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Hope CBD Review

Hope CBD prides itself on the fact their customers love their products, displaying some of their feedback prominently on their homepage.

But will you also love their products?

Read our review and find out – we’ll include the good and the bad!

Who Are Hope CBD?

  • Hope CBD launched in 2017.
  • The company is based in Hamilton, just outside of Glasgow, Scotland, and imports their organic-certified hemp from Europe.
  • They use the supercritical C02 extraction method.
  • All products are third party tested. You can find the lab reports on their website.
  • Their mission is to provide access to safe, lab tested CBD products while also enhancing awareness of Cannabis and its many benefits. By doing this, they hope to provide confidence for customers purchasing their products.

The company is rarely active on Facebook and Instagram, with only the occasional update. Meanwhile, their CBD blog hasn’t seen a new post since July 2020.

You can still connect with them on LinkedIn or get in touch via:

  • Email – info@hopecbd.com
  • Phone – (+44) 8000 886 509
  • Mailing Address – HopeCBD Stadium, Cadzow Avenue | Hamilton, ML3 0FT

Customers in the UK enjoy free next day delivery on all orders over £30.

What Products Does Hope CBD Sell?

Proudly claiming to provide the “best CBD Oil in Scotland since 2017,” Hope CBD offers more than just oil:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Vape

Let’s take a quick look at them all!


Hope CBD Oil

At £29.99 per 20ml dropper bottle, with a 300mg total CBD potency, the Full Spectrum Extract is one of Hope CBD’s original products and marketed as perfect for new users.

It’s naturally flavored, but the base oils (sunflower and rapeseed blend) will help smooth it out.

Hope CBD Raw Hemp Oil

Alternatively, you can also get the RAW Hemp Oil, available in 10ml bottles and your choice of potency: 1,000mg or 2,000mg total Full Spectrum CBD at £49.99 and £89.99 respectively.

Hope CBD Advantage Plus CBD Oil

If you’re not a fan of hemp’s natural earthy/nutty taste, you might prefer the Advantage Plus Peppermint Flavored CBD Oil instead.

It comes in a weaker potency, with only 400mg total Broad Spectrum CBD per 10ml bottle, and costs £34.95.

Hope CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

The company also offers 20ml CBD Spray bottles for those who don’t want to fiddle with droppers. You’ll get 125 sprays out of each bottle, with a total of 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD, for £36.50.

After 6 months, Rosa can honestly say it changed her life. It helped more than any pharmaceutical medication in improving her mental health and overcoming suicidal thoughts:

Hope CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Customer Review

CBD Capsules

Hope CBD Capsules

For better convenience, you can also choose the Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gel Capsules. These are sold in bottles of 20, with 10mg of CBD per individual softgel, at £19.99.

They’re hidden away in the CBD Oils category on the website, so be sure to look there if you’re interested in this product!

CBD Edibles

Hope CBD Edibles

No CBD company based in the UK would consider their product range complete without tea!

Hope CBD offers 3 options: Evening Blend, Morning Blend, and Assam Blend. The first 2 blends contain 20mg of CBD per teabag, while the Black Turmeric Assam Blend doesn’t contain any hemp extracts.

Each packet contains 20 teabags for £9.99, though the Assam Blend is regularly available at a discounted price of £4.20.

Hope CBD Candy

If you have a sweet tooth, the CBD Candy will be perfect for you.

With 5mg of CBD per individually wrapped honey-based candy, a bag of 10 costs £9.99 while 30 costs £24.99.

Hope CBD Cubes

Alternatively, try the new CBD Cubes, sold in 5 packs with 4 flavors: Raspberry, Lemon & Lime, Mango, and Strawberry.

Each cube has 10mg of CBD, with a pouch of 5 gum pieces costing £5.00.

CBD Topicals

Hope CBD Topicals

Hope CBD also offers 4 CBD topicals: Ointment, Lip Balm, Day Moisturizer, and Night Moisturizer.

The Ointment is sold in 30ml tubs with 3% potency, while the Balm offers 10mg of CBD in total (size not specified). Both Moisturizers are sold in 200g tubs with 250mg of CBD total.

Prices range from £9.99 to £24.99 depending on which product you go for.

CBD Vape

Hope CBD Vape

The final product category covers Hope CBD’s E-Liquid range for vaping. There are 4 flavors to choose from: Menthol, Blueberry, Strawberry, and Super Lemon Haze.

These 20ml bottles contain 1,000mg of CBD in total for £39.99.

Hope CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

Although only one customer left feedback directly on their website, we applaud Hope CBD for giving users the option!

We find it boosts their trust rating and transparency, as it gives new customers an easy way to understand what to expect.

But the company boasts their customers love them, so we went searching for the reviews to prove it – and the good news is they’re being quite honest!

We found 508 customer reviews online, with an average user-rating of 4.8/5 stars!

Of course, there were some negatives comments as well. Caroline, for example, had a bad experience with their customer service, saying she expected better and ended up moving on:

Hope CBD Customer Review

Lynn’s was also a poor experience, as she received the wrong order and was charged for it in full. She claims she was “spoken to like a fool” after asking why she was sent Hemp Oil instead of CBD Oil:

Hope CBD Customer Review 2

But a 4.8/5 star average doesn’t happen without an overwhelming majority of feedback being 5-star positive!

Dawn says she loves both CBD tea blends – especially the Evening Blend, which helps her unwind and have a great night’s sleep.

She also appreciates the personalized, handwritten compliments slip she gets with every purchase:

Hope CBD Customer Review 3

Mary doesn’t know what Caroline and Lynn are talking about – she found the company’s customer service to be “beyond excellent!”

She always found them very helpful and courteous when she spoke to them over the phone and appreciates their exemplary knowledge of the products they sell:

Hope CBD Customer Review 4

Reec also had a very positive experience with their customer support, saying the gentleman he spoke with via live chat helped him find the perfect CBD oil to help with his really bad anxiety and depression.

Not only did he receive his order the very next day, but he found a free bottle was included! Thanks to these oils, he’s feeling like a new man with a fresh lease on life:

Hope CBD Customer Review 5

Erin also describes Hope CBD as always having excellent service quality – and products to match. She finds their tea blends delicious while also giving her complete pain relief:

Hope CBD Customer Review 6

With a nice selection of 3rd party tested products and some positive reviews, we think that Hope CBD are definitely worth a try.

Don’t forget to take a look at our list of the best CBD products here.

And if you’ve tried any of their products then please leave a review below!

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