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Prime Sunshine CBD Review

Prime Sunshine CBD is proud to be “doctor recommended,” thanks to using the whole plant and nothing but the plant.

Is this an accurate description?

If you’re interested in the truth, join us as we review Prime Sunshine CBD right here, right now.

Who Are Prime Sunshine CBD?

  • Prime Sunshine CBD launched in 2015.
  • Based in North Carolina, the company sources their internationally pedigreed, proprietary and certified hemp from their own 200-year-old hemp farm, which has trained farmers for the last 25 years in preparation for the CBD industry’s growth.
  • Although their extraction method isn’t known, the company’s product pages all include a link for customers to view the Certificate of Analysis for that batch’s third-party lab testing.
  • The company’s mission is to love their customers’ health, mental, and physical well-being as much as their own family members. They combine this with their fiery passion, love, and good intentions.

They don’t spread themselves too thin when it comes to social media, choosing to simply maintain Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Rather than using the smaller focus to their advantage by remaining very active on these platforms, the company only posts weekly updates.

This is at least better than their blog, which hasn’t seen an update since December 2020.

However, you can also connect with them on LinkedIn. And if you need to reach out directly, you can contact them via:

US customers enjoy free shipping on orders over $75.00.

What Products Does Prime Sunshine CBD Sell?

What are the “bud only formulas” made with hemp grown outdoors and said to be “sun kissed by day, moon struck by night”?

Prime Sunshine CBD’s products are:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Bath Bombs
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Vape
  • CBD for Pets

Let’s take a closer look and see if these products really deserve the alleged doctor recommendation!


Prime Sunshine CBD Oil

The unnamed “yellow label” Prime Sunshine CBD Oil line includes 4 formulas: 300mg Everyday, 500mg Daily Plus, 750mg CBD Oil, and 2,400mg High Strength.

These helpfully include the total Full Spectrum CBD potency per 30ml dropper bottle in the product names themselves!

Available in Natural and Peppermint flavors, prices range from $76.49 to $160.00 per bottle depending on the formula.

The Everyday and Daily Plus are (at the time of writing) on sale for $54.00 and $68.00 respectively.

Prime Sunshine CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

0% THC 1,500mg Broad Spectrum is a high potency option for those who can’t afford to have any traceable amounts of THC show up in tests at work or school, as well as anyone who has a THC sensitivity in general.

A 30ml bottle costs $89.00.

Prime Sunshine CBD Full Spectrum CBD Oil

300mg Calming Full Spectrum CBD Oil (alternatively referred to as the Anxiety formula) doesn’t actually seem to differ from the 300mg Everyday formula in any way.

Even the prices ($76.49 full price, $54.00 current sale price) are identical.

Prime Sunshine CBD Sleep Formula CBD Oil

1,500mg Sleep Formula CBD Oil, on the other hand, is identical to the 0% THC 1,500mg Broad Spectrum formula in all ways but one: this version includes other hemp terpenes chosen specifically to turn it into a viable sleep aid.

As for pricing, a 30ml bottle costs $89.00 (same as the earlier formula). However, this one is currently on sale for $78.00.

Prime Sunshine CBD Pain Formula CBD Oil

Once again, other than the name and label, the 2,400mg Power Strength CBD Oil is almost identical to another of their formulas – the 2,400mg High Strength “yellow label.”

One noticeable difference is at its regular price, this formula is more expensive at $210.00 per 30ml dropper bottle.

This drops down to the yellow label’s $160.00 for the duration of the sale period, however.

CBD Capsules

Prime Sunshine CBD Capsules

Prime Sunshine CBD offers 3 CBD capsule formulas: Muscle & Joint, Sleep Formula, and Everyday.

All 3 versions offer 25mg of 0% THC Broad Spectrum CBD per capsule.

While there isn’t a clear difference between the Everyday and Muscle & Joint formulas, the CBD Sleep Formula Capsules also include melatonin (potency not specified).

Previously listed at $69.95 per bottle of 30 capsules, the company has since marked them down to $65.00 and finally decided to permanently discount them at $45.00.

CBD Edibles

Prime Sunshine CBD Gummies

The company follows the expected route by filling their CBD Edibles section with gummies.

These are available in 2 formulas: the High Strength 1,500mg and 1,500mg PM Sleep Gummies with Melatonin. Both versions offer 50mg of CBD per gummy, with the latter’s melatonin potency not specified.

There’s also the THC Delta 8 Gummies, with 600mg of THC in total (20mg per gummy). All 3 formulas are sold in bottles of 30 “assorted flavors” gummies.

Prime Sunshine CBD recently permanently reduced their prices, so you’ll pay $50.50 for the Sleep Gummies, $59.00 for the High Strength, and $60.00 for the THC Delta 8.

CBD Bath Bombs

Prime Sunshine CBD Bath Bombs

While currently not listed on the site due to being out of stock, Prime Sunshine CBD also offers a small range of Ultra Therapy CBD bath bombs.

These are typically available in 4 scents (Lavender, Coconut Lime, Plumeria, and Plain Jane) and sold in 2 versions: bath bombs and bath salts.

Either version was previously listed at $15.00 per bath bomb/bag of bath salts, with 100mg of CBD each.

CBD Topicals

Prime Sunshine CBD Topicals

Although the Prime Sunshine CBD website lists this category as “CBD Pain Gel & Daily Cream,” we were only able to find their range of creams (despite checking multiple times).

That said, there are a few options to choose from.

The CBD Relief Cream is available in 3 formulas (Cooling, Warming, and Unscented) and 2 container sizes (2oz and 4oz).

The smaller containers have 250mg of total CBD and the larger ones offer 500mg of total CBD.

You’ll find the formula you choose has as much of an impact on the price as the container size. The 2oz containers cost $45.00 to $54.00 (all 3 are temporarily $45.00 thanks to the current sale), while the 4oz containers are $42.00 to $79.95 (all 3 currently on sale for $42.00).

Whatever reason the company has for charging more for the smaller containers than the larger ones is not revealed.

CBD Vape

Prime Sunshine CBD Vape

Prime Sunshine CBD offers 3 CBD Vape Disposable Cartridge Pens: Hybrid Juice Fruit, Indica Sweet & Sour Widow, and Sativa Medihaze.

All 3 have 0.5ml of total CBD vape oil with 200mg of Full Spectrum CBD and cost $60.00.

CBD for Pets

Prime Sunshine CBD For Pets

The 300mg CBD Oil for Pets and 750mg CBD Oil for Pets (total potency per 30ml dropper bottle) are suitable for cats and dogs alike.

At their regular prices, these cost $55.86 and $111.50 respectively, though Prime Sunshine CBD has them on sale at $42.00 and $83.00.

Those with canine companions can also opt for the CBD Dog Treats, available in Salmon Jerky and Chicken Tenders flavors.

There’s almost no information available on the product pages, but the product images reveal each $24.95 bag contains 30 treats with 5mg of Full Spectrum CBD each.

Prime Sunshine CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

We have a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to Prime Sunshine CBD (such as why so many different products seem identical).

Unfortunately, although they appear to allow customers to leave feedback on their product pages, there aren’t any user reviews to potentially offer some of the answers.

So of course, we do our due diligence by looking elsewhere!

Naturally, we do so regardless – after all, a company’s website is always under their control, which means they can easily remove negative comments.

Unfortunately, the same is true for their Facebook page, which happens to be the only place we could find any customer feedback whatsoever. Giving the company the benefit of the doubt, however, the 40 comments we found rate them at 5/5 stars.

Dean and Sharon, who have a shared Facebook account, say the sleep gummies are wonderful and give them a peaceful and great night of sleep:

Prime Sunshine CBD Customer Reviews

Lora says the Full Spectrum 750mg CBD oil has been the “absolute best” she’s ever tried.

She finds it helps with inflammation, anxiety, pain, and sleep – not to mention the vape pens are also great for a boost during the afternoon or before bed!

Prime Sunshine CBD Customer Reviews 2

Meanwhile, Patti struggled with a sleeping disorder for years and is slowly weaning off her prescription medication thanks to the Sleep oil allowing her to fall asleep quickly and sleep deeply:

Prime Sunshine CBD Customer Reviews 3

And Christina says by her second day using their oil, she thinks it’s going to help her feel more relaxed. She hasn’t updated her review to say whether this ended up being true (as she hoped it would become clear as time went on):

Prime Sunshine CBD Customer Reviews 4

Finally, Marcus says he had a great experience dealing with the company’s reps and found them to be very knowledgeable about their products and the industry as a whole.

Just as importantly, they were friendly, approachable, and attentive:

Prime Sunshine CBD Customer Reviews 5

Overall, we think that Prime Sunshine offer a nice selections of 3rd party tested CBD products and could definitely be worth checking out.

Don’t forget to take a look at our list of the best CBD products available here.

And if you’ve tried any of the Prime Sunshine products then leave a review below!

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