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Juju Royal CBD Review

Juju Royal says that greatness comes from passion and according to them, there’s no CBD company more passionate!

But passion isn’t always enough to provide a robust product line.

Find out in our Juju Royal review if they’re actually worth the purchase!

Who Are Juju Royal?

  • Juju Royal was founded in 2014 by Julian Marley, who set out to showcase the peaceful, tranquil powers of CBD.
  • All of their hemp is sourced from US multi-generational farmers who practice sustainable farming methods and organic farming practices.
  • They use only the most refined extractions, pure terpenes, and highest quality ingredients in all of their products.
  • Their “cloning program” ensures the continued advancement of their natural genetic strains via safe and regulated products.
  • All of their products are 3rd party tested.

Juju Royal stays in touch with customers via their social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can also show your appreciation for the company by purchasing their apparel!

You can contact them through:

What Products Does Juju Royal Sell?

Juju Royal sells products in the following categories:

  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Topicals

Their selection of CBD Edibles is especially appealing, so let’s go ahead and discuss each category in more detail!

CBD Edibles

Juju Royal CBD Gummies

The CBD Royal Gummies definitely look appetizing – and depending on which formula you choose, you’ll get a variety of flavors!

The first formula, Exotic, offers Watermelon Jalapeno and Habanero Mango flavors. The second formula, Tropical, has Mango, Watermelon, Guava, and Pineapple flavors.

You’ll get 25mg of CBD per gummy with prices ranging from $11.99 to $49.99 depending on which package size and formula you choose.

Customers are especially pleased with the Tropical formula, with Earnest and Meredith complimenting the taste of the gummies and Jamie enjoying how quickly they kick in:

Juju Royal CBD Gummies Customer Reviews
Juju Royal CBD Ginger Honey

Juju Royal’s CBD Ginger Honey is raw, unfiltered, and 100% pure wildflower honey with Ginger Extract.

It comes in a 6.5floz jar featuring 250mg of CBD. You can pick it up for $24.99.

Juju Royal CBD Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A slightly unique addition, the CBD Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a great way to get your daily dose of CBD via cooking!

Juju Royal suggests the serving size of 2 tablespoons, which contains 30mg of CBD.

A 237ml bottle will set you back $29.99 – but customers seem to think it’s worth the purchase!

Cynthia says she absolutely loves the Rosemary Olive Oil and its flavor. Sean agrees and is excited to order more, while Matt purchased the Olive Oil for his mother who uses it to help with her arthritis:

Juju Royal CBD Extra Virgin Olive Oil Customer Reviews

CBD Tinctures

Juju Royal CBD Tinctures

Juju Royal’s CBD Tinctures come in Mango, Mint, and Pineapple flavors and feature 50mg of CBD per serving.

They’re also easy to dose thanks to their graduated dropper!

A 30ml bottle will cost you $89.99, though Bret doesn’t seem to mind the price. He enjoys the light taste and convenience of the tincture, along with its effectiveness at helping him fall asleep and stay asleep.

Josh is of a similar mind and highly recommends the product:

Juju Royal CBD Tinctures Customer Reviews

CBD Topicals

Juju Royal CBD Topicals

In the final category, customers have 3 products to choose from: Soothing Lip Balm, Comfort Salve, and Nano Repair Cream.

Prices start at $6.99 and reach up to $44.99.

And user “ssalvago” loves the Lip Balm:

Juju Royal CBD Topicals Customer Reviews

Juju Royal Reviews – What Are People Saying?

In addition to the reviews on their website, we were also able to find 1 review for Juju Royal on Trustpilot.

Shawn gives the company 5/5 stars, saying he purchased some of their products at a music festival. He was pleasantly surprised to find the company offers the first relief he’s found in CBD products:

Juju Royal Customer Review

Juju Royal has a nice selection of 3rd party tested CBD products and some positive reviews to go with them.

Don’t forget to checkout our list of the best CBD products here and if you’ve tried any of the Juju Royal products then please leave your review below!

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