Pet Releaf CBD Review (2024) Award-Winning CBD Product For Pets?

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Pet Releaf CBD Review

As a pet-oriented CBD company, Pet Releaf promotes the idea that pets are family.

But do their products reflect that philosophy?

Or are they simply trying to cash in on a gap in the CBD industry?

Read our Pet Releaf review to find out!

Who Are Pet Releaf?

Pet Relief US Hemp Authority Certificate
  • Pet Releaf was co-founded by Alina and Steve Smith in 2015 after spending years searching for the healthiest food options for their dog and cat. The decision to develop their own CBD pet products was sparked by frustration at finding the foods being marketed as healthy were no different from the standard foods already available.
  • All their products are made with hemp grown at an unspecified “largest USDA certified hemp farm in the United States,” using the whole of the hemp plant and the CO2 extraction method. Pet Releaf promises organic, human-grade CBD products for pets.
  • Pet Releaf is US Hemp Authority certified and have all their products tested by independent third-parties.
  • The company is also proud to work closely with charity organizations and has donated over $150k to animal-orientated charities.
  • While they don’t have any discernible slogan, the Pet Releaf mission statement is “to change what healthy means for pets by providing the highest quality pet CBD oil.”

Pet Releaf is very active on their Facebook page and Instagram account, but less so on Twitter. You can also connect with Pet Releaf on LinkedIn and/or have a browse on their blog.

They offer a unique tool for shopping, the Usage Calculator. After you answer a series of questions, the calculator will recommend a product best-suited to your (pet’s) needs.

You can contact Pet Releaf via:

Pet Releaf offers a 10% subscription discount when you subscribe to receive products monthly.

What Products Does Pet Releaf Sell?

Pet Releaf offers a very wide range of products separated into 2 simple categories:

  • CBD for Dogs
  • CBD for Cats

Each category could easily be further separated into smaller ones, but let’s take a quick look at them as is!

CBD for Dogs

Pet Relief CBD Hemp Oil For Dogs

The first product range for dogs is the Hemp Oil, which is available in 3 strengths: 330 mg, 700 mg, and 1,700 mg.

All 3 are equally suitable for dogs of all sizes, providing 11 mg, 24 mg, and 57 mg of Full Spectrum CBD per drop respectively.

It’s worth mentioning the 330 mg strength version is also featured in the CBD for Cats category.

Prices range from $19.99 to $64.99 per dropper bottle depending on the dosage.

Pet Relief CBD Liposome Hemp Oil

Next up is the CBD Liposome Hemp Oil.

This product is available in 100 mg (3.3 mg per drop) and 300 mg (10 mg per drop). The lower dose is also suitable for cats.

Pet Relief Awards

Depending on the strength you choose, the award-winning CBD Liposome Hemp Oil costs either $54.99 or $79.99 per dropper bottle.

Pet Relief CBD Hemp Oil Capsules

If your dog isn’t fussy about pills, the CBD Hemp Oil Capsules may be a welcome alternative. Each capsule contains 85 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, of which 15mg is identified as Active CBD.

You can opt to buy a tin with 10 capsules for $19.99 or a bottle with 30 capsules for $49.99.

Pet Relief CBD Edibles

The first product line for Pet Releaf’s CBD edibles for dogs is the original bites. These are available in Blueberry & Cranberry as well as Crunchy Peanut Butter & Banana flavors.

Both flavors are also available in 2 versions: one for small breeds (1.5 mg CBD per bite) and one for large breeds (3 mg of CBD per bite). The price ranges from $17.99 to $24.99 accordingly.

Pet Relief CBD Soft Chews

You can also opt for the Soft Chews line, available in Sweet Potato Pie and Peanut Butter & Carob Swirl. Small breeds get 2 mg of CBD per chew for $20.99 and large breeds get 5mg per chew at $27.99 a packet.

Pet Relief CBD The Barking Dog Collection

Dedicated to Keith Haring, these Edibites are found under The Barking Dog Collection and come in 2 flavors: CBD-Infused Pizza and CBD-Infused Sushi.

The small breed packets sell for $19.99, while the large breeds version costs $26.99.

Pet Relief Boom Bar Hemp Supplements

Another award-winning product line is the Boom Bar Hemp Supplements. At $3.99 for a 6 pack, these bars are available in 3 versions: Longevity, Energize, and Recovery.

Pet Relief Boom Bar Hemp Supplements Awards
Pet Relief CannaCare CBD Infused Topical for Dogs

Last, but not least, is the CannaCare CBD-Infused Topical for Dogs. A 1-oz tub costs $27 each, but you can also get a 4oz tub.

The CannaCare Topical also won an award:

Pet Relief CannaCare CBD Infused Topical for Dogs Awards

CBD for Cats

Pet Relief CBD For Cats Hemp Oil

As a CBD company started by a couple with both a cat and a dog, we were surprised to see there aren’t any Pet Releaf products formulated specifically for cats.

Both of the products available in this category on the website are also found in the CBD for Dogs category.

These are, of course, the 330 mg Hemp Oil for $19.99 and the CBD Liposome Hemp Oil 100 mg for Dogs & Cats.

Pet Releaf Reviews — What Are People Saying?

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any user reviews for Pet Releaf online.

The company doesn’t seem to have an established online presence where we usually find user reviews. Nor have they enabled a feedback feature on their website or their Facebook page.

Naturally, Pet Releaf has the prestige of having won some awards for certain products, all of which we’ve highlighted above.

The only user mention we were able to find comes from a Twitter user back in 2017. Taylor says she received some free samples and shared a photo of her dog Rosie eagerly sniffing at the packet:

Pet Relief Customer Review

Overall, it looks like Pet Releaf have a good selection of CBD products to help out your furry friends and all of their products are 3rd party tested which is great.

However, there is not a lot of reviews for them online so you might want to checkout our list of the best CBD products here as well.

And if you’ve tried any of the Pet Releaf products for your pets then please leave your review below!

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