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HempWorx CBD Review

HempWorx CBD assures customers their products contain the cleanest CBD Earth can offer.

 Of course, that’s an easy claim to make.

But do they back it up with evidence?

Find out in our HempWorx CBD review if they’re worth the purchase!

Who Are HempWorx CBD?

  • Jenna Zwagil founded HempWorx CBD in 2017 after discovering the life-changing benefits of pure, natural CBD oil made from consciously grown hemp. Today, the company stands as a CBD brand trusted by 800,000 customers. This is great, as Jenna’s mission involves sharing the unique benefits of pure CBD oil with anyone who needs it.
  • The company only sources hemp from American farms and uses the CO2 extraction process. Their products contain no GMOs, synthetics, or fillers.
  • All of their products are 3rd party tested.

HempWorx CBD is very active on Facebook and Instagram with multiple posts per week, though their Twitter has taken a backseat with no new posts since October 2019.

They also have a LinkedIn.

You can contact them through:

  • Email: support@mydailychoice.com
  • US Phone: +1 888 877 5436
  • CA Phone: +1 705 995 1601
  • UK Phone: +44 808 164 7974
  • Address: 8840 West Russell Road, Suite 245 | Las Vegas, NV 89148
  • FAQ

What Products Does HempWorx CBD Sell?

HempWorx CBD sells products in the following categories:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Facial Masks
  • CBD Bath Bombs
  • CBD for Pets

If you like variety, you’re probably filling with excitement at the sight of all these categories! Let’s take a look at each one in more detail.


HempWorx CBD Oil

Speaking of variety, if you prefer an assortment of options, this Full Spectrum CBD Oil is right up your alley!

You can choose between 7 flavors: Natural, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Strawberry Guava, Watermelon Mint, Lemon Lime, and Orange Sunshine.

You can also purchase potencies as low as 500mg or as high as 1500mg of CBD per 30ml bottle, with prices falling between €80.10 and €179.10.

HempWorx THC Free CBD Oil

If you prefer a completely THC-free experience, you might opt for this Broad Spectrum CBD Oil instead!

The flavors and potencies are the same and the prices still fall between €80.10 and €179.10 depending on which potency you choose.

CBD Capsules

HempWorx CBD Capsules

HempWorx CBD’s Capsules come in 4 formulas of +Vitality, +Coffeeberry, +Curcumin, and +Melatonin – with the +Melatonin containing an added dose of melatonin for improved sleep.

All 4 formulas include 25mg of CBD per capsule and are priced at €80.10.

CBD Edibles

HempWorx CBD Gummies

For those who prefer CBD in tasty gummy form, these CBD Gummies are the perfect product for you!

Each 45 count container is priced at €80.10 and features assorted flavors of Lemon, Orange, and Grape. You’ll also get 10mg of CBD per gummy.

HempWorx CBD Coffee

Or perhaps you like your CBD with a boost of caffeine, in which case this CBD Coffee is exactly what you need in your life!

Made with Arabica beans, the coffee is keto-friendly and contains 5mg of CBD per cup. You can pick up a package of 30 servings for €80.10.

CBD Topicals

HempWorx CBD Topicals

HempWorx CBD offers 3 products in their CBD Topicals category: Daily Moisturizing Cream, Cooling Topical Cream, and Restorative Night Cream.

All 3 are priced at €80.10.

CBD Hair and Body Care

HempWorx CBD Hair and Body Care

If you pay special attention to your hair and body routine, you’ll especially love these products: Original Hair Care Shampoo, Deep Hydration Shampoo, Hand & Body Lotion, and Pure Glow Hair Serum.

Prices fall between €32.85 and €68.85 depending on which product you choose.

CBD Facial Masks

HempWorx CBD Facial Masks

There’s only 1 product in this category, but the CBD Facial Masks are definitely a unique addition – especially if you enjoy a relaxing CBD experience!

One mask is €8.99 and contains 25mg of Broad Spectrum CBD.

CBD Bath Bombs

HempWorx CBD Bath Bombs

Speaking of relaxing – you can take your relaxing CBD experience to the tub with these CBD Bath Bombs!

A 6-pack is priced at €55.35 and includes 30mg of CBD per bath bomb and “6 enchanting scents.”

CBD for Pets

HempWorx CBD For Pets

In the final category, HempWorx CBD saves room for fur babies via their line of CBD products for pets!

If you opt for the Pet Oil, your fur baby will get 5mg of CBD per serving via a bacon-flavored tincture.

Meanwhile, the beef-flavored Pet Treats contain 2.5mg of CBD per serving and are “oven-baked to perfection.”

Both products cost €41.10.

HempWorx CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

HempWorx CBD only had 1 review on Trustpilot, though we also found a variety of comments on cbdoilreview.org.

The Trustpilot review by Joe rates the company 5/5 stars. He says HW provides the best overall value when compared to other CBD companies:

HempWorx CBD Customer Review

Unfortunately, on cbdoilreview.org, a couple comments were of the negative variety.

For example, Leann says she tried up to 1500mg of the oil and felt nothing. She also tried the pet oil and treats for her dogs with no results:

HempWorx CBD Customer Review 2

Barbara also had a less than satisfactory experience, though it could’ve had nothing to do with HempWorx CBD, as it involved an irritated throat:

HempWorx CBD Customer Review 3

Bob, on the other hand, praises the Full Spectrum Oil for helping him sleep deeper, remember more dreams, and wake up refreshed:

HempWorx CBD Customer Review 4

And Joanna uses the HempWorx pet products for her dog’s anxiety with great results:

HempWorx CBD Customer Review 5

HempWorx sell a very nice line of CBD products that are all 3rd party tested and although we couldn’t find that many reviews the ones we found were positive so we would recommend checking them out.

And why not take a look at our list of the best CBD products here first to make an informed buyers decision.

And if you’ve tried any of the HempWorx products then don’t forget to leave your review below!

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