HempMeds CBD Review (2024) Is It Worth It?

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HempMeds CBD Review

HempMeds mission is to help develop a healthier and happier world by supplying high-quality hemp CBD oil to anyone who wants or needs it!

Of course, you might be wondering if HempMeds is the right fit for you – and we’re here to help you find out.

Take a gander at this HempMeds review for the details!  

Who Are HempMeds?

  • HempMeds was established in 2012 as the first company to offer hemp-derived CBD oil and other cannabinoids to the US and “much of the world.” As a result, the company helped over 300 million people discover the benefits of CBD.
  • They’re unique to the industry in they’ve presented to the United Nations, World Health Organization, and FDA under the core mission of giving cannabinoid access to everyone.
  • HempMeds is also the first CBD Company to offer CBD oil products to three Latin American countries: Brazil, Mexico, and Paraguay.
  • The company sources their products from Europe, using the CO2 extraction method, and triple lab tests via independent laboratories.
  • They were the first CBD Company to feature in the Prescriber’s Digital Reference and were among the first to be certified by the US Hemp Authority. Their products are also Non-GMO and contain no herbicides or pesticides.
  • All of their products contain 0.3% THC or less, making them legal in all 50 US states and territories.
  • Their slogan appears to be, “Your Trusted CBD Source.”

HempMeds is somewhat active on their Facebook, with 1 post per week.

However, this is because they’re more devoted to their Instagram, where they share 4-6 posts per week.

They also have a LinkedIn and an inactive Twitter account with no new posts since May.

Meanwhile, the HempMeds blog is filled with useful articles sanctioned off into four sections: CBD Education, CBD for Business, Company News, and Product Guides.

You can contact HempMeds via:

  • Live Chat  
  • Email: info@hempmeds.com
  • Phone: 866 273 8502
  • Mailing address: 632 N 2000 W Ste 105, Lindon, UT 84042

HempMeds offers gift cards, along with a subscription option where customers can save 15% with a monthly subscription instead of making a onetime purchase.

They also offer exclusive discounts to veterans.

As mentioned above, HempMeds is US Hemp Authority Certified:

HempMeds US Hemp Authority Certificate

What Products Do HempMeds Sell?

HempMeds Products

HempMeds offers a broad selection of products in the following 8 categories:

  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Oil Concentrations
  • CBD Vape Oil
  • CBD Isolates
  • Hemp for Pets
  • CBD Body Care

There are variations of most products, differing in strength, size, and flavor.

Let’s hop into each category and discuss their contents in more detail.

CBD Capsules

HempMeds CBD Capsules

Speaking of variations, there are 3 for this product: Gold Label (decarboxylated and filtered CBD hemp oil), Green Label (raw CBD hemp oil), and Blue Label (with decarboxylated CBD hemp oil).

All packages have 30 capsules, with 25mg of CBD per capsule, though the Blue Label variation is also offered in a 60 count package.

Prices start at $98.99 for the Green Label and reach up to $108.99 and $118.99 (respectively) for the Blue and Gold Labels.

If you follow a vegan lifestyle, you’ll be happy to know these products are all natural, minimally processed, and vegan!

Jim says the capsules are very pure and effective! He uses them daily and recommended the product to his family and patients:

HempMeds CBD Capsules Customer Review
HempMeds Sleep Support CBD Capsules

If you’re a troubled sleeper, you might instead opt for the Sleep Support CBD Capsules, which come with 30 capsules for $59.99.

These capsules are designed to support sleep and are made with full-spectrum CBD Oil, with 15mg of CBD per capsule. They also contain Chamomile, L-Tryptophan, Passionflower, and Melatonin for that extra sleepy experience.

Customers love the Sleep Support CBD Capsules! Stephanie says it’s the best sleep she’s ever had and “Marinaguy” calls it a miracle product:

HempMeds Sleep Support CBD Capsules Customer Reviews
HempMeds Immune Support CBD Capsules

Of course, with currents of Covid-19 threatening the world, you might want an option centered on strengthening your immune system!

If so, look no further than the Immune Support CBD Capsules, which are formulated to promote a balanced immune system and are made with full-spectrum CBD Oil, Turmeric Root, and Black Pepper.

You can pick up a 30 count pack for $59.99, with one capsule holding 25mg of CBD.

Katie says she LOVES the Immune Support capsules, as they help her stay calm, productive, and healthy. “Marinaguy” also reviewed this product, saying it keeps him feeling healthy and his immune system working well:

HempMeds Immune Support CBD Capsules Customer Reviews
HempMeds Digestive Support CBD Capsules

Last in this category, we have the Digestive Support CBD Capsules – the perfect choice for anyone struggling with their digestive system!

Even if you’re not having digestive issues, you might still opt for this product, as it’s designed to naturally promote healthy digestion.

These capsules are made with full-spectrum CBD Oil (15mg of CBD per capsule), Peppermint, Vitamin E, and Digestive Enzymes.

You can pick up a 30 count package for $59.99.

Customers are especially pleased with this product; Jami says they’re finally able to go out and have meals with people without rushing to the toilet:

HempMeds Digestive Support CBD Capsules Customer Reviews

CBD Edibles

HempMeds CBD Edibles

HempMeds only offers one product in their CBD Edibles category: CBD Energy Chews.

This product is especially useful if you’re short on energy, as there’s 100mg of Caffeine per chew! They’re sour apple flavored and infused with CBD Isolate.

Customers can pick up a package of 30 chews for $49.99.

Paul says the chews are perfect for pre-workout and Gail agrees, though she says it’d be nice if they offered more flavors:

HempMeds CBD Edibles Customer Reviews

CBD Tinctures

HempMeds CBD Tinctures

There are a variety of products in this category.

The CBD Tinctures come in Gold, Blue, and Green Label variations that range from $55.19 (sale price) to $84.99. All variations contain 500mg of CBD.

The 4 Isolate Liquids also come in Gold, Blue, and Green Label variations, but include an additional RSHO-X option. These vary from 1000mg of CBD to 5000mg and cost between $99.99 and $289.99.

Finally, there are 3 Dew Drops CBD Oil Tinctures, which come in Vanilla, Tangerine, and Strawberry flavors. These contain either 250mg of CBD or 500mg and cost $29.99 for a 1oz bottle and $59.99 for a 2oz bottle.

Customers are satisfied with HempMeds’ CBD Tinctures, saying they taste good and are relaxing and high-quality:

HempMeds CBD Tinctures Customer Reviews

CBD for Pets

HempMeds CBD for Pets

HempMeds offers 4 products for your furry friends: Joint Health Soft Chews, Everyday Comfort Soft Chews, Seasonal & Environmental Soft Chews, and Soft Baked Cat Chews.

The first 3 products can be used for cats and dogs, though the last product is only for cats. Prices range from $15.39 (sale price) to $21.99.

Andre was very happy with his purchase, saying the product really works:

HempMeds CBD for Pets Customer Review

CBD Body Care

HempMeds CBD Body Care

HempMeds also offers a selection of (5) products for the “beauty buffs” – Body Lotion, Body Wash, Salve, Sunscreen, and Roll On!

Strengths range from 20mg of CBD to 500mg, with prices starting at $19.99 and reaching up to $49.99.

CBD Vape Oil

HempMeds CBD Vape Oil

For all the Vapers out there, HempMeds hasn’t left you out!

While there’s only one product in this category – CBD Vape Liquid – HempMeds’ offers the product in 3 flavors: Blackberry Lemonade, Sour Watermelon, and Vanilla Caramel.

A 30mL bottle is priced at $99.99 and comes with 1000mg of CBD. This product is also made with natural CBD Isolate, is Non-GMO, and will work with most liquid-compatible vaporizers.

CBD Oil Concentrates

HempMeds CBD Oil Concentrates

There’s an assortment of options under this category, starting with the RSHO Gold, Green, and Blue Labels, which are offered in 2 strength options at multiple package sizes.

The RSHO Special Blend and Max Strength are also offered in multiple package sizes.

Depending on the package size you opt for, these products can cost as low as $68.99 or as high as $1,949.99. 

Fortunately, they appear to work! Customers are very satisfied, even saying they’re great for sleeping:

HempMeds HempMeds CBD Oil Concentrates Customer Reviews

HempMeds Reviews – What Are People Saying?

In addition to website reviews, we were also able to find verified user reviews for HempMeds on their Facebook page.

Based on 21 reviews, the company scores 4/5 stars.

There were a few negative reviews, with Melissa saying she received the wrong product multiple times:

HempMeds Customer Review

Renate and Michael also had bad experiences, citing terrible customer service and products that don’t work:

HempMeds Customer Review 2
HempMeds Customer Review 3

However, the majority of reviews were positive. Jennifer and Jeremy were especially pleased, praising HempMeds’ customer service and product effectiveness:

HempMeds Customer Review 4
HempMeds Customer Review 5

Louis even uses the Blue RSHO to help with his wife’s chemo treatments, saying they helped give her energy and appetite back:

HempMeds Customer Review 6

So should you give HempMeds a shot?

So long as you’re ok with spending a few extra dollars, you’re likely to be pleased. With strong reviews across the board, we’re confident in HempMed’s ability to satisfy their customers’ needs, whether it be for sleep, anxiety, or their pets’ needs.

Before you make that purchase, we suggest giving our best rated CBD products a look first.

You might be surprised at what you find!

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