Sera Labs CBD Review (2024) Here’s What We Discovered..

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Sera Labs Review

Through science, Sera Labs harnessed the power of a “miracle compound” devised from a plant “cultivated for thousands of years” to create high-quality CBD products.

At least that’s what they claim – but are they being honest?  

Join us as we uncover the facts in our Sera Labs review.

Who Are Sera Labs?

  • Sera Labs was founded in 2018 with the goal of “providing CBD products that are 100% safe to use and consume.”
  • All of their products are made from pesticide free industrial hemp grown “outdoors in the US under natural sunlight with organic practices.” Their products are also GMP certified.
  • All products are 3rd party tested.

The company is active on Facebook and Instagram, posting to both platforms 1-3 times per week. They also have a YouTube channel, though it hasn’t been updated in over a year.

Additionally, you can find them on Pinterest and LinkedIn or follow their CBD blog.

You can contact them through:

The company also offers product subscriptions for members and exclusive discounts for all active-duty, reserve, and retired status members of the Armed Services.

The same discounts are also available to the immediate family members of the above mentioned service members.

What Products Does Sera Labs Sell?

They sell products in the following categories:

  • CBD Oils
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Beauty Products
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Cream
  • CBD for Pets

There are a variety of products to choose from, but let’s discuss each in more detail before you start adding to your cart!

CBD Oils

Sera Labs CBD Oil

The SeraRelief Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg is exactly how it sounds – a 30ml bottle with 1000mg of CBD or 33.33mg of CBD per dropper.

You can purchase just 1 bottle for $79.95 or 3 or 5 count bottles for discounted prices. For example, 5 bottles will cost you $299.95.

Sera Labs Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Likewise, the SeraRelief Full Spectrum CBD Oil 500mg offers 16.66mg of CBD per dropper and comes in a 30ml bottle.

This option is also available in 1, 3, and 5 count purchase options. 

CBD Capsules

Sera Labs Immunity Booster Capsules

The Immunity Booster Capsules come in a 60 count bottle and offer a high absorption rate to help you maintain a healthy immune system.

You’ll pay $39.99 for 1 bottle, though you can also purchase 3- or 5-count packs for a discounted price.

Sera Labs Relief Serenity Plus Capsules

The SeraRelief Serenity Plus is also priced at $39.99 for 1 bottle and shares the same purchase options as its sister product.

Likewise, you’ll get 30 capsules with 250mg of CBD per bottle.

CBD Beauty Products

Sera Labs CBD Beauty Products

Sera Labs invites you to “revolutionize every step of your skincare routine” by “unclogging your pores or slathering your skin in moisturizer” via their high-quality CBD skincare products.

There are 6 products to choose from: Lips Moisturizer, Day & Night Cream, Exfoliating Facial Polish & Cleanser, Anti-Aging Serum, Facial Oil, and Super Booster Serum.

Prices range from $9.95 to $89.95.

CBD Gummies

Sera Labs CBD Gummies

If you have a sweet tooth or enjoy eating your daily dose of CBD, you’ll especially enjoy these CBD Miracle Gummies!

You’ll get 10 gummies per $29.95 bag with 20mg of CBD per gummy.

Like previous products, you can also choose to purchase the CBD Miracle Gummies in 3- or 5-pack bundles for a discounted price.

CBD Cream

Sera Labs CBD Cream

In the CBD Cream category, customers can purchase Cracked Heel Soufflé, Foot Relief Spray, Rapid Soothing Crème Roll On, and/or Rapid Soothing Relief Cream.

The Rapid Soothing Relief Cream is also available in 3- or 5-pack bundles for a discounted price. Otherwise, prices fall between $29.95 and $39.95.

CBD for Pets

Sera Labs CBD For Pets

SeraPets Pet Relief CBD Oil is available in 2 potencies: 5mg or 8.33mg of CBD per dropper.

And once again, both potencies can be purchased in 3- or 5-pack bundles for a discounted price. In general however, prices fall between $29.95 and $39.95 depending on potency.

Sera Labs also instructs pet parents to use a half dropper for pets under 25 pounds and a full dropper for pets over 25 pounds.

Sera Labs Reviews – What Are People Saying?

We were unable to find reviews for Sera Labs online, as they don’t exist on Trustpilot and don’t have their Facebook reviews enabled.

This of course means we weren’t able to verify the effectiveness of their products.

If you’d like to browse a more trustworthy plethora of products, we instead invite you to look at our list of the best CBD products on the market.

And if you’ve tried any of the Sera Labs products then please leave a review below!

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