBD sells a few select products (made in small batches) in the following categories:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Topicals

As you can see, there’s not much to sort through! Let’s have a closer look.


Frongsong Farm CBD Oil

The Frogsong Farm CBD Tincture Drops come in 1oz and 2oz dropper bottles, with 300mg and 600mg of Full Spectrum CBD respectively.

Depending on the size, a bottle costs $30.00 and $54.00 each.

Katherine says she finds the CBD Drops effective for helping her sleep, as well as for alleviating anxiety when need-be. As it’s olive oil-based, she says it took a couple tries to get used to the taste, but it becomes unnoticeable very quickly!

Meanwhile, Mike says of all the CBD products he tried over the years, this one works best for helping him sleep while dealing with injuries he received in the military:

Frongsong Farm CBD Oil Customer Reviews
Frogsong Farm CBD Oil Plus

The CBD Tincture Drops Plus offer a stronger potency, with 750mg and 1,500mg Full Spectrum CBD per bottle.

Depending on the bottle size (1oz and 2oz), prices are $60.00 and $105.00.

Natalie says she’s glad her sister recommended the brand to her. She struggles with anxiety and finds the oil works best for her. And the company’s ethics are a major bonus she felt worth mentioning too!

Lucy says she’s been using them for about a year too. She often struggles with waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to fall asleep again. However, thanks to CBD Drops Plus, she’s able to quickly get back to sleep:

Frogsong Farm CBD Oil Plus Customer Reviews

CBD Capsules

Frogsong Farm CBD Capsules

While Frogsong Farm CBD doesn’t seem to have a regular potency to match the first CBD Drops product, they do have their CBD Powder Capsules Plus.

Each capsule has 25mg of Full Spectrum CBD.

Bottles with 30 capsules cost $74.00 each, while 60-count bottles cost $124.00.

Conner finds these a great option more convenient for him to take than the CBD Drops Plus. JW seconds that opinion, and adds he also sprinkles half a capsule over his dog’s food every day – and his furry friend also prefers the powder over the oil!

Frogsong Farm CBD Capsules Customer Reviews

CBD Topicals

Frogsong Farm CBD Topicals

Frogsong Farm CBD offers 4 products in this category: Body Balm, Body Balm Ultra, Rubbit 250, and Rubbit 500.

The body balms are a CBD Aloe Gel, with both versions available in 1oz and 2oz tubs. Depending on the tub size, total Full Spectrum CBD ranges from 250mg to 1,000mg per container.

Rubbit is a CBD Topical Salve, which also comes in 1oz and 2oz tubs. Their potency range is also the same as the Body Balm’s, with 250mg to 500mg per 1oz.

Prices in this category range from $40.00 to $80.00, depending on potency and container size.

Rubbit 500 seems to be the most popular topical product. Katherine (who also reviewed the CBD Drops) says she finds it perfect for dealing with discomfort in her back and knees from walking a lot.

Stephen adds it’s the only product he found to relieve his arthritis pains in the knuckles of his hands and feet:

Frogsong Farm CBD Topicals Customer Reviews

Frogsong Farm CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

It’s always great to find customer reviews on a company’s product page. But we also prefer to look elsewhere for more feedback!

The only other place we could find customer reviews for Frogsong Farm CBD was on their Facebook page. Based on the 25 comments we found there, the company has a 5/5 star user-rating, with no negative feedback at all.

Debbie says the Rubbit salves (both versions) are the best at delivering fast acting relief for pain caused by arthritis and cartilage deterioration:

Frogsong Farm CBD Customer Review

Penny has fibromyalgia and says both the Rubbit salve and the CBD Drops provide the best pain relief for her:

Frogsong Farm CBD Customer Review 2

Sherry calls the Rubbit 50 her “salvation on many occasions,” as she often sleeps in awkward positions and wakes up with a bad headache and neck pain. After using a little of the salve, the pain is gone within 20 minutes:

Frogsong Farm CBD Customer Review 3

Margarita says she finds the company “to be head and shoulders above every other CBD vendor” and appreciates their commitment to full spectrum, organic products.

 She’s tried all of their products already, starting with the Rubbit, which she found to help improve her skin quality, reduce pain, and aid her body in healing from abrasions.

Not only that, but she praises Frogsong Farm CBD’s “consistent attentiveness to customer feedback” and high values:

Frogsong Farm CBD Customer Review 4

Meanwhile, Giedrius was struggling with back stiffness and pain for several weeks and found nothing was helping. However, after just 3 days with one of their rubs, he found both issues were already reduced to a minimum:

Frogsong Farm CBD Customer Review 5

And Liat is a martial artist, so she tends to get lots of bruises.

A friend let her use some of the balm, which caused the pain to disappear within an hour – and by the next day, the bruising was gone. She’s since become a loyal customer and says it’s also great for relieving sore muscles and dry skin issues:

Frogsong Farm CBD Customer Review 6

Frogsong Farm sell a nice range of CBD products but we couldn’t find evidence that they are 3rd party tested so proceed with caution.

They do have some positive reviews on Facebook though.

We would recommend checking out our list of the best CBD products here first.

And if you’ve tried any of the Frogsong Farm CBD products then please leave your review below!

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