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PharmaHemp CBD Review

PharmaHemp says their flexibility, innovative mind-set, low minimum order quantity, and high-quality CBD products make them your perfect CBD solution.

But are they right?

Find out yourself in our PharmaHemp review!

Who Are PharmaHemp?

  • PharmaHemp was founded in 1965 as a family business – a cosmetic company to be specific – though their first line of CBD products was put up for sale in 2015. This makes them one of the first brands to hit the CBD market. They say their “solutions were born within the tradition of Europe’s hemp-growing practices in the optimal climate of the subalpine region.”
  • The company boasts an advanced development department, in-house laboratory, and an “interconnected complete tracking system from seed to the best CBD oil.”
  • They grow certified hemp using organic farming practices and their crops are cultivated and certified with Good Agricultural and Collection Practices. They also use the supercritical CO2 extraction process.
  • All of their products are 3rd party tested and GMP certified.
  • The company also provides White Label services: “We can offer you design services and professional support that will make your brand stand out.”
  • The company is very open about their philosophy, saying their pioneering spirit is the key element in their story. They “strive to always be a step ahead in innovation, science and sophisticated technologies.”

PharmaHemp is primarily active on Facebook and Instagram with 1-4 posts per week, though they also have a Twitter updated every so often.

The company also has a Pinterest, LinkedIn, and a blog filled with educational CBD content.

You can contact them through:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +386 1 6207 822
  • Address: Koprska ulica 106c, SI – 1000 Ljubljana | Slovenia, Europe

What Products Does PharmaHemp Sell?

They offer products in the following categories:

  • CBD Oils
  • CBD Extracts
  • CBD Creams
  • CBD Skincare
  • CBD Oral Care
  • CBD Balms
  • CBD Crystals
  • CBD for Pets

As you can see, there are a lot of products to go through – so let’s jump straight in!

CBD Oils

PharmaHemp CBD Oils

There are a variety of formulas to choose from under the CBD Oils category: Aromatherapy Oil, Curcumin Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin A Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Vitamin K Oil, and Premium.

Some oils offer different flavors, potency options, and bottle sizes.

Prices range from €21.70 to €139.70 depending on which product, potency, and bottle size you choose. All oils are also full-spectrum.

CBD Extracts

PharmaHemp CBD Extracts

There are 2 options in this category: Golden Amber Paste and Vegan Amber Paste, both of which offer strengths between 20% and 50%.

Prices range from €64.70 to €129.70 depending on potency, though both come in a 5ml syringe dispenser.

CBD Creams

PharmaHemp CBD Cream

Here we have 3 products to choose from: Cream for Tired Legs, Glucosamin Cream, and Sports Gel.

Each product comes in a 100ml aluminium tube and costs €44.90. PharmaHemp says this CBD cream line “combines traditional wisdom, carefully selected herbal blends and premium CBD extracts.”

CBD Skincare

PharmaHemp CBD Skincare

There are a variety of skincare products to choose from in this category: Collagen Day Cream, Eye Contour Serum, Firming Night Cream, Lifting Serum, Revitalizing Lip Care, and Soothing Oil Serum.

Recipes only include the most soothing, balancing, and hydrating natural ingredients designed for all skin types!

Prices range from €35.90 to €55.90.

CBD Oral Care

PharmaHemp CBD Oral Care

This category includes Elixir Mouthwash and Elixir Toothpaste – a bit of an anomaly in the CBD market!

Both products are designed to prevent tooth cavities while maintaining healthy and strong gums and fresh breath.

Each product costs €11.90.

CBD Balms

PharmaHemp CBD Balms

PharmaHemp’s CBD Balm and CBD Lip Balm are full-spectrum and contain a wide range of other cannabinoids and nutrients, “providing an ‘entourage effect’.”

The CBD Balm comes in 2 container sizes and 3 potency options. Prices for both products range from €7.90 to €64.70.

CBD Crystals

PharmaHemp CBD Crystals

There are 2 formulas to choose from here – CBD Crumble and CBD Crystalline Powder – and both are available in 0.5g and 1g containers.

Prices range from €29.70 to €53.70 depending on product and container size.

CBD for Pets

PharmaHemp CBD For Pets

The final category includes CBD Oil for dogs in 4 different flavor formulas: Bacon Drops, Liver Drops, Peanut Drops, and Salmon Drops.

All 4 flavors offer 2% potency and cost €19.70.

PharmaHemp Reviews – What Are People Saying?

Aside from the reviews on their website, we were able to scout an additional 267 reviews for the company via Trustpilot.

PharmaHemp walks away with an overall user rating of 4.6/5 stars.

Many customer complaints involve orders never being delivered. Asaml simply says their order “hasn’t arrived yet” and they’d like to check its status:

PharmaHemp Customer Review

Meanwhile, a customer with the user tag “one” says they spent over €250, waited over a month for their products, and never received them. They also say customer service is lackluster:

PharmaHemp Customer Review 2

Fortunately for the company however, many reviews were from very satisfied customers.

Michael says since taking the CBD oil, he feels less stressed, healthier, has much deeper sleeps, and wakes up feeling more refreshed:

PharmaHemp Customer Review 3

User “aenns” says after using the CBD topical oil, the mood swings they were suffering from lessened:

PharmaHemp Customer Review 4

Customers like Allna, Ondra, and Daphna also left raving reviews, citing effective products, good prices, and fast delivery:

PharmaHemp Customer Review 5
PharmaHemp Customer Review 6
PharmaHemp Customer Review 7

PharmaHemp sell a very nice range of 3rd party tested CBD products and despite a couple of negative reviews about slow shipping the reviews are very positive so we think they are definitely worth a try.

Don’t forget to take a look at our list of the best CBD products here.

And if you’ve tried any of the PharmaHemp CBD products then please leave your review below!

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