Natures Tru CBD Review (2024) Here’s What We Found Out..

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Natures Tru CBD Review

Promising “organically sourced hemp products,” makes us wonder… is the missing apostrophe in the name Natures Tru CBD intentional, symbolizing the absence of pesticides, herbicides, and GMO ingredients?

Or does it denote a lack of attention to detail in the quality of their CBD products?

Join us in the investigation by reading our full review!

Who Are Natures Tru CBD?

Natures Tru CBD Website
  • Natures Tru CBD launched in 2016.
  • It isn’t clear where the company is based (the Google Map window seen bottom of their website shows the address of Wix’s San Francisco offices, as the website is built using their software).
  • There isn’t an “About Us” page (it’s still listed as “Blank Page” on the website), though an info box on the homepage thanks their “health-conscious customers and amazing vendors” for helping them become “a popular CBD distributor.”
  • As such, there’s no mention of their extraction methods, and other than their slogan, nothing to suggest their products are truly organic.
  • Likewise, it isn’t known where they source their hemp from.
  • They do undergo third party testing. However, you have to follow a link to a different website to see the results – and unfortunately, your browser will warn you of a “Potential Security Risk” if you try to do so.
  • The only other option, a page marked as “QR code for Lab Reports,” gives a “404: There’s Nothing Here…” error.
  • Their mission is offering the highest-quality products at affordable prices.

Although the company claims to have a passion for sharing their love of wellness with everyone they meet, they don’t seem too bothered about meeting and interacting with clients on social media.

Despite widgets for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn at the bottom of the website, these all lead to the webhost Wix’s accounts instead.

It seems the only way to meet the team is via:

What Products Does Natures Tru CBD Sell?

Natures Tru CBD Oil

Very surprisingly for a CBD company that claims to have been launched more than 4 years ago, Natures Tru CBD only has a single product: their CBD tincture.

There are 8 potency options available, ranging from 100mg to 5,000mg of total CBD per bottle. But before you get too excited, these strengths are spread over 3 bottle sizes too.

The 100mg potency comes in a 15ml bottle, while strengths 350mg to 1,500mg total CBD come in 30ml bottles. For the highest potency options, 2,500mg and 5,000mg total CBD, you can only get a 60ml bottle.

If you still want something to get excited over, these potency options are all available in 5 flavors: Unflavored, Mango, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Watermelon.

However, it’s also worth mentioning you currently cannot order any oils online.

All product pages include only the price ($30.00 to $250.00 depending on the potency), a drop-down menu for the flavors, and a disclaimer that you need to place your order by phone.

Interestingly, it’s not the number displayed top-right on their website that they want you to call. Instead, they ask you to dial (+1) 813 600 3221.

Natures Tru CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

Unfortunately, the mystery of the missing apostrophe in their name goes unanswered!

But given the incomplete feel of the website, and indeed the lack of ability to order online, we think we know which of the two possible symbolic reasons mentioned in our introduction is more likely to be true.

The lack of website functionality, incorrect social media links and Google Map location, and general information about hemp sources aside, of bigger concern is the lack of accountability.

Although Natures Tru CBD claims to be independently tested, there’s no way to verify this.

The promised page with QR codes to scan doesn’t exist – and we certainly aren’t risking malware or other cybersecurity issues to visit the unsecure website they link customers to.

This means we’re almost solely reliant on customer reviews to get any idea of whether this is a real company, let alone a trustworthy one selling good quality CBD oil.

And this leads to more bad news.

We scoured the web and found their products were removed from a number of retailers.

After searching Facebook and Instagram, just in case the website’s social media links hadn’t been updated, we found no trace of the company whatsoever.

The only thing to suggest other people are even marginally aware of Natures Tru CBD existing is a review from one of our competitors.

While it isn’t a customer review, it’s still worth mentioning they gave the CBD distributor 0/10 for Quality and 0/10 for Safety. After all, there are no customer reviews to be found anywhere!

So it seems we aren’t the only ones taking a hard look at the website and think “something’s seriously off here…”

Why not check out our list of the best CBD products here instead.

And if you’ve tried any of the Natures Tru CBD products then please leave your review below!

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