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Treatibles CBD Review

Treatibles CBD offers harmony for the whole family by focusing on CBD products for pets.

Will your beloved cat, dog, or even horse truly benefit from their products?

Read our review – complete with feedback straight from the horse’s mouth (so to speak) – to find out!

Who Are Treatibles CBD?

  • Treatibles CBD launched in 2013, making them one of the oldest CBD companies in the world, especially for CBD pet products.
  • Although based in Tennessee, it isn’t known where their organic hemp is grown in the US.
  • Their extraction methods aren’t known, but the company is a member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), which operates under strict guidance from the FDA/CVM.
  • All products are tested for quality assurance by independent third party labs. You can find the reports on their website.
  • Their mission is to uphold the values of compassionate care, quality ingredients, reliable information and integrity.

The company is fairly active on Facebook and Instagram, with up to 4 weekly posts on each platform. They also tweet daily on their Twitter account and connect with interested parties on LinkedIn.

You can also contact them via:

Customers in the US enjoy free shipping on all orders of $75 or more.

What Products Does Treatibles CBD Sell?

Just because Treatibles CBD’s primary focus is on CBD products for pets, doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of variety!

Their product categories are:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Topicals

Some categories also include products for humans – so let’s take a look at everything in more detail!


Treatibles CBD Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats

The Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats is available in 2 potency options: 90mg and 250mg per 30ml bottle.

These strengths make it easier to administer the correct dosage for cats and smaller dog breeds based on their size.

Depending on which potency option you go for, prices are $34.00 and $52.00 respectively.

Janice says it’s the first product she’s found to help her senior pet, and Melissa believes in addition to helping her senior dog sleep better, it’s relieving his hip and back discomfort too.

An anonymous (but verified) buyer says both of her elderly cats are more relaxed, serene, and sleep better since she started giving them the drops a month before.

They’re also very happy to give the feline sweethearts stress relief during thunderstorms and fireworks, as well as having them regain some of their youthfulness:

Treatibles CBD Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats Customer Reviews
Treatibles CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Dogs and Horses

Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Dogs and Horses is, of course, for horses and dog breeds over 100lbs.

The company included a short dosage guide, suggesting frequency and quantity based on weight and the pet’s needs.

Each 30ml bottle offers 700mg total CBD at $120.00.

Mary Jo says it’s helping her senior dog remain mobile, as does Patricia. Debbie owns a pet grooming salon and says she’s so happy with the oil and customer service that they only stock Treatibles CBD products:

Treatibles CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Dogs and Horses Customer Reviews
Treatibles CBD Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Horses

Struggling to get your horse to take the oil?

The Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Wide Mouth Bottle with Syringe for Horses is here to help! With 1,500mg of CBD per 60ml, a bottle costs $185.00.

Oz is actually using the oil for his “gentle giant,” a mastiff (it seems the syringe is the main reason – the potency is the same as the previously mentioned tincture for large dogs).

Despite that opening description, Oz says his pup developed “a host of behavioral issues” following a disheartening diagnosis, including separation anxiety and fear base aggression.

Thankfully, the oil is helping minimize his aggression and anxiety, while also having a positive effect on his diet.

Tina is also using it for her dog, a Great Dane/Mastiff mix.

She finds he likes this one better than any other CBD oil – not least because it’s fast acting and helps him be his usual happy self during thunderstorms and firework displays.

Finally, Cassandra says it left her Great Dane’s coat look healthily glossy while also helping with her anxiety:

Treatibles CBD Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Horses Customer Reviews
Treatibles CBD Hemp Oil For People

Looking for your own CBD oil option? This is what the Auntie Dolores’ Hemp Oil for People is for!

With 2 potency options (750mg and 1,500mg total Full Spectrum CBD per 30ml), prices are $54.00 and $90.00 accordingly.

CBD Capsules

Treatibles CBD Capsules

Treatibles CBD knows trying to give cats a pill requires a full suite of medieval armor and at least 3 people – so they’ve stuck to offering Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules for Dogs and Horses instead!

The version for dogs alone offers 10mg of CBD per capsule, while the stronger potency (for all animals over 125lbs) offers 25mg per capsule.

Prices are $64.00 and $120.00 respectively.

Debbie says the product quality and its packaging are always consistent from one order batch to the next – another reason she only stocks this company’s range at her pet grooming salon.

Kristin says the capsules helped keep her pet healthy, mobile, and calm, while Jason feels they’re a little on the pricey side, but gave them 4/5 stars because they work:

Treatibles CBD Capsules Customer Reviews
Treatibles CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules for People

Auntie Dolores’ Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules for People will make sure you don’t feel left out.

A bottle of 30 capsules (25mg of CBD per capsule) costs $99.00.

Amy says they’re very effective at helping her remain calm, while Liz says it’s the “best naturally occurring CBD” she’s ever used.

Christina feels they’re extremely expensive, but the quality standard is high and the capsules are effective enough for her to give them 4/5 stars:

Treatibles CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules for People Customer Reviews

CBD Edibles

Treatibles CBD Hard and Soft  Chews for Dogs

It always feels a little odd seeing an edibles section without CBD Gummies… but given Treatibles CBD’s target market walks on 4 legs instead of 2, this is an exception!

There are Soft Chewables (Beef Liver and Sweet Potato flavors for dogs, Chicken Liver flavor for cats) and a range of Calm (Turkey flavor), Balance (Pumpkin flavor), and Ease formula (Blueberry flavor) Hard Chews for Dogs.

The Soft Chewables for Cats offer 1.5mg of CBD per treat, while the dog flavors come with 3mg of CBD each.

Hard Chews come in 2 sizes: regular, with 4mg of CBD each, and Small, with 1mg of CBD each.

Soft Chewables for Cats are sold in tubs of 100 treats, while the dog version is sold in a packet of 60. The Large/Regular Hard Chews offer 45 treats, and the Small 75 treats per packet.

All varieties are also available in sample sizes. Number of treats per package is only approximate.

Depending on the option you choose, prices range from $10.00 to $38.00 for the Soft Chewables and $7.00 to $24.00 for the Hard Chews.

The Hard Chews can also be bought in boxes with 12 packets of treats at $260.00 to $350.00.

The Pumpkin Flavored Hard Chews for Dogs appear to be the most popular option.

Sandra says her dog loves them and they help keep her calm when there’s stormy weather or loud construction projects in the neighborhood.

Kelley adds she feels good knowing the treats are well-made and help her dogs with their digestive issues. Heather decided not to say anything, but gave the treats 5/5 stars:

Treatibles CBD Hard and Soft  Chews for Dogs Customer Reviews

CBD Topicals

Treatibles CBD Topicals

Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Topical Cream for Cats and Dogs is designed to help pets with joint inflammation, burns, scratches and other minor skin conditions.

It’s available in 2 sizes: a 1oz tub with 60mg of CBD and a 4oz tub with 240mg of CBD, at $24.00 and $60.00 respectively.

Kim says it’s a great product, while Sally says “so far, so good” for her first order.

Terri’s dog Bella recently had shoulder surgery, and massaging this cream into the area is reducing discomfort caused by the scar tissue. As a result, Bella has more energy and pep in her step again:

Treatibles CBD Topicals Customer Reviews
Treatibles CBD Topical Cream for People

Meanwhile, Auntie Dolores’ Topical Cream for People is naturally scented and offers 240mg of CBD per 4oz container, for $54.00.

Treatibles CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

We love hearing all the happy stories of pets getting real, noticeable relief from CBD products! Treatibles CBD allowing customers to share those stories on their product pages is also a huge plus for their trust score.

But surprisingly, especially considering how long the company’s been in business, we struggled to find other reviews.

Until we looked on Facebook, that is – where we found more than 800 reviews, all of them giving the company 5/5 stars!

Only one appears to include any negative experience whatsoever.

Judith’s order arrived damaged, but customer service reached out to her the next day and replaced the broken treats for her immediately. She (and her dog Sadie) is so happy she went ahead and gave them 5 stars for the great experience:

Treatibles CBD Customer Review

Jane says her senior pup Louie’s groomer always has some of their oil on their counter.

After Louie started becoming disruptive due to nerves in his old age, she decided to buy some for him. She and Louie are very happy she did!

Treatibles CBD Customer Review 2

Tim’s 14-year-old German Shepherd/Border Collie mix is enjoying his new treats too. Within days, he already regained the energy, playfulness, and agility he enjoyed as a 5-year-old pup!

Treatibles CBD Customer Review 3

Leila’s Chihuahua started having “more troublesome arthritis,” so they decided to give the CBD treats a try. After switching to the oil to make dosages easier to work out, the pooch’s quality of life increased dramatically:

Treatibles CBD Customer Review 4

Finally, Fiona is also a groomer and has a lot of clients with special needs.

She’s very grateful to have discovered the treats, which she says offer astounding changes in the behavior, attitude, and mobility of her own dogs – and makes giving recommendations to clients much easier.

Even though the treats take a little longer than the oil to start showing noticeable effects, she and her clients are all very happy:

Treatibles CBD Customer Review 5

With some great reviews and a nice selection of products we think that Treatibles CBD are well worth checking out!

If you’ve tried any of their products then please leave a review below!

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