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The Wee Hemp Company promises their ingredients are natural, their farming methods are sustainable, and their overall business practice is ethical.

But can you trust them?

Find out the details in The Wee Hemp Company review!

Who Are The Wee Hemp Company?

  • The Wee Hemp Company was founded in 2018 by Rebecca, who has suffered from Crohn’s Disease since the age of 5. After a further diagnosis of Fibromyalgia in 2016, Rebecca sought a self-care routine for a year, hoping to improve her health. When she came out of it in 2017, she was able to stop taking all pharmaceuticals and instead filled her daily routine with CBD. Thus, in 2018, Rebecca made the decision to share the wonderful benefits of CBD with everyone and anyone in need.
  • Their hemp is grown naturally throughout Europe and is free of pesticides, herbicides, and other dangerous contaminates. It is also hand harvested and follows the moon cycles to boost bioavailability.
  • As mentioned in the intro, they follow sustainable farming methods, along with the latest scientific processes.
  • All of their products are 3rd party tested.

The Wee Hemp Company stays active on social media by posting to Facebook and Instagram several times per week, though they only post to their Twitter once in a while.

They also have a YouTube with no new videos for over a year, a LinkedIn, and a blog with hemp-related content.

You can contact them through:

They also offer a rewards program:

The Wee Hemp Company Rewards Program

With The Wee Loyalty Programme, customers earn 5 loyalty points every time they spend £1. They can then exchange 100 loyalty points for a £1 discount.

What Products Does The Wee Hemp Company Sell?

The Wee Hemp Company sells products in the following categories:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Spirits

You might notice that last category is a bit of a unique addition – so let’s jump straight in so we can get to it faster!


The Wee Hemp Company CBD Oil

The Full Spectrum Raw CBD Oil Drops are an excellent and convenient way to get your daily intake of CBD!

They come in 3 potencies ranging from 300mg to 1000mg of CBD per 10ml bottle and with prices falling between £24.99 and £59.99.

Jane says the oil is good and compliments customer service. Faye also highly recommends the oil – especially for anxiety! And Fro uses it day-to-day to help with the stress of the “big bad world”:

The Wee Hemp Company CBD Oil Customer Reviews
The Wee Hemp Company Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

If you prefer CBD products with 0 THC, then the THC Free Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Drops are the perfect solution!

Similar to its Full Spectrum counterpart, you can choose between 3 potencies starting at 300mg and reaching up to 1000mg of CBD per 10ml bottle.

Prices also fall between £24.99 and £59.99.

Toby says the THC Free Drops are a great intro to CBD! Emma also loves the drops and already notices a “change for the better” after taking them:

The Wee Hemp Company Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Customer Reviews

CBD Capsules

The Wee Hemp Company CBD Capsules

The Wee Hemp Company offers one standalone product in their CBD Capsules category: On The Go Capsules.

With the On The Go Capsules, you’ll enjoy the benefits of restoration and relaxation, along with better focus – and you’ll get 6.4mg of CBD per capsule!

You’ll pay £34.99 for a 60 count bottle.

Simon is very happy with his purchase and says the capsules are convenient. Angus agrees on their convenience and says the effects are immediately noticeable:

The Wee Hemp Company CBD Capsules Customer Reviews

CBD Topicals

The Wee Hemp Company CBD Topicals

Similar to the last category, the CBD Topicals category only features 1 product – The Wee Balm Pot – but it’s not to be overlooked!

The balm is designed to promote optimal health and well-being for your muscles, joints, and skin. You’ll get 900mg of CBD per 30ml container.

You can pick it up for £49.99.

Sarah has been using the balm all summer and highly recommends it. Likewise, Mr. D Kerr is so amazed he’s at a loss for words:

The Wee Hemp Company CBD Topicals Customer Reviews

CBD Spirits

The Wee Hemp Company CBD Spirits

And now, we tackle The Wee Hemp Company’s unique addition of CBD Spirits!

There are 2 products in this category – CBD Infused Gin and CBD Infused Rum – and both have ingredients sourced from Royal Deeside, Scotland.

The Gin features the finest botanicals, milk thistle, and award winning blossom honey, while the Rum features award winning bell heather honey and is aged in charrged hemp stalks.

You’ll pay £35.00 for the Gin and £40.00 for the Rum.

The Wee Hemp Company Reviews – What Are People Saying?

Although we couldn’t find reviews for The Wee Hemp Company on Trustpilot, we did find 43 reviews via their Facebook page.

And we were blown out of the water; all 43 reviews rate the company 5/5 stars!

Scotty compliments the Wee Hemp team and says they’re friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and down to earth:

The Wee Hemp Company Customer Review

Tracy started out as a skeptic but very quickly switched her tune, while Beverley loved the balm straight off the back:

The Wee Hemp Company Customer Review 2
The Wee Hemp Company Customer Review 3

Karen didn’t even try any Wee Hemp Company products before writing a review – simply because she was so blown away by the beautiful website and amazing customer service:

The Wee Hemp Company Customer Review 4

Meanwhile, Elizabeth uses the company’s oil to help with the pain in her hands and feet and Debbie uses the same for her failed knee replacement, arthritis, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome:

The Wee Hemp Company Customer Review 5

With such positive reviews it’s no wonder The Wee Hemp Company has won various awards so we would definitely recommend checking them out!

And don’t forget to take a look at our list of the best CBD products here and if you’ve tried any of the products from the Wee Hemp Company then please leave a review below!

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