HealthSmart CBD Review (2024) Here’s What We Discovered..

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HealthSmart CBD Review

HealthSmart CBD offers CBD products made better with terpenes.

But are added terpenes enough to make their products worth the purchase?

Find out in our HealthSmart CBD review!

Who Are HealthSmart CBD?

  • HealthSmart CBD was launched in 2017.
  • Although the company specifies they only use industrial hemp, nothing is known about where the hemp is grown or what extraction methods are used.
  • It’s also unclear as to whether the company uses Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum hemp extracts, as they claim both as the only option depending on whether you look at their Homepage or About Us section.
  • Nevertheless, third-party lab results from product testing are available on their website for better transparency in quality assurance.
  • Their mission is offering a pure, natural product featuring only the best ingredients for consistent and reliable results.

While the company once had an active YouTube channel and Twitter account, both were abandoned more than 2 years ago. Similarly, their blog was dropped in 2019. However, they remain inconsistently active on Facebook and Instagram.

You can still get in touch with them via:

US customers receive free standard shipping on orders of $59 or more, though this amount is before taxes are applied.

What Products Does HealthSmart CBD Sell?

Just what products does HealthSmart CBD claim to have made better through terpenes infusion?

Here’s a quick reference list:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Vape
  • CBD Flower

Let’s take a look at them in more detail!


HealthSmart CBD Oil

Surprisingly, HealthSmart CBD only offers one CBD Tincture.

However, it’s available in 4 potency options (250mg to 1,500mg of total CBD) and your choice of Peppermint or Cinnamon flavor.

Depending on the potency, a 30ml dropper bottle will cost $29.00 to $49.00 each.

CBD Capsules

HealthSmart CBD Capsules

There’s a slightly wider variety available when it comes to the CBD capsules, starting with EcoCaps. Each capsule contains 30mg of Active CBD, with 30 capsules to a container at $39.95.

HealthSmart CBD EcoCaps

For those who prefer softgels, the EcoGels Hemp Extract is an option as well. Also only available in containers of 30, these offer 25mg of CBD per capsule at $49.95.

CBD Edibles

HealthSmart CBD Gummies

A CBD brand always feels somewhat incomplete without at least one CBD gummy option.

Luckily, HealthSmart CBD made sure to meet that minimum requirement with their CBD Gummy Squares.

With 25mg of CBD per gummy (flavors unspecified), a bottle of 20 gummies costs $24.00.

CBD Topicals

HealthSmart CBD Topicals

There are 3 CBD topicals to choose from, including a Salve, Releaf Cream, and Releaf Balm.

The Cream and Balm both have 300mg of total CBD at $16.00 each, while the salve is available in 2oz and 4oz containers.

Prices for the salve range from $49.95 to $79.95 accordingly.

CBD Vape

HealthSmart CBD Vape

HealthSmart CBD offers 2 products for vapers: the CBD Vape Pen Starter Kit at $49.95 and their CBD Vape Cartridges, ranging from $24.00 to $49.95.

The Vape Cartridges are also available in 5 flavor blends: Focus, Calm, Relax, Mango, and Juicy Fruit.

CBD Flower

HealthSmart CBD Flower

If you prefer to roll your own hemp joints instead, you can choose between 5 CBD Hemp Flower strains: Special Sauce, Sour Candy, Lifter, Suver Haze, Bubba Kush.

All strains are available in 1/4oz and 1/8oz options, with prices ranging from $20.00 to $30.00 accordingly.

HealthSmart CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

One area we’d like to see HealthSmart CBD improve on is in adding an option for customers to leave feedback on their product pages.

This is one of the best ways for CBD companies to add a measure of transparency to their websites, as it allows new customers to more easily understand what to expect as a user!

As it is, if you’re looking to hear from real users, you’re limited to the company’s Facebook page.

This is the only place we were able to find any customer reviews – and there were only 3 of them.

One only left a 5-star review, but the other 2 customers added comments to theirs.

Becky says she finds HealthSmart to offer the best CBD products, while Ashley says the salve offers real pain relief:

HealthSmart CBD Customer Review
HealthSmart CBD Customer Review 2

Overall, it looks like HealthSmart CBD sell have a nice selection of 3rd party tested CBD products but there’s not many reviews for them online yet.

They could be worth checking out but we would recommend taking a look at our list of the best CBD products here first.

And if you’ve tried any of the HealthSmart CBD products then please leave your review below!

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