Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics CBD Review (2024) Here’s What We Discovered..

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Hemp Daddys Therapeutics CBD Review

Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics CBD invites runners to enjoy less pain and more trails.

Of course, you don’t need to be a runner (or hiker) to use their products!

Find out if they’re worth the purchase in our Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics CBD review.

Who Are Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics CBD?

  • Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics CBD launched in 2018.
  • The company is based in Texas, though they partner with a family owned farm in Longmont, Colorado to source their USDA Organic Hemp.
  • Their extraction method is unknown, but their products are tested by third party labs. The Certificates of Analysis are available on their website.
  • Almost all products use Full Spectrum hemp extracts, which include the trace amounts of THC that allow for better effectiveness.
  • Their goal is to provide consistency and quality so customers won’t find a better CBD product on the market.

The company doesn’t shy away from having a relatively active social media presence.

While they only post new videos to their YouTube every few months and occasionally update their Twitter and blog, their Facebook and Instagram both enjoy 1 to 2 weekly posts.

You can also reach out to them via:

  • Email – support@hempdaddys.com
  • Phone – (+1) 940 252 4146
  • Mailing Address – 13501 Ranch Rd 12 #104 Ste. I | Wimberley, TX 78676

Customers in the US enjoy free USPS shipping on all orders, regardless of total amount spent. The company also ships to the UK.

What Products Does Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics CBD Sell?

As mentioned above, almost all of Hemp Daddy’s products are Full Spectrum. One of the following categories, however, offers their only Broad Spectrum products:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Vape

Can’t guess which one? Don’t worry – we go into more detail below!


Hemp Daddys Therapeutics CBD Oil

Hemp Daddy’s Hemp Extract/Organic CBD Oil offers 2 flavor options: Mint or Flavorless.

You also have the option of choosing between 4 potencies, ranging from 10mg to 40mg of Full Spectrum CBD per 1ml.

These strengths are all available in both 30ml and 60ml dropper bottles, with prices ranging from $49.99 to $189.99 accordingly.

Liz says she’s been sleeping great with reduced episodes of anxiety in the 3 months she’s been using the oil. She also adds it has a great flavor to match its effectiveness.

Bruce is still busy experimenting with finding the right dosage for him, but says it’s as advertised and he’ll be ordering again.

An anonymous (but still verified) customer adds they enjoy the fast delivery and good quality:

Hemp Daddys Therapeutics CBD Oil Customer Reviews
Hemp Daddys Therapeutics CBD Water Soluble

Want to add CBD to your water bottle when you head out for a run?

As we all know, oil and water don’t mix so well – but that’s exactly what the Organic Water Soluble Hemp Extract is for!

With 20mg of Full Spectrum CBD per 1ml dose, a 30ml bottle costs $84.99.

Tamara adds it to her morning beverage and says it does the trick before a long run, while Joel finds it being water soluble makes it much easier to use than the oil.

Meanwhile, Jacob says after buying 5 bottles, he can truly say he’s having extremely good success with this product.

He primarily uses it as a sleep aid, saying the quality of sleep he gets as a result is “exceptional” and helps his day be the same:

Hemp Daddys Therapeutics CBD Water Soluble Customer Reviews

CBD Capsules

Hemp Daddys Therapeutics CBD Capsules

With 20mg of Full Spectrum CBD per capsule, the Organic Hemp Extract CBD Softgels are designed to offer a range of benefits.

You can start off with a bottle of 30 softgels for $59.99 – but if the customer reviews are right, you’ll want to take advantage of the savings by buying a bottle of 60 for $99.99 next.

As for what those reviews are, Mary starts off by saying the capsules help her sleep better while also reducing her anxiety levels.

Daniel also finds he’s sleeping better at night, though he primarily takes his softgel every morning to help with his chronic shoulder pain.

Beth, on the other hand, tried a lot of CBD brands, but keeps coming back to these capsules any time she tries something else.

No other product compared and she felt she was just throwing her money away – as she’d only give them a few days before switching back to Hemp Daddy!

Hemp Daddys Therapeutics CBD Capsules Customer Reviews

CBD Topicals

Hemp Daddys Therapeutics CBD Topicals

Hemp Daddy understands that depending on your activity (or pain) levels, you might need more or less CBD at a time.

This is why their Transdermal CBD Pain Cream is available in 2 potency options: 600mg and 900mg of Full Spectrum CBD per 30ml bottle.

For added convenience, the bottles feature a metered pump. This way, you always get either 10mg or 15mg (depending on potency ordered) per pump action.

The Extra Strength costs $49.99 per bottle, while the Advanced Strength is $114.99.

Sonia says she’s definitely going to be a return customer, as she’s very grateful for the effective pain relief the cream affords her. Stephen adds the company also offers great service – “hands down the best in the market.”

Pete says compared to other CBD lotions he used in the past, he can tell the difference. Not only does it absorb better and offer “systemic effects” based on how much of it you apply, it also works better than the others.

Plus it comes with great customer service:

Hemp Daddys Therapeutics CBD Topicals Customer Reviews

CBD Vape

Hemp Daddys Therapeutics CBD Vape

You guessed it – this is the category that only offers Broad Spectrum products!

Hemp Daddy only sells Vape Cartridges, which are used with certain kinds of vape pens. Still, you can choose to get one of those pens (or “batteries”) with your first cartridge.

The cartridges themselves are available in 3 strains: Cherry Pie Indica, Clementine Sativa, and OG Kush Hybrid.

Indica strains are generally more relaxing, while sativa is more energizing, and hybrid strains offer the best of both.

Another way the Vape Cartridges differ from the company’s other products is they’re made with hemp grown in Oregon, rather than on the Colorado farm they partner with for everything else.

Each cartridge contains “400+mg” of CBD (lab report for current batch says 409mg) and costs $69.99. Adding the “battery” pumps the price up to $79.99.

Thomas says he tried many other CBD vape pens but finds this to be the absolute best on the market, with a great taste and high quality, while an anonymous user says a couple puffs perks them up for the day:

Hemp Daddys Therapeutics CBD Vape Customer Reviews

Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics CBD, like many of its American competitors (if only it were all of them!), understands the importance of allowing customers to leave feedback on their product pages.

When doing so, it adds another layer of transparency to the CBD company, making them look more trustworthy.

This is because new customers can easily get feedback from real users on what to expect without needing to look elsewhere at the same time!

We, on the other hand, would be remiss not to look elsewhere nonetheless.

After all, the more feedback we can get – especially from sites where the company can’t influence what is and isn’t shown – the more rounded your expectations will be as our readers.

Unfortunately, the only other place we found reviews was on their Facebook page.

It’s always great to find reviews no matter where they are, but Facebook does allow page owners to delete reviews they don’t like.

We’ll give Hemp Daddy the benefit of the doubt!

Both of the reviews we found on their Facebook page are positive, giving them a 5/5 star user-rating.

Noah appreciates them offering what he considers the “highest quality product available” with friendly and knowledgeable customer service to match:

Hemp Daddys Therapeutics CBD Customer Review

Ben agrees the products and service quality are great!

He uses the Organic Hemp Extract CBD Softgels to help him get a better night’s sleep and finds they also help reduce inflammation from running.

One of his orders was delayed, as the capsules quickly went out of stock.

However, he received a personal email from one of the company’s owners to explain the situation and apologize for the inconvenience, so he remains a happy customer!

Hemp Daddys Therapeutics CBD Customer Review 2

Overall, we think that Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics offer a nice selection of CBD products and could definitely be worth checking out.

Don’t forget to checkout our list of the best CBD products here first.

And if you’ve tried any of their products please leave your review below!

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