Pura Vida CBD Review (2024) Here’s What We Discovered..

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Pura Vida CBD Review

Pura Vida CBD considers hemp an inspiration as a standalone substance – and they’re not wrong!

But are they on the mark with their CBD products?

Take the deep dive with us in our Pura Vida CBD review to find out!

Who Are Pura Vida CBD?

  • Although we couldn’t find confirmation of when Pura Vida CBD was established, we know the company was born by chance. Their journey began when they tried to find a personal remedy for topical dermatitis. After going through various pharmaceutical creams that only made things worse, the founders started researching the benefits of CBD. Eventually, they created a CBD balm that solved everything beyond their wildest expectations. From that point, they shared the balm with friends and family. Soon after, the company was born.
  • The name “Pura Vida” was inspired by two things – the Costa Rica way of saying “hello” and “goodbye” and an overall meaning of “Pure Life”, which is the foundation pillar of their company.
  • Their products are manufactured in their certified lab and distributed from their warehouse in the Netherlands.

Pura Vida CBD has both an Instagram and Facebook, though they’re only updated every so often.

You can contact them through:

What Products Does Pura Vida CBD Sell?

Pura Vida CBD sells products in the following categories:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD for Pets

Before you start browsing their online shop, take an extra minute to go through their product categories with us!


Pura Vida CBD Oil

The first product to discuss is your typical Full Spectrum CBD Oil, though it’s a bit of an anomaly in that you can choose between 2 formulas – with Hemp Oil or with Olive Oil.

Potencies start at 5% and reach up to 15% and bottle sizes range from 10ml to 50ml. Depending on which potency and size you choose, prices fall between €21.00 and €149.50.

Pura Vida THC Free CBD Oil

If you prefer your CBD oil THC-free, this is the product for you!

You can again choose between formulas with Hemp Oil or Olive Oil. Potencies also range from 5% to 15%, though bottle sizes only come in 10ml and 30ml.

Prices fall between €28.50 and €143.00.

CBD Edibles

Pura Vida CBD Honey

Pura Vida’s CBD Meadow Honey lets you choose between a 110ml jar and a 280ml jar. You’ll pay €23.00 and €54.95 respectively.

Pura Vida CBD Tea

Next up, the CBD Tea is the perfect way to get a relaxing dose of CBD in the morning (or throughout the day) and is offered in Chamomile, Darjeeling, Forest Fruit, Hemp, Mint, and Rooibos.

You’ll pay €13.95 for a delicious 40g bag.

CBD Topicals

Pura Vida CBD Topicals

In their CBD Topicals category, Pura Vida CBD offers several sub-categories in Balms, Creams, Cleansers, and Massage Oil.

The Balms offer 5 scents to choose from in Coconut & Mango, Green Tea, Lavender, Natural, and Sweet Vanilla.

In the Creams and Cleansers subcategories, you’ll find Cooling Aftershave Moisturizer, Cooling Shaving Gel, Moisturizer, and Facial Cleanser.

Prices in the overall category range from €2.00 to €49.95.

CBD for Pets

Pura Vida CBD For Pets

In the final category, fur parents can choose from 2 types of pet products: Oil for Pets and Dog Treats.

We were quite happy to see animals being included in the product line – and even happier to find the Oil for Pets offered in several potencies.

You can opt for the lowest potency at 5%, but they reach up to 15% for heavier animals. Bottle sizes include 10ml and 30ml.

Dog Treats also come in 2 formulas – Agility+ and Relax+. Prices in this category fall between €24.95 and €143.00.

Pura Vida CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

Pura Vida CBD was able to land 16 reviews on Trustpilot, all of which rate the company 5/5 stars!

Claudia says she loves their products, especially because they’re natural and have every kind of benefit possible:

Pura Vida CBD Customer Review

Keir also praises the products and compliments fast service. They even received an extra gift:

Pura Vida CBD Customer Review 2

And both Leszek and Bastlen enjoyed Pura Vida CBD’s products as well, citing a short delivery time and overall satisfaction:

Pura Vida CBD Customer Review 3
Pura Vida CBD Customer Review 4

Pura Vida sell a nice line of CBD products including CBD honey and they have some positive reviews to back them up so we would recommend checking them out!

If you’ve tried any of the Pura Vida products then don’t forget to leave your review below and also checkout our list of the best CBD products to make an informed buying decision!

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