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Mission Farms CBD Review

Mission Farms CBD invites you to feel good again with their farm-to-family CBD solutions.

Is that a fair invitation, or is the company setting expectations they fail to deliver on?

Find out in our Mission Farms CBD review!

Who Are Mission Farms CBD?

  • Mission Farms CBD was launched in 2018, with one of the company’s founders being a pioneer in the hemp farming industry in Oregon.
  • All of their organic hemp is sourced from the same farm, which is still under the founding member’s control.
  • Although the extraction methods aren’t specified, all products undergo third-party testing for quality assurance. Lab results are available on the website.
  • Their goal as a company is to craft the most healthy and effective full-spectrum CBD products on the market.
  • If you end up loving Mission Farms CBD, you can spread the love with one of their gift cards ($10 to $1000)!

The company let their YouTube channel slide a little, though they still post new videos occasionally. By contrast, their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts are all regularly updated with multiple weekly posts.

They also have a blog filled with CBD-related content.

You can get in contact with them via:

US customers also enjoy free shipping on all orders over $99.00.

What Products Does Mission Farms CBD Sell?

So, what are the “farm-to-family solutions” Mission Farms CBD is selling?

Here’s a product category list:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD for Pets

Let’s take a closer look!


Mission Farms CBD Oil

The Pure CBD Oil is available in 2 potencies: 1,000mg and the new extra-strength 2,000mg total CBD. Both are sold in 30ml dropper bottles at $79.00 and $109.00 respectively.

Carol says she felt calm within minutes after using the Rest CBD Oil (actually a different product) and was able to sleep through the night after struggling with regularly waking up. Steve adds it made a huge difference in offering his daughter anxiety relief.

RJ, like Carol, seems to have left his review under the wrong oil, but says the one he did use (the cinnamon-flavored Relieve CBD Oil) was the best tasting one he’s ever tried. On top of that, he finds it helps him sleep peacefully:

Mission Farms CBD Oil Customer Reviews
Mission Farms CBD Rest CBD Oil

The Rest CBD Oil mentioned by Carol above and the Relieve CBD Oil RJ is using are joined by a third formula: Relax CBD Oil.

Similar to the Pure range, all 3 formulas are available in 1,000mg and 2,000mg total CBD potency options, with a 30ml dropper bottle costing $79.00 to $109.00 accordingly.

RJ isn’t the only one who finds the Relieve formula to work wonders.

Barbara says she enjoys the mild taste – and, more importantly, the positive results in migraine prevention and enhanced sleep. She adds that the packaging is both beautiful and secure, and she appreciates the fast delivery.

Alison is also sleeping much better thanks to this product, while Travis says he experiences definite pain relief:

Mission Farms CBD Rest CBD Oil Customer Reviews

CBD Edibles

Mission Farms CBD Mints

Surprisingly, Mission Farms CBD foregoes the usual route of offering gummies as an edible. Instead, they produce Pure CBD Mints, which they claim are 5x more effective than gummies.

Each tin has your choice of either 10 or 30 mints, each of which offers 10mg of CBD and zero THC. Depending on the container size, prices are $15.00 and $39.00 respectively.

Codi says they carry the mints everywhere they go, as it’s a great way to relax before meetings and appointments or start the afternoon by relieving the morning’s stress.

Donna agrees with the company’s assertion that these mints are better than gummies, particularly as they allow for faster absorption and relief.

And Ricardo keeps things simple by saying he loves them:

Mission Farms CBD Mints Customer Reviews

CBD Topicals

Mission Farms CBD Topicals

There’s a fairly wide range of CBD Topicals available in this category: Joint & Muscle Gel, Rest Cream, Relieve Cream, Relax Cream, Pure Cream, Relieve Roll-On, Goat Milk Soaps, and Goat Milk Bath Soaks.

As can be expected, potency options, container sizes, and scents vary depending on the product, with prices similarly affected.

The Joint and Muscle Gel seems to be the most popular option.

Carol says she used it for pain relief after spraining an ankle, while Alison adds on top of smelling great and absorbing quickly (without leaving a greasy layer), it provides hours of lasting pain relief.

Deborah closes by saying she uses it morning and evening to relieve her arthritis pain so she can get through the work day and sleep through the night:

Mission Farms CBD Topicals Customer Reviews

CBD for Pets

Mission Farms CBD For Pets

There’s no need to share your CBD oil with your furry friend – Mission Farms CBD offers a CBD Oil for Pets as well!

While there’s only a single potency option (600mg of total CBD per 30ml dropper bottle), there is a dosage guide for Small vs. Large pets. This does, however, rely on properly using the graduated dropper.

The company also specifies the oil (which comes in Beef Jerky flavor) is suitable for cats and dogs alike. A bottle costs $49.00.

Donna says her aging dog is no longer feeling anxious in the evening and is now able to continue enjoying life to its fullest without losing his usual playfulness.

Helene adds her Lab loves the oil too – and she has to keep her other dog from stealing his food!

Meanwhile, Linda’s aging Mini Schnauzer is no longer relying on toxic medication that damages her liver – the CBD oil is working wonders in relieving her arthritis:

Mission Farms CBD For Pets Customer Reviews

Mission Farms CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

It’s always a pleasure when CBD companies allow customers to leave feedback on their product pages. Especially when they make sure to verify purchases!

This adds a layer of transparency and trust, as new customers can easily see what other users think and what kind of results they can reasonably expect.

Of course, we still look elsewhere online for customer reviews. Interestingly, we were only able to find one – though it’s as positive as all of the feedback we’ve already shared above.

Like those who left comments on the Mission Farms CBD website, Jackie gives their oil 5 stars, saying it’s the best product she’s ever tried:

Mission Farms CBD Customer Reviews

Overall, it looks like Mission Farms offer a nice selection of 3rd party tested CBD products so they may be worth a try!

Don’t forget to take a look at our list of the best CBD products here.

And if you’ve tried any of the Mission Farms CBD products then please leave your review below!

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