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The Medics Inc Review

The Medics Inc CBD is being somewhat tongue-in-cheek when they say “it’s magical!” in response to how their CBD products work.

Then again, the natural properties of CBD can seem quite magical!

Read our review to find out if the same can truly be said for this company’s products.

Who Are The Medics Inc CBD?

Medics Inc CBD Website
  • It isn’t clear when The Medics Inc CBD launched.
  • The company’s headquarters are in New Jersey, though they source their Non-GMO and pesticide free hemp from Colorado.
  • They use the supercritical CO2 extraction method.
  • Despite the tongue-in-cheek slogan, the company promises they “stick to facts” when it comes to CBD. For this reason, they use a reliable and verified 3rd Party to independently test their products – and you can find each batch’s Certificate of Analysis on its product page.
  • Their mission is to ensure customers get a certified, safe, high quality, and pure product without any contaminants.

It seems this isn’t a company too concerned with social media!

Although the Medics Assist program page (explained below) encourages customers to earn discounts by leaving a product review on their website and Facebook page, they only seem to post on their Facebook every few months.

Their Instagram and blog are also only occasionally updated, while the Twitter widget at the top of their website no longer works.

If you need to get in touch, it’s better to do so via:

  • Email –
  • Phone – (+1) 262 553 3427
  • Mailing Address – 100 Challenger Rd.Ridgefield Park | NJ 07660

US customers enjoy free shipping on all orders over $100.00.

Additionally, Medics Assist allows active duty military personnel, US veterans, and those with long-term disability to apply for a special discount.

It’s worth mentioning for military personnel and their families (once again active duty and veterans alike), the discount comes with the caveat of a minimum order of $250.

What Products Does The Medics Inc CBD Sell?

As for the products the company says work with magic, they fall under a few of the usual categories:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD for Pets
  • CBD Vape

Let’s take a look and see if we can discover the magic at hand!


Medics Inc CBD Oil

The Medics Inc CBD Premium Hemp Extract comes in your choice of 2 flavors: Mint and Orange. You can also choose between 4 potency options, from 250mg to 2,000mg of total CBD per 30ml bottle.

Prices range from $49.99 to $149.99. It should be noted these are temporary sale prices – full price not listed currently.

Chris says after a week of using the 500mg potency twice a day, his joint pain started feeling a lot better and has not come back since. Oliver adds it also works great for his anxiety – with the taste being an added bonus:

Medics Inc CBD Oil Customer Review

CBD Capsules

Medics Inc CBD Capsules

For convenience, you can also opt for the Rapid Release Gels instead of the tincture.

Made with 25mg of pure CBD oil enclosed in a softgel capsule, these are THC free. A bottle of 30 capsules (750mg of CBD in total) costs $129.99.

At the time of writing, these are on sale at $116.99.

CBD Topicals

Medics Inc CBD Topicals

The Medics Inc CBD only has one topical product – something that isn’t usual in an industry where companies are vying to offer the widest range of topicals!

Releaf Balm is sold in 2 potency options: 100mg and 300mg of total CBD per 30ml container. At their current sale price, they cost $44.99 and $62.99, though it isn’t clear when the sale ends or what the full price is.

CBD for Pets

Medics Inc CBD For Pets

Once again, there’s only one product to mention here – The Medics for Pets CBD Oil.

A little bizarrely, they opted to make it mint flavored rather than cater to the palettes of our furry companions, let alone for horses.

Nevertheless, each 30ml bottle contains 250mg of CBD in total. The product page includes some recommended starting dosages for cats and dogs based on weight, and for horses in general.

At the ongoing sale price, a bottle costs $62.99 and will revert back to its regular pricing of $69.99 at an undisclosed date.

CBD Vape

Medics Inc CBD Vape

Finally, we come to the last product sold by The Medics Inc CBD – Vape Oil.

If you’re visiting the site and wondering how to find it, it’s listed under the regular CBD oils (together with the Pet tincture, which also has its own category page).

Sold in 30ml bottles with 100mg of total CBD for $49.99, the Vape Oil is available in 4 flavors: Raw, Cinnamon, Citrus, and Lavender.

The Medics Inc CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

After seeing customers can unlock special discount coupons by leaving feedback on the product pages (as well as Facebook), we were very surprised to see Chris and Oliver as the only two to make use of the site’s review feature.

We won’t hold that against The Medics Inc CBD, of course – the promise is buried away on their Medics Assist Program page!

That promise does still make it more of a “leap of faith” to take their reviews at face value, however. The same can be said of the 10 comments left on their Facebook page.

After all, the promise of a discount can quickly turn an “okay” review into a 5 star one.

Luckily, we were able to find 8 reviews on an independent site, where neither the hosts nor the company are offering any incentives to leave a stellar review. All of them give the company and their products 5/5 stars (the host’s personal opinion drops the overall rating to 4.3/5 though).

Kevin says he uses the capsules, which work well for him, while he gives The Medics for Pet tincture to his dogs. The poor pooches get itchy under their fur coats during summer, but they’re much more comfortable now!

Medics Inc CBD Customer Review

David’s tried several CBD companies over the years and finds this to be one of the most trustworthy of all. He uses their products for muscle and nerve pain:

Medics Inc CBD Customer Review 2

Jennifer has been an anxiety patient for years – and as you can imagine, that includes dealing with stress and panic attacks.

After a friend recommended she try these CBD oils, she’s felt a drastic change within the first month, feeling reduced anxiety and experiencing fewer panic attacks:

Medics Inc CBD Customer Review 3

Meanwhile, Alex is impressed with the fact their prices are good and their delivery speeds fast. But, most importantly, he’s happy to have found some great CBD products he definitely plans on using again:

Medics Inc CBD Customer Review 4

Last but not least, William says the company “hits the mark of quality and excellence with a very high standard.” He seems to have given the full range a try (or most of them) and says he’s very pleased with them, as well as their pricing and the service quality attached:

Medics Inc CBD Customer Review 5

With a nice selection of 3rd party tested CBD products and some positive reviews to back them up we think that The Medics Inc CBD products could be worth a try!

But don’t forget to checkout our list of the best CBD products here first.

And if you’ve tried any of their products then please leave a review below!

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