Omax Health CBD Review (2024) Here’s What We Found Out!

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Omax Health CBD Review

Omax Health assures its customers “from ground-breaking science comes a new and improved you.”

But just how improved will you be?

Are their products really worth the purchase?

Or are they simply another lackluster CBD company trying to make a buck off a niche market?

Dive into the details with our Omax Health review.

Who Are Omax Health?

Omax Health Website
  • Omax Health was launched in 2008, with millions of products sold since. The company boasts of being the “leading choice of physicians, professional sports teams, and discerning customers.”  
  • Their team is based in Santa Monica, CA and they encourage customers to pay them a visit if they’re in LA – perhaps even join them for dancing, bicycling, or “drinking green juice” while discussing the newest health trends!
  • The company sources their organic, premium-quality hemp from US farms that follow strict and sustainable farming practices. They use the CO2 extraction method.
  • All of their products are 3rd party tested and contain 0 THC.
  • Their slogan could be, “Our Science. Your Body.” Or “Life to the max!”

The company is somewhat active on Facebook and Instagram with 2-5 posts per month. They’re also active on YouTube with 1 video per month.

You can contact them via:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 800 765 6691

Omax Health also offers product subscriptions where consumers save 20% when subscribing to a product monthly, along with exclusive military discounts.

What Products Does Omax Health Sell?

They offer products in the following categories:

  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Topicals

It might not seem like much, but they also offer multiple products in all 3 categories! So let’s dive in and discuss them in more detail.

CBD Capsules

Omax Health CBD Capsules

CryoFreeze CBD Advanced Joint Defense is the ultimate solution for sore muscles, joint overuse, and aging.

Simply take one capsule a day and benefit from the multi-action formula!

Better yet, that multi-action formula is clinically proven to widely reduce joint inflammation and stiffness, while simultaneously improving flexibility and joint health.

For $59.95, you’ll get 30 softgels with 10mg of CBD per softgel.

Steven has been using CryoFreeze for a month and benefitted from reduced aches and pains in his knees. Meanwhile, Frank was skeptical at first but after 2 weeks of taking the softgels, his knee no longer hurts when it locks up:

Omax Health CBD Capsules Customer Reviews
Omax Health CBD Sleep Capsules

Next in this category, we have Omax MAX SLEEP.

Like the previous product is clinically proven to help with your joints, this product is clinically proven to improve sleep quality and overall wellness after just 3 nights of use.

You can pick up a 60 count bottle (10mg of CBD per softgel) for $59.95.

Kirby was another skeptic when ordering the Omax MAX Sleep softgels, but admits they work well to “soothe me in a peaceful slumber.” Ali and Lorraine are of a similar mind, saying they work great – even better than Melatonin:

Omax Health CBD Sleep Capsules Customer Reviews
Omax Health CBD Libido Supplement

With the O-Shot CBD Libido Supplement, women will enjoy a 100% natural libido enhancer that helps elevate desire and sensual energy.

Not only that, but it also helps with mood and energy levels!

Omax Health recommends taking 2 to 4 softgels daily with food. Within 8 weeks, women should feel a difference in their libido, mood, and energy levels.

For $49.95, you’ll get 60 softgels.

CBD Oils

Omax Health CBD Oil

First up in this category, we have Pure Tincture CBD Oil.

With “approximately” 8mg of CBD per dropper, customers will enjoy the enhancement to their body’s endocannabinoid system, “promoting optimal wellness.”

A 2oz/60ml bottle will set you back $24.95.

A customer by the username of “TheVoiceOfReason” gave the Pure Tincture CBD Oil 3/5 stars, saying they’d rate 5/5 for its calming effects at bedtime but 3/5 for pain relief for their hips:

Omax Health CBD Oil Customer Reviews
Omax Health CBD Rapid Relief Drops

Here we’ve got the oil version of the CryoFreeze CBD in the form of Rapid Relief Drops with light cinnamon flavoring.

Like its softgel counterpart, customers will enjoy the triple-action formula that offers powerful inflammation relief while supporting joints and muscles.

A 2oz/60ml bottle with 500mg of CBD will cost you $49.95.

Cliffton says the product does what it’s supposed to do, though he’ll need to be more vigilant in taking it to reap maximum benefits.

Dennis and Leenie also enjoy the CryoFreeze Drops, with the latter saying out of all the products and companies she’s tried, Omax works the best:

Omax Health CBD Rapid Relief Drops Customer Reviews
Omax Health CBD Arousal Oil for Women

Here we have the oil counterpart of O-Shot CBD in the form of Arousal Oil for Women.

And women will certainly enjoy the “luxurious coconut sex oil”, as it instantly heightens sensations and arousal for more intense orgasms.

It is important to note this product is not compatible with latex condoms!

For $39.95 you’ll get a 1oz/30ml bottle.

Customers like Shawna, Caty, and Rebekah are very satisfied with the O-Shot Arousal Oil, saying it works great and feels relaxing:

Omax Health CBD Arousal Oil for Women Customer Reviews

CBD Topicals

Omax Health CBD Topicals

There are 3 CryoFreeze CBD products in this category: Pain Relief Roll-On, Foot Relief Spray, and Sport Cooling Cream.

The prices are $34.95, $22.95, and $39.95 respectively.

Out of all 3 products, the Pain Relief Roll-On appears to be the most popular. Timothy says he uses it on his stiff lower back and the roll-on offers instant relief.

Kevin and Tom agree, with the former saying it’s the best he’s ever tried:

Omax Health CBD Topicals Customer Reviews

Omax Health Reviews – What Are People Saying?

We were only able to find 98 reviews for Omax Health on Trustpilot, giving the brand a surprisingly average overall user rating of 3.7/5 stars.

This of course meant there were a few negative reviews.

Kimberly says she ordered products to Canada, only to find out they don’t ship to Canada. According to her review, the company refused to honor a full refund of the product “that never shipped in the first place”:

Omax Health Customer Review

Another customer, Robert, was charged twice for the same order. When contacting customer service, he had no luck and had to go through his bank:

Omax Health Customer Review 2

Fortunately, there were still plenty of positive reviews.

Marcia is a big fan of multiple Omax products, especially praising the O-Spot lube for its subtle stimulation:

Omax Health Customer Review 3

Chad says as an athlete, the Omax CryoFreeze is the best pain relief product he’s used in decades:

Omax Health Customer Review 4

Jen and her husband also had luck with the CryoFreeze, saying it helps their back and shoulder pain, among other things:

Omax Health Customer Review 5

It looks like Omax Health sell a nice selection of 3rd party tested CBD products but the reviews are a little mixed so proceed with caution.

We would recommend checking out our list of the best CBD products for sale here.

And if you’ve tried any of the Omax Health products then please leave your review below!

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