Leef Organics CBD Review (2024) Should You Buy?

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Leef Organics CBD Review

Leef Organics promises “Wellness from the inside out and outside in.”

But do their products deliver on that promise?

Read our Leef Organics review to find out!

About Leef Organics

  • Their slogan is “Feeling Good Is Beautiful.”
  • Leef Organics was founded in 2018, but not much is known about the founders.
  • While they don’t reveal where their hemp is grown, Leef Organics does mention doing regular soil testing and using single-origin, organic growing and harvesting methods.
  • Leef Organics follows the Entourage Effect philosophy, so all their products are Full Spectrum. This is because the trace elements of THC help unlock the body’s cannabinoid receptors, which allows you to absorb CBD more efficiently.
  • They use a “unique whole plant extraction technique” instead of the industry-standard CO2 extraction.
  • Leef Organics considers their “unconventional process of refinement” better than all others, but does not give any information on what that process is.
  • All their products are sent for independent third-party quality assurance tests.
  • Even though Leef Organics is based in the San Diego, California area, they supply stores throughout the state as well as in Nevada.
  • They also ship to all 50 US states.

They are active on Facebook and Instagram and you can contact them via:

  • Email: hello@leeforganics.com
  • Phone: 1 858 943 2899 (Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM, PST)

What Products Do Leef Organics Sell?

Leef Organics splits their 8 products into two categories: CBD Wellness and CBDogs. Let’s take a quick look at those products!

Thrival CBD Extract

Leef Organics Thrival CBD Extract

Thrival CBD Extracts is made using a “whole plant cold pressed fermentation process” for premium quality.

Each bottle has 375mg hemp extract and costs $100.

Wild Crafted CBD Skin Oil

Leef Organics Wild Crafted CBD Skin Oil

Leef Organics’ Wild Crafted CBD Oil is “dry oil for all skin types” and should only be used externally.

There’s 84mg of CBD in each bottle, as well as a long list of other vegan-friendly ingredients.

Each bottle costs $35.

Revive CBD Balm

Leef Organics Revive CBD Balm

Revive CBD Balm is Leef Organics’ solution to sore muscles and joints.

Potency varies slightly from one batch to another due to the “slow simmered reduction,” but Leef Organics expects it to contain about 141mg of CBD.

A tub costs $30.

Nooks + Crannies CBD Soap

The Nooks + Crannies CBD Soap comes in 4 variations: Cucumber Melon, White Tea & Ginger, Charcoal & Clay, and Black Chamomile.

Leef Organic promises this soap will soothe irritations, relieve discomfort, and hydrate your skin.

There’s 20mg of CBD in each soap bar, which is wrapped in plantable packaging you can recycle in your garden.

Each bar costs $22.

Recover CBD Sport Roll-On

Leef Organics Recover CBD Sport Roll-On

Recover CBD Sport Roll-on is the ideal solution for sports-related muscle fatigue and joint pain.

Simply shake the bottle to ensure the 200mg CBD is properly infused with the other ingredients before applying.

Cost: $40.

Steep CBD Bath Tea

Leef Organics Steep CBD Bath Tea

You read that right – this is a botanical blend you can add to your bath water!

Each bag is single-use only, has 30mg of CBD, and costs $14.


Leef Organics CBDogs

The CBDogs category offers two CBD products for dogs:

  • A Daily Wellness Oil with 250mg total CBD for $65
  • CBD Dog Treats with 2mg CBD per treat for $21 per bag

Leef Organics Reviews – What Are People Saying?

So far, the only verified user reviews we could find for Leef Organics are on their website.

Darryl complains the Thrival CBD Extract is “nearly un-consumable” thanks to a very bad taste:

Leef Organics Customer Review 1

Others like Frankie and Katy, on the other hand, found using Thrival on their skin (instead of consuming it as advertised) gave them the results they were looking for without needing to deal with a bad taste:

Leef Organics Customer Review 2

Elaine had high hopes for the Recover CBD Roll-on, but found it didn’t help at all. RM also complains there are much cheaper options that work just as well:

Leef Organics Customer Review 3

Yvonne and Kent had the opposite experience, finding the roll-on works just great! Kent even points out it’s the perfect alternative to the CBD Balm thanks to having a better smell:

Leef Organics Customer Review 4

Leef Organics has a nice little selection of products and we like their ethos but the reviews aren’t overwhelmingly positive.

If you’ve tried any of the Leef Organics products then don’t forget to leave your review below!

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