LolaHemp for Pets CBD Review (2024) Here’s What We Discovered..

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LolaHemp For Pets Review

If you’re looking for natural relief for dogs and cats, then LolaHemp for Pets is here to introduce itself.

But is their approach to CBD for pets the right one?

Read our LolaHemp for Pets review to find out if they make the cut!

Who Are LolaHemp for Pets?

  • LolaHemp for Pets launched in 2018.
  • Based in Scarsdale, New York, the company was founded by Joey diFrancesco, who also founded Lolawawa’s Pet Boutique in 2015 as an online store.
  • Both companies donate a portion of their profits to animal rescue efforts. In the case of LolaHemp for Pets, the company donates 1 bottle of their CBD oil to one of their participating rescue organizations for every 4 bottles sold.
  • Although they don’t reveal where their hemp is grown, the company does say they use “artisanal, hand-harvested organic hemp” and the CO2 extraction method to manufacture Full Spectrum CBD products.
  • All product batches are put through independent quality assurance testing. You can easily access all of the lab results on their website.
  • The company doesn’t appear to have any mission statement, but does say part of the reason they donate 1 bottle of CBD for every 4 sold is because helping abandoned animals with CBD oil during a stressful time of transition is their way of helping them find their “fur-ever” homes.

The company combines social outreach to raise awareness with their marketing campaigns by maintaining a steady presence on social media. Although they’re only occasionally active on their Facebook page, they continue to post weekly on Instagram and almost every day on Twitter.

They also post regularly to their CBD blog and upload new videos on their YouTube channel every few months in the form of “before” and “after” testimonials from customers.

If you need to reach out to the company directly, you can do so via:

  • Live Chat
  • Email –
  • Phone – (+1) 800 827 9881 (24/7 – “If we don’t answer, we will call you right back”)
  • Mailing Address – PO BOX 269 | Scarsdale, NY 10583

US customers enjoy free shipping on orders over $75.00.

Additionally, LolaHemp Perks allows customers to earn Lola Points for a variety of actions, including creating a user account and making purchases:

LolaHemp For Pets Rewards Program

These Lola Points can be redeemed for discount coupons, with 1,000 points equaling $10.00.

You can also unlock a 15% discount on any product you subscribe to for regular, automated orders.

What Products Does LolaHemp for Pets Sell?

Just because LolaHemp focuses on “plant powered pet health” CBD products, doesn’t mean there isn’t some variety!

Their range of products include:

  • CBD Oil for Pets
  • CBD Soft Chews for Pets
  • CBD Topicals for Pets

As a quick aside, you can get “Bulk Discounts” on any order (excluding subscription orders) of a certain size:

  • 25% off on orders over $200.00 with code BULK25
  • 30% off on orders over $300.00 with code BULK30
  • 35% off on orders over $500.00 with code BULK35

Additionally, the company offers 15% discount bundles.

Let’s take a closer look and see whether these are the right products for your cat or dog!

CBD Oil for Pets

LolaHemp For Pets CBD Oil For Pets

The LolaHemp CBD Oil for Pets is available in 4 options, with bottle sizes acting as an easy way to find the right base dosage for your pet depending on their size.

For small dogs and cats, the 15ml bottle with 150mg total CBD acts as a month’s supply, assuming you give them a single daily dose.

The 30ml bottle with 300mg total CBD offers the same for medium-sized dogs (and very large cats, such as the Maine Coon breed).

Larger dogs will get a month’s worth of daily doses with the 60ml bottle offering 600mg total CBD. However, it’s also available in an extra strength 1,800mg total potency option.

Naturally, you don’t need to stick to the prescribed bottle size.

The company openly advertises the 600mg/60ml bottle as offering the best value for money and can allow you to increase your pet’s daily dosage or wait longer between purchases, at your discretion.

Depending on which bottle of the tincture you buy, prices range from $39.99 to $179.99. At the time of writing, the oils are on sale, bringing the price range down to $29.99 to $149.99.

Ori says her dog Foxy feels much better after using this amazing product, while Cybele says Spats has a newfound spring to his step thanks to the oil helping with his mobility.

Patricia’s senior German Shepherd is still struggling a little with sitting down, but the improvement she’s seen after a month of using the oil gives her hope that continued use will help sort that out too.

Meanwhile, Malt, an 18-year-old Weimaraner purebred, is also doing much better according to his human, Walt.

As for Margaret, she wanted to make Cappy’s last months as comfortable as possible and says the oil has been a huge help with his overall condition. Cappy’s no longer limping as much as before and also regained his healthy appetite:

LolaHemp For Pets CBD Oil For Pets Customer Reviews

CBD Soft Chews for Pets

LolaHemp For Pets CBD Soft Chews

Unlike the oils, LolaHemp’s Omega Hemp Soft Chews aren’t quite suitable for cats. But dogs will love the bacon flavor!

The exact CBD potency isn’t specified, but the nutritional table on the back of the packets reveals each individual chew contains 3mg of phytocannibinoids, as well as a range of omega fatty acids.

They’re available in a Mini Pack with 5 chews, as well as larger bags of 30 and 60 chews.

The product page includes size recommendations on how many chews to give your dog twice a day based on their weight, ranging from half a chew for dogs under 20lbs to 3 to 4 chews for those over 75lbs.

Depending on the bag size, prices range from $10.00 to $50.00, or $5.00 to $39.00 with the current sale.

Barbara says her furry friend Sophie is extremely fussy about her treats but loves the soft chews, while Sarah says her aging pooch has the “spunk and pizazz” she did as a pup despite the face full of gray hair.

And Holly says her dog gets more excited for these treats than any other!

Alicia also adds not only have they helped her dogs tremendously, but she also finds Joey to be the most helpful and caring person she’s met in a long time.

Meanwhile, Angie wanted her elderly Labrador to be as comfortable as possible so they could truly enjoy their final days together.

After researching CBD for pets, she decided to give the company a chance – with the additional hope their products might give her more time with her dog.

The result? She couldn’t believe the difference it made in her pup, without any of the nasty side effects pharmaceutical medication for dogs was giving!

LolaHemp For Pets CBD Soft Chews Customer Reviews

CBD Topicals for Pets

LolaHemp For Pets CBD Topicals For Pets

The final product offered by LolaHemp for Pets is their Full Spectrum Hemp Balm, with 200mg of CBD per 2oz tin.

Offered as a topical for dry, chapped, inflamed, itchy, or cracked areas, the balm can be used on noses, ears, paws, hot spots, rashes, and wound care.

A tin usually costs $30.00 each, but you can get it on sale for only $23.00 (sale prices accurate at time of writing).

Beth says Cooper often gets red and itchy from laying in the grass, but the balm has been a miracle cure. Not only does it help heal the scabs from Cooper scratching himself, but it also cleared the rash to blame.

He also no longer snaps at Beth when she tries to apply it, like he did with other lotions – instead, he lies back and enjoys his CBD belly rubs!

Deborah is a big fan of the company’s products as well, having used the oil to keep her aging Greyhounds comfortable at the end of their long, happy life.

She continues to use the oil for the abused doggies she takes in as rescues, while the balm helps Daisy stop scratching at herself like crazy.

Meanwhile, Harley looks like he’s in absolute bliss after Kathy rubbed some of the balm onto his paws, 1 of which had a big crack in it. The cracked pad has almost completely healed already, as has a red spot on his thigh that was bothering him before.

Otto’s skin and coat is also softer than ever now that he’s enjoying the balm, which Tayler decided to try after seeing how the oil helped their other dog.

And Misty’s bulldog is no longer suffering from hot spots and a dry snout, while Susan’s pup stopped chewing her feet.

Finally, Sue appreciates the fact even if her dog tried licking the balm off after applied to his skin, she doesn’t have to worry about any nasty chemicals getting into his body:

LolaHemp For Pets CBD Topicals For Pets Customer Reviews

LolaHemp for Pets Reviews – What Are People Saying?

If there’s one thing we love seeing on any company’s website, it’s product pages with feedback from real customers.

This is especially so when the comments haven’t been imported as “testimonials,” but are left by the customers themselves!

And of course, we love it even more when those reviews are sharing stories of happy dogs whose lives were changed for the better.

But naturally, we went looking for feedback by LolaHemp customers elsewhere too.

We managed to find several comments on an independent site – and all of them are very positive about the company and their products!

Erin says it’s the best CBD oil she’s ever tried with her dogs and cats alike:

LolaHemp For Pets CBD Customer Reviews

Cari’s dog has cancer and she had the company’s oil recommended by a rescue shelter also using the oil. She says “so far everything is going okay and not worse,” so she’s ordering another bottle!

LolaHemp For Pets CBD Customer Reviews 2

Julie gives testimony to the importance of social media marketing, saying she discovered the company through their Instagram posts. Her rescue pug was very anxious, but after giving the oil a try she’s still high energy, but much more calm and playful:

LolaHemp For Pets CBD Customer Reviews 3

Meanwhile, Anthony’s pooch seems to be getting real relief for her arthritis while also being much calmer during car rides:

LolaHemp For Pets CBD Customer Reviews 4

And Dave’s dog with epilepsy has been getting grand mal seizures for years, but thanks to the oil, the frequency and duration of the seizures has been greatly reduced:

LolaHemp For Pets CBD Customer Reviews 5

Finally, Jaime’s dog suffers from arthritis and loves the CBD oil in his food, as it definitely helps his pain and mobility.

They also add the company’s customer service is excellent and they love the fact 1 bottle is donated to rescue shelters for every 4 bottles purchased:

LolaHemp For Pets CBD Customer Reviews 6

We think that Lola Hemp offers a nice range of CBD products for your pets and they are all 3rd party tested which is nice so they could definitely be worth a try.

Don’t forget to take a look at our list of the best CBD products here.

And if you’ve tried any of the Lola Hemp products on your pet then please leave a review below!

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