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Green Garden Gold Review

Green Garden Gold aims to set a high standard for CBD products. The company’s grown astronomically fast, boasting an international clientele and a reputation for using only the highest-quality ingredients in their 32 products.

Is Green Garden Gold the CBD company for you? Read my review to find out!

Who Are Green Garden Gold?

  • Green Garden Gold was started by Justin Barrick in 2014 and quickly grew into one of the biggest US brands offering more than 30 premium CBD products. Their mission statement is “to provide only the finest hemp oil possible.”
  • All Green Garden Gold products are made with CO2 CBD extraction from high-quality, organically grown Colorado hemp. Only the best cultivars are used which means no harmful pesticides or herbicides.
  • Manufacturing is done in FDA-registered, GMP-certified facilities. Green Garden Gold CBD products are then independently tested for quality assurance by third-parties; the results are available on their website for total transparency.
  • There’s less than 0.3% THC in their products, making them safe and legal worldwide.
  • Even though Green Garden Gold is Colorado-based, they serve thousands of happy customers in the US and across the globe.
  • There doesn’t seem to be any shipping regulations, though Green Garden Gold reserves the right to limit sales on a case-by-case basis.
  • Dedicated to developing new products based on the most up-to-date scientific research and customer feedback, Green Garden Gold is currently the only CBD company offering vegan-friendly fitness powder blends suitable for a keto diet
  • They claim to have “the highest customer retention rate in the industry” thanks to their high customer service standards.

Green Garden Gold is usually very active on social media. Though their Twitter page hasn’t been updated since the national shutdown started, they continue to post daily on Instagram and almost every day on Facebook.

You can contact Green Garden Gold:

  • By phone: 1-800-803-0167 (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm CST)
  • Via their contact form

Free shipping is available for all orders of $100 or more. Green Garden Gold also offers a nationwide Wholesale Program for the US with a 30-day buyback guarantee.

Do They Have A Rewards Program?

Gren Garden Gold Rewards Program
Gren Garden Gold Rewards Program 2

Yes, Green Garden Gold offers a great Rewards Program, allowing you to earn points you can exchange for discounts:

  • 500 points = $5 discount
  • 1000 points = $15 discount
  • 1500 points = $25 discount

You’ll earn 200 points just for creating a free Green Garden Gold account. They also give out points on your birthday, for leaving a comment or review, placing an order, and sharing Green Garden Gold on social media.

You can also subscribe to a product for regular delivery, giving you 30% off the first order and 15% off all remaining orders until you end the subscription.

What Products Does Green Garden Gold Sell?

Although Green Garden Gold started out selling only CBD hemp oils, they now sell a wide variety of products to meet every need:

  • CBD Oils
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD for Fitness
  • CBD for Pets
  • CBD Crystalline Isolate

CBD Oils

Gren Garden Gold CBD Oils Products

Green Garden Gold offers 3 CBD oil products:

  • PRIME™ Advanced Care CBD Oil (VG Blended)
  • MED PAC™ CBD Oil (MCT Coconut Blended)
  • Real Terpene: CBD Tinctures

PRIME™ Advanced Care:

Gren Garden Gold Prime CBD Oils

Prime is available in 5 flavors (Original, Blueberry, Mango, Strawberry, and Lemonade) and in 4 different sizes (from 200mg to 1500mg).

The price ranges from $29.99 to $99.99, with bigger savings on the larger bottles.


Gren Garden Gold Med Pac CBD Oils

Med Pac is available in 5 flavors (Original, Lemonade, Berry, Chocolate Mint, and Orange) and in 4 different sizes (from 450mg to 6000mg).

The price ranges from $54.99 to $149.99.

Real Terpene:

Gren Garden Gold Real Terpene CBD Oils

The Real Terpene CBD tinctures come in 3 different versions:

  • CALM-U Indica Terpenes ($69.99 for 500mg)
  • FOCUS Sativa Terpenes ($69.99 for 500mg)
  • STRESS LESS Hybrid Terpenes ($69.99 for 500mg)

CBD Capsules

Gren Garden Gold CBD Capsules Products

Green Garden Gold offers 4 CBD capsules products.

  • The Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Softgel Capsules come in 2 versions: 900mg (30 capsules for $62.99) and 1800mg (60 capsules for $99.99). Both are dietary supplements with MCT coconut oil.
  • CBD Night Repair™ capsules contain 100mg of CBD per capsule and Valerian Root extract. When taken an hour before bed each night, they’ll help you sleep better. Each bottle has 30 capsules and costs $139.99.
  • Green Garden Gold also offers a CBD Panidiol™ Joint Formula, which contains Glucosamine to combat inflammation and relieve joint pain. Each bottle has 60 capsules and costs $69.99.

CBD Topicals

Gren Garden Gold CBD Topicals Products

Green Garden Gold offers 6 CBD topicals:

  • 150mg HumanoFlow™ CBD Salve with coconut oils ($29.99, net weight 2 oz/60 g)
  • 1000mg HumanoFlow™ CBD Salve with coconut oils ($39.99, net weight 2 oz/60 g)
  • PolarX™ CBD-Infused Analgesic Gel ($29.99, net weight 3 oz/85 ml)
  • PolarX™ CBD-Infused Spray ($29.99, net weight 4 oz/118 ml)
  • PolarX™ CBD Patch with 4% Lidocaine ($59.99 for 4 patches, up to 48 hours extended wear per patch)
  • Smoooth™ CBD Facial Serum ($89.99, 1 Fl. oz/30 ml, 300mg CBD hemp extract)

CBD Edibles

Gren Garden Gold CBD Edibles

Green Garden Gold offers 5 CBD edibles:

  • CBD Yummy Gummies 24 Pack (15mg per gummy bear, $24.99)
  • CBD Yummy Gummies 2 Pack (30mg per gummy bear, $9.99 – your choice of Mixed Berry or Sour Apple flavor)
  • CBD Gum (8x 10mg cool mint flavored CBD gum pieces at $29.99)
  • CBD Wildflower Honey ($29.99, 200mg CBD, net weight 12 oz/340g)
  • CBD Gourmet Chocolates ($29.99, 20mg CBD per 18x pieces)

CBD for Fitness

Gren Garden Gold CBD For Fitness

When it comes to CBD for Fitness products, Green Garden Gold offers some industry firsts:

  • CBD Probiotic+ offers “the most effective concentration (10 Billion CFUs) of 7 unique probiotic strains” ($39.99 for 30 vegan-friendly, keto-based capsules)
  • CBD Ketones+ offers the only CBD infused keto-based fitness powder for weight control and comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors ($89.99, net weight 15.32 oz/429g or 30 servings)
  • CBD MCT Powder+ offers a keto- and vegan-friendly high-intensity workout powder ($49.99, net weight 10.71 oz/300g or 30 servings)

CBD for Pets

Gren Garden Gold CBD For Pets

Humans aren’t the only happy Green Garden Gold customers! You’ll find 6 pet products on their site:

  • Doggy Be Good™ CBD Soft Chew Treats have 2mg hemp-extract per treat and come in a tasty beef flavor ($29.99 for a bag of 40 treats)
  • Doggy Be Good™ CBD Soft Chew Treats Joint Formula will help relieve your furry friend’s stiff, achy joints with 2mg CBD per beef-flavored treat ($39.99 for a bag of 40 treats)
  • Doggy Be Good™ CBD Oil Treats are made with organic whole wheat flours and 2mg CBD per treat ($34.99 for a jar of 70 treats)
  • Doggy Be Good™ CBD Oil Treats Gluten Free are the perfect peanut butter-based treat for your gluten free pup ($39.99 for a jar or 70 treats, 2mg CBD per treat)
  • Doggy Be Good™ CBD Oil is the perfect way to help your best friend relax ($29.99, 6mg CBD oil per serving, 30 servings total)
  • Kitty Be Good™ CBD Oil is made with organic salmon oil to help keep your feline friend happy and healthy ($29.99, 4mg CBD oil per serving, 60 servings total)

Pure CBD Crystalline Isolate

Gren Garden Gold CBD Crystalline Isolate

CBD isolate is a pure, crystalline powder that typically contains 99% pure CBD hemp extract. You can basically use it in any way you wish to get a potent dosage of CBD.

Holding some of this tasteless, odorless powder under your tongue for about 60 seconds is the most effective way to absorb all of that CBD goodness directly into your bloodstream.

But you can also use it to make your own CBD oils or give your homemade smoothies a CBD boost!

Green Garden Gold’s Pure CBD Crystalline Isolate is “the purest on the market” at 99.99% pure:

  • 0.5 Gram (500mg) – $44.99
  • 1 Gram – $79.99
  • 2 Grams – $139.99

Green Garden Gold Reviews — What Are People Saying?

Gren Garden Gold Trustpilot Rating

Green Garden Gold has 433 reviews on TrustPilot, with a 4.7/5 TrustScore and 82% Excellent rating.

So it’s clear Green Garden Gold customers are more than happy with the company and their CBD products.

Most of the reviews are very recent and come from verified reviewers, meaning they’re confirmed Green Garden Gold customers invited to leave a review.

Customers are praising Green Garden Gold for their excellent service, timely delivery speed, and the effectiveness of their high-quality CBD products in helping with arthritis, pain relief, and doggy woes:

Gren Garden Gold Review 1
Gren Garden Gold Review 2
Gren Garden Gold Review 3

Have you bought any of the Green Garden Gold CBD products?

Good or bad we’d love to hear about your experience as a Green Garden Gold customer so please leave your review below and let us know how it went!

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