Myaderm CBD Review (2024) Should You Buy?

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Myaderm CBD Review

Myaderm focuses exclusively on CBD relief creams and promises they work better than any other topical on the market, CBD or otherwise.

But what do the reviews have to say?

Check out our complete look at CBD company Myaderm.

Who Are Myaderm?

  • Myaderm was started as a privately owned company in 2017 in Englewood, Colorado. They pride themselves on having a unique formula that makes you feel like the CBD topicals start to work on contact.
  • Not much is known about Myaderm’s manufacturing process other than they use “proven pharmaceutical technologies” in an FDA-registered facility.
  • They also don’t mention where they source their hemp, only that they use “absolutely pure CBD” for all their products and contain 0.00% THC, making them safe for everyone to use.
  • All Myaderm products are independently lab-tested for quality assurance. You can download all of the reports from their website.
  • They ship to all 50 states (free!) but don’t ship internationally.

How To Contact Myaderm

Myaderm is fairly active on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

The FAQ section answers a few basic questions, but you can find out more by contacting Myaderm directly via:

  • Live chat
  • Phone: 800 354 6753 (Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM MST)
  • Email:

If you prefer buying CBD products in person, you can use Myaderm’s store locator to find a location near you.

Myaderm offers free shipping. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is counted from the day you place your order to the day your returned item is received.

What Products Do Myaderm Offer?

Myaderm offers a few different product categories for their creams and topicals:

  • CBD Advanced Therapy Cream
  • CBD Sport Cream
  • CBD Calming Cream
  • CBD Foot Cream
  • CBD Pet Cream

Let’s take a look at each of them.

CBD Advanced Therapy Cream

There are 5 products in the Advanced Therapy Cream category and all are designed to provide fast-acting relief.

The citrus-scented Advanced Therapy Creams come in 0.5 oz (350 mg CBD) and 1.7 oz (1200mg CBD), as do the Double Strength products (700 mg CBD and 2400 mg CBD, respectively).

For travel-sized, single-use relief, try the On-The-Go Packets with 24mg CBD per packet.

One reviewer happily reported the advanced therapy creams helped her back and knee pain, while another no longer denies the magic of CBD!

Myaderm CBD Advanced Therapy Cream reviews

CBD Sport Cream

Myaderm offers 2 CBD sport creams made with menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus oil to provide a mild cooling effect.

  • Sport Cream 1.7 oz has a total of 1200mg CBD per bottle – $49.95
  • Double Strength Sport Cream has a total of 2400mg CBD per bottle – $79.95

Both sport creams have a “light, vanishing scent.”

Customers like Jennifer used it to relieve pain from a sprained ankle and Jason is another happy customer — he’s even upgrading to the 1500mg option next time.

Myaderm CBD Sport Cream Review

CBD Calming Cream

Myaderm CBD Calming Cream

The CBD Calming Cream is designed to nourish and moisturize the skin to keep you looking and feeling fresh and healthy, complete with a “light, vanishing yuzu scent.”

A 1-pack purchase will get you 1 bottle with 100mg of CBD for $24.95, but if you opt for the 3- or 5-pack options, you’ll see some nice savings.

And if you’re as lucky as Amy, who saw great results on her face using the calming cream, you’ll appreciate every penny you can save!

Myaderm CBD Calming Cream Reviews

CBD Foot Cream

Myaderm CBD Foot Cream

Myaderm’s CBD Foot Cream is specially formulated to relieve tension in your feet, and is advertised as having more CBD per ounce than any of Myaderm’s leading competitors.

One bottle that comes in a refreshing peppermint scent holds 350mg of CBD and is priced at $24.95.

As for the customers, Dee says her pre-diabetic husband LOVES the cream after a long day on his feet, while Ryan admits his feet feel the same.

CBD Foot Cream Reviews

CBD Pet Cream

Myaderm CBD Pet Cream

The CBD Pet Cream is safe to use on all cats and dogs and is a great solution for naturally relieving their joint aches and pains!

Myaderm hasn’t added any scents or cooling agents to this product to ensure the best possible experience for all pets.

One bottle holds 200mg of CBD and is priced at $24.95.

Judith claims Myaderm’s CBD Pet Cream helps her dog at least a bit, while Vianne says it’s “very good.”

Myaderm CBD Pet Cream Reviews

Myaderm Reviews Around The Web: What Are People Saying?

The user reviews we found around the web are mostly very positive but some did give Myaderm a 1-star review.

Some of the low star ratings we found share the same complaints which is that Myaderm’s CBD creams have no effect on their pain whatsoever and the company is overcharging for such a small amount of product:

Myaderm Review 1
Myaderm Review 2

But that seems to be the only issue anyone is having with Myaderm, who did respond to one customer by explaining with some conditions, CBD oil is known to be more effective than CBD creams.

Anna E. praises Myaderm for developing such an effective product and having prompt, genuinely helpful customer service:

Myaderm Review 3

Another user, Utopia Sin, ordered a 5-pack of the CBD Advanced Therapy Cream On-the-Go packets to test against other products she was using.

She found Myaderm’s to be the clear winner, relieving nearly 90% of her migraine pains:

Myaderm Review 4

If you’re looking for a CBD cream then Myaderm have a nice selection on offer.

Have you used one of their creams?

Then leave your Myaderm review below!

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