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Kannaway CBD Review

Fueled by nature, crafted with care, and founded on the pillars of education, collaboration, and hope – that’s the Kannaway CBD way!

But setting aside all of those eye-catching buzzwords, is there any merit to their claims?

Join us for the answers in our Kannaway CBD review!

Who Are Kannaway CBD?

  • Kannaway CBD launched in 2009 as the first publicly traded cannabis company in the United States.
  • Although their headquarters are based in California (shipping facilities in Utah) and they’re a member of the US Hemp Authority, their ingredients are sourced from the “horticultural leader” in Europe (this includes their hemp).
  • Their extraction methods are unknown, but all product batches are put through independent, third party testing, with the Certificates of Analysis available on the company’s website.
  • They have the belief that, as a CBD company, they’re responsible in helping educate as many people as possible about the vital role cannabis plays in our bodies and overall well-being.

The company doesn’t rely purely on their resellers to spread the word.

Instead, they remain very active on social media with up to 4 daily posts on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

On top of that, they continue to upload as many as 4 videos per week on YouTube while simultaneously adding regular updates to their CBD blog.

You can also connect with them on LinkedIn or get in touch via:

  • Live Chat
  • Email – support@kannaway.com
  • Phone – (+1) 858 500 3144
  • Shipping Address for Returns in the US – Kannaway Returns, 632 N 2000 W, Suite 105 | Lindon, UT 84042-1798

Regular customers enjoy a 30-day returns policy for first-time purchases on any product (unopened). Resellers, or “Brand Ambassadors,” enjoy the same benefit with a few extra conditions.

Additionally, as an MLM (multi-level marketing) company, they don’t have a rewards program for regular customers.

However, anyone can become a reseller and earn rewards based on their ability to market and sell their products in their own store and/or on their own online platform.

What Products Does Kannaway CBD Sell?

Refusing to compromise on quality, Kannaway CBD nevertheless isn’t shy of quantity and sells products in the following categories:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Oral Applicators (High Potency Hemp Oil)
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Nutrition
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Skincare

Let’s take a look at the products available in each one!

Editor’s Note: the company also offers CBD and CBG products. However, we’ll be focusing purely on those with CBD as the primary hemp extract in this review.


Kannaway CBD Pure Gold CBD Oil

First up, we have the Kannaway CBD Pure Gold CBD Oil.

Suitable for sublingual (under the tongue) use as well as adding to your favorite beverages, it’s available in 2 potency options: 250mg and 1,500mg total Broad Spectrum CBD per bottle.

Depending on which dosage strength you prefer, prices are $37.50 and $194.99 respectively.

While the 250mg version comes in a 30ml dropper bottle, the 1,500mg potency is sold in a 120ml pour bottle with directions to use 3/4 of a tablespoon up to twice daily.

Kannaway CBD Pure CBD Liquid

The second option is their Pure CBD Liquid.

Similar to the Pure Gold CBD Oil, the tincture is available in 2 bottle sizes: 30ml dropper bottles and a 120ml pour bottle.

There are 3 potency options in total, with the 30ml dropper bottles available in 500mg and 2,500mg total CBD Isolate, and the 120ml bottle in 1,500mg total CBD Isolate.

Depending on which of the 3 variants you choose, prices range from $63.70 to $115.70.

Kannaway CBD Premium Hemp Oil

Premium Hemp Oil is made with a Full Spectrum blend of raw and decarboxylated hemp oils with a MCT coconut oil base.

These are only sold in the 120ml pour bottles, offering 1,500mg total CBD, for $194.99 each.

CBD Oral Applicators

Kannaway CBD Oral Applicators

Kannaway CBD’s Enriched Hemp Oil Oral Applicators are sold in 3 formulas: Green (1,500mg total CBD), Blue (2,250mg total CBD), and Gold (3,600mg total CBD).

These products are pure decarboxylated hemp extracts, which means they act as a highly purified Full Spectrum concentration and do contain traceable levels of THC (within the legal limit of <0.3%).

They do not include any additives, such a base oil or added terpenes.

A tube of the Enriched Hemp Oil costs $227.98 to $479.98 each, depending on the potency formula you choose.

Kannaway CBD Premium Hemp Oil Applicators

The Premium Hemp Oil Oral Applicator takes things an extra step further by combining the decarboxylated hemp oils with raw, Full Spectrum CBD oil. This product line only includes 2 formulas: Regular (1,500mg total CBD) and Gold (3,600mg total CBD).

A tube of the regular Premium Hemp Oil Oral Applicator costs $225.99 each, while the Gold potency formula costs $440.99 per tube.

CBD Capsules

Kannaway CBD Capsules

For those who prefer capsules to oils, Kannaway CBD offers 3 versions.

The Pure CBD Capsules are the gel capsule version of the oil tincture by the same name, as is the second version, the Pure Gold Soft Gels.

As a third option, you have the Premium Hemp Oil Capsules, which offer an additional 200mg of calcium (compared to the first 2).

All 3 variants are sold in bottles of 30, with 25mg of CBD per capsule. Prices range from $107.99 to $119.99, with the Pure Gold Soft Gels being the most expensive.

CBD Edibles

Kannaway CBD Energy Chews

Kannaway CBD eschews the usual CBD gummy by offering their Sour Apple CBD Energy Chews instead.

Marketed as a healthier alternative to flavored coffee beverages and energy drinks, the chews contain 5mg of CBD plus 100mg of caffeine and B vitamins each.

These are sold in a jar of 30 for $35.99.

Kannaway CBD Mints

The company also offers the second most popular type of CBD edibles – CBD Mints. With 5mg of CBD per mint, these cost $35.94 for a tin of 30.

Kannaway CBD Coffee

If you still prefer enjoying your morning cup of coffee or a relaxing cup of tea, then you can get the best of both worlds with these CBD beverages.

The Red Rooibos Herbal Tea is made with the South African tea variety (often directly translated as “Red Bush Tea”) and infused with 10mg per single serving cup.

For coffee drinkers, there’s the French Roast, made with premium Arabica beans “expertly batch-roasted by a 5th Generation Roast Master” and infused with 10mg of CBD per single serving cup.

Both beverage options are sold in boxes of 24 single servings for $71.99.

CBD Nutrition

Kannaway CBD Nutrition

As a separate category, Kannaway CBD also offers a range of CBD Nutrition products designed to act as dietary supplements while also delivering a dose of CBD.

These products are the Core Protein Vanilla Creme Brulee and Core Protein Chocolate Mousse shake formulas, Spark Energy and Metabolism Booster Capsules, Boost Immune Support Capsules, and SuperGreens.

Sold individually, their prices range from $65.00 to $93.49.

However, they’re also available in different bundles: Core Shake Duo ($162.49), Evolve Smartship Core Chocolate Mousse (with Spark and Boost, $198.84), and Evolve Smartship Core Vanilla Creme Brulee (with Spark and Boost, $198.84).

Kannaway CBD Evolve 8 Week Pack

There’s also the Evolve 8 Week Pack.

This includes a pack of each Core Protein shake mix, 2 bottles of the Boost capsules, 1 of the Spark capsules, a bottle of 2,500mg Pure CBD Liquid, a Kannaway Shaker Bottle, Kannaway Tape Measure, Tracking Sheet, and Evolve Booklet.

Designed to allow new Brand Ambassadors to start on the path toward establishing a successful business as a Kannaway CBD reseller, the pack is nevertheless available to all interested customers for $454.00.

CBD Topicals

Kannaway CBD Topicals

Although it looks similar to the Pure CBD Liquid, this is not an oral tincture!

Instead, it’s the same CBD Isolate and MCT coconut oil blend as the tincture, but formulated for topical application only.

While Kannaway CBD previously listed a 30ml dropper version with 500mg total CBD, their website currently only includes the 120ml pour bottle with 1,500mg total CBD.

It’s unclear whether the smaller option was discontinued or is temporarily out of stock.

If out of stock at the time of writing, you can expect a 30ml bottle to cost $69.99 once it returns. Otherwise, you’re left with the 120ml bottles at $102.70 each.

Kannaway CBD Salve

The only other topical product available is the Kannaway CBD Salve.

Primarily sold in a 1.3oz tub with 500mg total CBD, the salve also includes a proprietary blend of East Asian botanicals to bring nourishing moisture to all skin types.

The 1.3oz tub costs $50.69 each, but you can also opt to buy smaller travel sized tubs (exact size not specified). These are available in packs of 10 for $39.00 and packs of 50 for $188.49.

CBD Skincare

Kannaway CBD Skincare

Listed separately from the topical oil and salve, Kannaway CBD also offers a fairly extensive range of CBD skincare products.

These are the Burdock & Hemp Cleanser, Licorice & Hemp Exfoliator, Green Tea & Hemp Perfecting Mask, White Peony & Hemp Serum, and Ginseng & Hemp Moisturizer.

All 5 products are also available in a Defined Beauty Bundle for $156.25, or individually with prices ranging from $35.00 to $42.00 each.

Kannaway CBD Hair and Body Care

The company also recently launched a new range to extend this category – their branded CBD Hair and Body Care products.

These are the Rebalancing Shampoo, Purifying Conditioner, Rejuvenating Body Wash, and Replenishing Body Lotion.

Bought individually, these products cost $17.99 each, or $19.99 for the Body Lotion.

You can also get the Hair Care Duo bundle for $37.99, Body Care Duo bundle for $39.99, or the Body & Hair Bundle for $79.99.

However, we noticed these bundles are more expensive than buying each product individually.

Kannaway CBD Kannactiv Kit

Last but not least is the Kannactiv 3-Step Kit, with an Active Exfoliator, Balance Toner, and Clarify Moisturizer. A box of these products costs $110.00.

Kannaway CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

Kannaway CBD is very clearly a company that focuses on giving people what they’re looking for – even if it isn’t always clear what makes 1 formula different from another.

One thing they don’t seem to consider is the importance of allowing customers to leave feedback on their website. This can make a huge difference in letting new and interested parties see whether it’s worth splurging.

While the company isn’t shy of charging for their promised quality, it doesn’t seem to sit well with everyone. When we went looking for user reviews, the only ones we could find (in English) were on their Facebook page.

This is where Kevino voiced his frustrations by describing their Pure Gold Liquid as an extremely overpriced product with “very low active ingredient content.”

He appears to be representing Arge Canna, the “primary advocacy organization for medical cannabis patients in Austria,” and says the non-profit explicitly discourages the purchase of the oil:

Kannaway CBD Customer Reviews

Annie’s phrasing isn’t as clear, but her overall message certainly is: “Don’t waste your time or money with this company!”

She complains of unfriendly customer service and website functionality, adding the additional complaint that their products are very expensive and don’t have any effect.

To end, she accuses them of being a money-oriented system designed to take unfair advantage of the MLM business practice:

Kannaway CBD Customer Reviews 2

However, not all of the 219 user reviews share the same opinion of the company. In fact, they still managed to score 4.6/5 stars on average!

Andi describes them as being family oriented, with quality products and a corporate support system for Brand Ambassadors that rivals all others.

She especially appreciates the benefits of the opportunity being balanced with a low minimum starting capital requirement:

Kannaway CBD Customer Reviews 3

Virginia, on the other hand, is a regular customer rather than a reseller, and is no less enthusiastic about the company.

She says their products made a huge difference in improving her quality of life by relieving her Lupus symptoms:

Kannaway CBD Customer Reviews 4

And Natacha also considers their products to be fabulous, saying it’s a huge relief in how they help her son:

Kannaway CBD Customer Reviews 5

We think that Kannaway offer a nice selection of CBD products and they have some positive reviews too so they could definitely be worth a try!

Don’t forget to take a look at our list of the best CBD products here first.

And if you’ve tried any of the Kannaway products then please leave your review below!

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