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Kats Naturals CBD Review

Kat’s Naturals CBD sells an “array of premium CBD products,” as their homepage is quick to assure you.

But is that assurance genuine?

Find out the answers in our Kat’s Naturals CBD review!

Who Are Kat’s Naturals CBD?

  • Kat’s Naturals CBD launched in 2017 by Kat Merryfield, an accomplished herbalist and nutritionist with a decade of experience in crafting natural farm-to-home products.
  • Based in Tennessee, the company uses American grown organic hemp together with sustainably sourced essential oils.
  • All products go through independent quality assurance testing by a third party. The results are available on their website, with some exceptions.
  • However, their extraction methods are entirely unknown.
  • Their goal is to make a positive impact around the world using their restorative CBD products designed to nourish the mind and body.
  • If you become a fan of the company, you can also purchase merchandise to show your support!

They ensure their Facebook page and Instagram account are both updated daily, though their YouTube channel has been dead for several months.

You can still connect with them on LinkedIn, check out their regularly updated CBD blog, or get ahold of the company’s customer support via:

  • Email – info@katsnaturals.com
  • Phone – (+1) 888 499 7880
  • Mailing Address – PO Box 442 | Dunlap, TN 37327

Additionally, US Veterans and those on Disability Income can apply for a discount coupon.

What Products Does Kat’s Naturals CBD Sell?

Kat’s Naturals CBD sells a relatively extensive product range that includes:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Vape
  • CBD for Pets

Let’s take a closer look to see exactly what’s on offer!


Kats Naturals CBD Oil

Balance CBD is a Full Spectrum “Ultra Concentrated” formula available in 3 bottle sizes: 5ml, 15ml, and 30ml. All 3 offer the same potency, which works out to 750mg of total CBD in the 30ml bottle (25mg per 1ml).

Depending on the bottle size, prices range from $25.00 to $59.99.

Katherine says it’s “specifically good for anxiety,” adding that it also helps with her general wellbeing and keeping her blood sugar in check.

Carolyn, meanwhile, considers it the best and uses it daily, while Heather appreciates the use of peppermint oil as a base:

Kats Naturals CBD Oil Customer Reviews
Kats Naturals CBD Restore CBD Oil

Full Spectrum Restore is much the same, with the only tangible difference being its potency: 1,500mg of CBD per 30ml bottle.

Again, the same strength is available in 5ml and 15ml bottles as well, with prices ranging from $35.00 to $99.99.

Tina says she’s noticing a big difference in her health and overall state of being after using the oil, which Kenneth describes as a “great product.”

Timothy adds that it helps keep his pain away:

Kats Naturals CBD Restore CBD Oil Customer Reviews
Kats Naturals CBD Kats Craft Collection CBD Oil

Kat’s Craft Collection is a Limited Edition oil made from “the Tennessee-1 Hemp strain.”

Sold in a 120ml bottle with 2,000mg of total CBD, it’s a much lower dose at only 16.67mg per 1ml serving.

While stocks last, a bottle costs $188.00.

Heather claims to feel amazing, which is a “huge difference” since she started using the tincture:

Kats Naturals CBD Kats Craft Collection CBD Oil Customer Reviews
Kats Naturals CBD THC Free CBD Oil Range

For those with THC sensitivity or a job that doesn’t appreciate the trace amounts of THC found in CBD products, Kat’s Naturals CBD also offers a THC Free range.

The Heal formula appears to be the THC free version of the Restore option above, offering the same 50mg per 1ml potency at $35.00 to $99.99 (depending on bottle size: 5ml, 15ml, and 30ml.)

Relax is another low-potency offering, with 10mg of CBD per 1ml.

Rather than the use of peppermint oil as a base, this one uses “wild orange and hops essential oil.” 5ml, 15ml, and 30ml bottles cost $18.00 to $45.99 each.

The third formula is the Naked-Hypoallergenic CBD Sublingual, a THC and peppermint oil free version of the Restore and Relax formulas.

Also sold in 5ml, 15ml, and 30ml bottles with the same potency (50mg per 1ml), this one carries the same price tag of $35.00 to $99.99.

Heal seems to be the more popular of the 3, which CHS says is reasonably priced. Ken adds he won’t use anything else, while Kimberly finds it leaves her “calm and comfortable”:

Kats Naturals CBD THC Free CBD Oil Range Customer Reviews
Kats Naturals CBD Metabolize CBD Oil

Finally, there’s also a Metabolize CBD & CBG 1:1 Oil. As always, this is available in 3 bottle sizes: 5ml, 15ml, and 30ml.

As the 30ml bottle advertises a potency of 500mg total CBD and 500mg CBG, the dosage strength for all 3 sizes is 16.67mg of each compound per 1ml.

This time, prices range from $20.00 to $99.99.

Steven considers it a “good product,” which Attys uses for a boost of energy pre-workout. Holly says she’s grateful it doesn’t make her drowsy, but instead takes away her appetite without leaving her with headaches from being hungry:

Kats Naturals CBD Metabolize CBD Oil Customer Reviews

CBD Capsules

Kats Naturals CBD Capsules

While by no means the strongest CBD capsules on the market, Kat’s Naturals CBD considers their 20mg per capsule potency to be “professional strength.”

There’s no THC included, with each $124.99 container holding 30 capsules.

Steven felt compelled to leave 3 reviews, spaced just over a month apart, all of them describing the capsules as a “great product.” The first of them also reveals he experienced some neck pain relief:

Kats Naturals CBD Capsules Customer Reviews

CBD Edibles

Kats Naturals CBD Chocolate

Move over CBD Gummies – Kat’s Naturals CBD isn’t interested!

Instead, they’ve formulated a Full Spectrum Hemp Chocolate, available in 1.55oz Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate slabs. Either version costs $10.00 per slab.

The CBD content seems to vary from one batch to another, with the company recommending buyers check the Certificate of Analysis sent with each order.

This lack of consistency leaves much to be desired.

Dave finds it means he can’t always stick to just one square in the evening – he occasionally has to eat two squares to get the same effect. As a result, he’s subscribed to the product to have a new order automatically sent at regular intervals.

His 2 older reviews primarily mention he enjoys the Dark Chocolate’s taste and finds it relaxing:

Kats Naturals CBD Chocolate Customer Reviews
Kats Naturals CBD Activated Edible Hemp

The chocolates are made with Activated Edible Hemp, which you can also purchase as a standalone product.

This allows you to easily add it to smoothies, shakes, or even breakfast!

A 1oz bag costs $20.00, while the 8oz option offers a slight discount at $150.00.

Anna adds it to her granola yogurt, while Teresa uses it for brownies. Robin says she eats it raw to help with her IBS, but also found it can be baked into edibles:

Kats Naturals CBD Activated Edible Hemp Customer Reviews

CBD Topicals

Kats Naturals CBD Topicals

With varying container sizes and dosage strengths, Kat’s Naturals CBD’s topical range is made up of 7 products: Arnica Cream, Capsaicin Cream, Skin Serum, Face Mask, Daytime Replenishing Cream, Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream, and Nighttime Repair Cream.

These products cost between $12.00 and $159.99 each.

Becky says she uses the Arnica Cream on her feet to relieve some of the discomfort caused by her neuropathy, while Holly’s mom is finally experiencing pain relief in her joints.

Betty adds it also helps her aches and pains:

Kats Naturals CBD Topicals Customer Reviews

CBD Vape

Kats Naturals CBD Vape

Vape Pens (Orange flavor only), E-Liquid (unflavored, available in 15ml and 30ml dropper bottles), CBN Pens, and Rechargeable Batteries – these are what you’ll find in the Vape section!

Prices range from $24.99 to $49.99 depending on the product.

An unnamed user says the Vape Pen “lasts a really long time if you [only] use it for general relaxation.” They also mention an unflavored option if you don’t like the Orange aftertaste, though we couldn’t find any such option on the product page.

Rhonda says the pens have a “nice draw” despite their compact size, while James feels the effects within a half-hour:

Kats Naturals CBD Vape Customer Reviews

CBD for Pets

Kats Naturals CBD For Pets

There are 4 CBD for Pets formulas available: Pet Care (hypoallergenic, 300mg total CBD), Comfort (1,500mg total Full Spectrum CBD), Rally (1,500mg total CBD), and Mend (150mg total CBD – this one’s a topical product for pet ears).

Although these products are found under the heading “CBD for Dogs,” all 4 are allegedly suitable for dogs, cats, and horses.

However, Kat’s Naturals CBD specifies they should only be used under the advice of a licensed vet for whatever reason.

Rafael found the Pet Care formula to help ease his dog’s back pain – and “AsianAngler” hopes it continues to help relieve their dog’s pain too. Tina thanks the company for helping keep her dog healthy:

Kats Naturals CBD For Pets Customer Reviews

Kat’s Naturals CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

Seeing reviews on the website itself is great, but what are people saying about Kat’s Naturals CBD elsewhere online?

We found an amazing 1,240 reviews with an overall user-rating of 4.8/5 stars!

However, it seems we’re not the only ones to pick up on the lack of potency consistency…

George was disgruntled to find their products work inconsistently – and even more so when he was told the company doesn’t have a money-back guarantee, even for unopened products!

This is something of a red flag, especially considering the “satisfaction guarantee” displayed on the website:

Kats Naturals CBD Customer Review

But of course, you don’t get a 4.8/5 average score unless most of the reviews are positive.

Deana says she finds their products help with her asthma, mood, and muscle aches:

Kats Naturals CBD Customer Review 2

Greg says the Heal tincture is the best tasting and most effective one he’s ever tried:

Kats Naturals CBD Customer Review 3

And Rich is impressed by the fast ordering process and shipping, as well as the secure packaging that included a personal note:

Kats Naturals CBD Customer Review 4

Amanda is also happy with the taste, though she admits that shouldn’t be the most important thing about a CBD product.

She makes sure to add that (she thinks) the oil is also helping her elevate her mood, sleep better at night, and get through the day:

Kats Naturals CBD Customer Review 5

We think that Kat’s Naturals offer a great selection of 3rd party tested CBD products and they have tons of positive reviews so they are well worth checking out.

Don’t forget to take a look at our list of the best CBD products here.

And if you’ve tried any of Kat’s Naturals CBD then please leave your review below!

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