Shanti Wellness CBD Review (2024) Here’s What We Discovered..

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Shanti Wellness Review

Shanti Wellness aims to enhance the daily routines of their customers by elevating their mind, body, and soul through “plant-sourced offerings.”

But is that aim on mark?

Join us in our Shanti Wellness review where we discuss all the details!

Who Are Shanti Wellness?

  • Shanti Wellness was founded in 2018 as a result of the founders experiencing stress, anxiety, trouble sleeping, panic attacks, depression, and general ill health. In an effort to erase these unwanted things, they searched for “natural yet efficacious solutions.” What they found was Ayurvedic inspired blends with Eastern adaptogens and hemp derived CBD. Thus, their company was born.
  • They grow their hemp organically in Colorado. It’s also non-GMO, non-psychoactive, THC-free and pesticide free. However, we were unable to source additional information.
  • All of their products are GMP certified, though we couldn’t find confirmation if they’re also 3rd party tested.

They’re active on Facebook and Instagram with 1-2 posts per week. They also have a LinkedIn, Pinterest, and blog filled with CBD-related content.

You can contact them through:

The company also offers a rewards program:

Shanti Wellness Rewards Program

With Shanti Wellness Rewards, customers earn points as they shop and are able to redeem them for discount coupons.

Every $1 spend is equal to 1 point.

You can also earn points by following the company on Instagram, liking and sharing them on Facebook, signing up to their website, and on your birthday!

What Products Does Shanti Wellness Sell?

They sell products in the following categories:

  • CBD Oils
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Body Care

The company also has a product quiz to help customers find the perfect product – but don’t go clicking the link yet! Join us as we dive into each category in more detail.

CBD Oils

Shanti Wellness CBD Oil

Balance CBD Oil is designed to promote calmness and comes in Unflavored and Peppermint varieties and 2 potencies of 8mg or 16mg of CBD per 1ml serving.

Prices range from $28.00 to $60.00 depending on flavor and potency.

William says the oil helps reduce his shoulder soreness to the point he can sleep on his side again. Vi says it’s one of the best oils she’s tried, though Emily says the product is good but the bottle is “impossible”:

Shanti Wellness CBD Oil Customer Reviews

CBD Capsules

Shanti Wellness CBD Capsules

The CBD Capsules come in 3 different formulas: Calm, Relief, and Snooze.

All formulas offer 25mg of CBD per capsule, though the Snooze formula also includes 1mg of liquid melatonin for better sleep.

30 count bottles are priced between $60 and $70 depending on the formula.

Melissa uses the Calm capsules to help with her anxiety, while Zendrick uses them for anxiety and depression. Michael also enjoys the Calm capsules, though he wishes they were less expensive:

Shanti Wellness CBD Capsules Customer Reviews

CBD Body Care

Shanti Wellness CBD Body Care

In the CBD Body Care category, Shanti Wellness offers 4 products: Balm, Essential Oil Roll On, Body Butter, and Bath Bombs.

Prices range from $28.00 to $70.00, with customers especially favoring the Balm. In fact, Mike says it’s the best CBD Balm out there! Two additional reviews by Anonymous users share similar praises:

Shanti Wellness CBD Body Care Customer Reviews

Shanti Wellness Reviews – What Are People Saying?

Aside from the reviews on their website, we were unable to find more reviews for Shanti Wellness at this time.

And while the small amount of reviews on their website are mostly positive, we don’t blame you if you’re still hesitant!

Instead, we recommend visiting our list of the best CBD products to find the perfect solution for your specific CBD needs.

And if you’ve tried any of the Shanti Wellness CBD products then please leave a review below!

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