Terahemp CBD Review (2024) Here’s What We Found Out..

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Terahemp CBD Review

Terahemp offers a selection of premium-quality CBD products.

At least that’s what their website claims.

Are they being honest?

Find out the facts in our Terahemp review!

Who Are Terahemp?

  • Terahemp was founded in 2018 as a result of two individuals – tech-savvy Ari and entrepreneur Eric – in search of a product that would offer a lifetime of difference. They travelled to and from local farms, searching for a locally grown product with natural ingredients, until finally they found the results they were looking for. After personally testing the products, they brought to life their vision and Terahemp was born.
  • Their products are produced with American grown hemp and manufactured in the US. They use only trusted, high-quality sources and an advanced extraction process for their CBD.
  • All products are scientifically tested to ensure they’re natural and safe. This includes 3rd party testing.

Terahemp does have a presence on social media, though their primary focus appears to be Facebook and Instagram, where they post several times per week.

They also have a Pinterest and an inactive YouTube with no new videos since 2019.

You can contact them through:

What Products Does Terahemp Sell?

Terahemp sells products in the following categories:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Pets

They offer a wide selection of products in each category, so let’s dive into each in more detail!


Terahemp CBD Oil

Terahemp’s CBD Oil is designed with “Extra Combo Relief” to offer a combination of pain, anxiety, depression, and stress relief without things like opioids or caffeine.

Potencies start at 500mg and reach up to 2000mg of CBD per 30ml bottle. Prices fall between $69.99 and $199.99 depending on which potency you choose.

Courtney says the oil works amazing and compliments customer service. Holly also enjoys the oil and uses it to help manage her back pain – as does Seth, who enjoys the added benefit of sleeping through the night:

Terahemp CBD Oil Customer Reviews
Terahemp 1 plus 1 CBD Oil

1+1 CBD Oil, on the other hand, is the perfect solution if you’re new to the CBD world – it’s designed to increase concentration and ease anxiety, depression, stress, and pain.

You’ll pay $99.99 for a 30ml bottle with 500mg of CBD.

Victoria uses the 1+1 CBD Oil to ease her anxiety and Rosana uses it to help her focus. Frank also enjoys the oil, though mentions trying a higher dose next time around:

Terahemp 1 plus 1 CBD Oil Customer Reviews

CBD Capsules

Terahemp CBD Capsules

If you’re hoping for an easier, more convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD, these Extra Strength Sport CBD Capsules are the answer!

You’ll get 25mg of CBD per capsule with a 30 count bottle setting you back $69.99.

Sam and Kris both enjoy the capsules post-workout and Cedric also enjoys them, though his review is only 4/5 stars:

Terahemp CBD Capsules Customer Reviews
Terahemp Pure CBD Capsules

Another convenient way of getting your daily intake of CBD is via these Pure CBD Capsules!

You’ll enjoy only the “purest and best quality” CBD, which is made using advanced extraction techniques from both leaves and flowers.

A 30 count container with 25mg of CBD per capsule will cost you $49.99.

Nancy, at the time of her review, has been using the capsules for a few weeks and feels great. Tammy and Heinz also compliment the product and its effectiveness:

Terahemp Pure CBD Capsules Customer Reviews

CBD Edibles

Terahemp CBD Gummies

Terahemp’s CBD Hemp Gummies come in 3 varieties: Worm Gummies, Sour Rainbow Bites, and Sour Gummies – and they all look delicious!

You’ll get 18 gummies per container with prices ranging from $23.99 to $25.99.

Loretta and “ericpre” both enjoy the gummies, though they also rate the product 4/5 with no clarification on why:

Terahemp CBD Gummies Customer Reviews
Terahemp Pure Hemp CBD Gummies

Next up, the CBD Oil Gummies are another yummy way to add CBD to your daily routine!

You’ll get 15mg of CBD per gummy with 30 gummies per container. You can pick up a container for $29.99.

Loretta has been taking the gummies for 2 months prior to her review and says they’re excellent! Gwen also enjoys the gummies and says her order arrived very fast.

Meanwhile, Felix received 3 bottles and compliments their quality and taste:

Terahemp Pure Hemp CBD Gummies Customer Reviews
Terahemp CBD Chocolate

If you’re more of a chocolate lover than a gummy lover, you’ll be happy to know Terahemp hasn’t left you out!

You can choose between Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate – all of which come in 28g bars with 400mg of CBD per bar.

One bar will cost you $11.99.

Aron purchased the chocolate bars for his wife with a sweet tooth who needed something to help her relax. The chocolate bars definitely did the trick!

Slyvie also loves the chocolate bars and compliments customer service, as does Cassandra who also compliments the price:

Terahemp CBD Chocolate Customer Reviews
Terahemp CBD Tea

Last up in the CBD Edibles category is Kaya CBD Tea: Sleep Well.

This Chamomile and Valerian Root Blend is ideal for reducing stress and aiding in sleep. You’ll get 50mg of CBD per teabag with a 12 bag container setting you back $24.99.

Sasha really enjoys how the tea helps her relax and sleep through the night. Emily agrees and says the taste is interesting and she gets a good night’s sleep after taking it.

Olegsi also enjoys the tea and says it helps to relax:

Terahemp CBD Tea Customer Reviews

CBD Topicals

Terahemp CBD Topicals

Terahemp offers 3 products in their CBD Topicals category: Calm & Fast Recovery Cream, Tattoo Aftercare Cream, and Feel Good Lip Balm.

All products feature full spectrum CBD and prices fall between $12.99 and $39.99.

Customers favor the Calm & Fast Recovery Cream, with Lenny simply saying it’s a great cream and Carry praising it for helping with her shoulder muscle ache.

Sandy’s mother also enjoys the cream and was able to “sleep like a baby” and wake up feeling refreshed with much less pain:

Terahemp CBD Topicals Customer Reviews

CBD for Pets

Terahemp CBD For Pets

Don’t stress if you’re looking for CBD products specifically for your fur babies – Terahemp has you covered!

You can choose between CBD Oil for Cats and CBD Oil for Dogs; both of which are designed to offer relief from pain and anxiety while also helping with mobility.

You’ll pay $39.99 for a 30ml bottle featuring 300mg of CBD.

Lucy bought the oil for her 11-year-old pup with cancer and truly believes it helps her in many ways.

Lizzie also bought the oil for her dog that is now less afraid of other dogs and more relaxed in general. And Roger simply says the oil is perfect for his dog:

Terahemp CBD For Pets Customer Reviews

Terahemp Reviews – What Are People Saying?

Aside from the reviews on their website, we were only able to find one additional review for Terahemp online via their Facebook page.

Eric recommends the company, loves their products, and compliments customer service:

Terahemp Customer Review

Overall, it looks like Terahemp sell a nice range of CBD products worth checking out but the reviews are lacking so we would recommend checking out our list of the best CBD products here first.

And if you’ve tried any of the Terahemp CBD products then don’t forget to leave your review below!

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