Medabloom CBD Review (2024) Here’s What We Found Out..

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Medabloom CBD Review

Medabloom CBD makes their products with the “whole plant and nothing but the whole plant.”

Do they have Certificates of Analysis to support that claim?

Read our Medabloom CBD review and find all the answers you’re looking for!

Who Are Medabloom CBD?

  • Medabloom CBD launched in 2018.
  • It isn’t clear where the company is based, other than somewhere in the US. They also rely on “artisanal American hemp farmers” who believe in sustainable farming practices.
  • Their FAQ section reveals they use the supercritical CO2 extraction method and Full Spectrum hemp extracts in their oil.
  • While the homepage and product pages assure clients their products are lab tested by third parties, there are no Certificates of Analysis or other lab reports anywhere on the website.
  • Their mission is to empower their customers to lead healthier and more balanced lives through sustainable means – aka: their products.

The company doesn’t seem overly concerned with reaching and interacting with customers through social media. Their Facebook and Instagram alike are only occasionally updated.

Instead, reach out to them via:

Free shipping is available for US orders over $70.00.

What Products Does Medabloom CBD Sell?

Medabloom CBD Oil

Other than 2 shirts and 2 peak caps, Medabloom CBD only sells a single product – their Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Oil.

It’s also only available in a single potency option: 300mg of total CBD per 30ml dropper bottle. A bottle costs $35.00, but they offer a BTGO (“Buy Two, Get One Free”) bundle deal for 3 bottles at $70.00.

This also means you need to buy at least 4 bottles of the oil to benefit from the free shipping deal.

Unless you’ve already taken a chance on the one-trick-pony and decided their oil meets your needs, this is a significant risk – and you probably wouldn’t be interested in the alternative (buying the 3 bottle bundle plus any of their branded merchandise).

One potential silver lining, especially for those interested in buying in bulk, is their FAQ page reveals the oil is safe for topical use and animal consumption as well.

They even include a quick guide on the general recommended dosages for cats and dogs based on weight:

Medabloom CBD for Pets

Whether or not the company plans on introducing new products, or even more potency options, remains to be seen.

However, considering they’ve stuck with this single product since their launch in 2018, we won’t be holding our breath waiting for any change other than an eventual price increase.

Medabloom CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

This might very well be the shortest review we’ve ever written for a CBD company!

Not surprisingly, Medabloom CBD doesn’t give customers the option to leave feedback on their product pages.

Their call to action for users to “Please share your pets’ experience with Medabloom!” apparently requires doing so via social media or by sending them an email.

Unsurprisingly, considering they’ve only offered a single CBD product in their 2+ years of business, it’s notoriously difficult to find any user reviews at all.

In fact, we could only find 2 comments of any kind, both on their Facebook page.

Considering the page has 223 likes and 235 followers (109 followers on Instagram, for what it’s worth), that’s not the best of ratios…

Nevertheless, both reviews are positive.

Ashel’s recommendation seems entirely based on the company’s claim to only use organic ingredients and the idea that this is an original concept:

Medabloom CBD Customer Review

Joseph, on the other hand, provides some useful insight, saying he finds the oil to be effective.

Whether it’s for any use other than general relaxation is anyone’s guess, but in that regard at least Joseph says it works well for him:

Medabloom CBD Customer Review 2

Medabloom only sell one product and there’s not that many reviews for them so we’d recommend checking out our list of the best CBD products here.

And if you’ve tried any of their products then please leave a review below!

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